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Fostering a life-changing opportunity through microphilanthropy

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Students in the Uganda Public Health Nursing course travel 8,000 miles from home to live in the rural town of Kamuli for one month, assisting in acute inpatient hospital units, helping to run HIV and child immunization clinics, and making public health visits to remote villages.

Together they experience a health care system unlike any they have encountered.


“Having worked in a unit with almost no supplies and lines of critically ill patients out the door, you learn to do the best with what you have, and you learn how to do it with grace. . . this experience has forever changed my perception of public health.”

- Lauren Dobay, RN, UVM College of Nursing and Health Sciences Class of 2013


Now a member of Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Critical Care Nurse Residency Program, Lauren Dobay has organized a microphilanthropy scholarship fund to ensure future UVM nursing students interested in the Uganda Public Health Nursing course have access to this opportunity. Every gift makes an impact.

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