University of Vermont

College of Nursing and Health Sciences

Student Responsibilities

Professional Requirements

All necessary professional requirements must be completed before beginning clinical instruction. These requirements include:

  • Proof of required immunizations
  • Proof of medical insurance
  • CPR training
  • Blood Borne Pathogen training
  • HIPAA Training
  • Criminal Background check
  • Complete Emergency Contact Information form

Contact your advisor for more information.


Students will be in attendance for 40 hours per week or according to the schedule set by affiliates for the entire semester except for UVM's scheduled Spring break. Attendance is mandatory and unexcused absences are not acceptable. You are expected to arrive on time and remain in the clinic during the hours you are scheduled. Scheduling constraints make it difficult to arrange a make-up day. If you are sick or extenuating circumstances cause you to miss a day, you must notify your clinical affiliate contact person. Any changes must be approved by the UVM Program Director or Clinical Coordinator and the clinical affiliate. Note: Students are allowed a total of three personal days off during the clinical affiliation period. These days can be used for sick days or personal time off.

Dress Code

Students must adhere to the dress code set by the clinical affiliate. RADT and NMT students must wear whole body monitors.

Professional Conduct

Students must demonstrate professionalism in the areas of:

  • Adaptability
  • Attendance/Dependability
  • Decorum During Clinical Rotations
  • Ethics
  • General Interest/Attentiveness
  • Patient Rapport
  • Preparedness
  • Relationships with Peers and Supervisors.

For more information, see the MLRS Department Professional Standards section of the CNHS Student Handbook.

Academic Integrity

Students must abide by the UVM Code of Academic Integrity (PDF)


Students are responsible for their own housing, meals, transportation, lab coats, and any other personal expenses.

Clinical Competencies

Assigned clinical competencies must be achieved during the scheduled internship.

In Case of Emergency

Students must contact the UVM Program Director or Clinical Coordinator and the clinical affiliate as soon as possible when an emergency or clinical problem occurs. The student is responsible for assuring that their emergency contact information is accurate and provided to the UVM Medical Laboratory and Radiation Sciences Department.

Daily Clinical Reports (NMT and RADT students)

NMT and RADT students must send a DAILY web-based report to the Program Director or Clinical Coordinator. Students have the option to give less frequent reports but all work days must be reported.

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