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Judy Cohen

Judith Ann Cohen

Professor of Nursing Emerita

Judy Cohen

"It's not enough to be compassionate, one must act."  —14th Dalai Lama

" 'My aim was to educate the whole person, head and heart, so that each would have the skills to participate actively in the nursing profession, the world around them and in their personal lives with curiosity, respect, and humor.' (Citation from Kroespsch-Maurice Excellence in Teaching Award, 2010.) Advocacy has always been the foundation of my practice as a nurse and my role as an educator and researcher. It has guided me in my choice of nursing as a profession whereby I could satisfy nursing's social contract with society, in teaching the importance of acting on behalf of patients who may be at their most vulnerable periods of their lives, and in my choice of service activities which have focused on leadership in nursing, faculty governance at the University, and the development of ethical and caring policies."  —Judy Cohen


B.S., 1975, University of Vermont; M.S., 1981, University of Michigan; Ph.D., 1994, Wayne State University

UVM Career:

Instructor, 1981-1984; Assistant Professor, 1984-1989; Associate Professor, 1989-2003; Professor, 2003-2015.

Key Scholarly Interests:

Dr. Cohen's expertise, research interests, and publications are focused in the areas of cardiovascular nursing (her clinical specialty), reflective practice, nursing theory, caring science, qualitative research methods, health policy, moral decision-making, and distress in organizations.

Publication Highlights:

Rambur, B., Vallett, C., Cohen, J., & Tarule, J. (2013). Metric-driven harm: Anexploration of unintended consequences of performance measurement. Applied Nursing Research. 26(4), 269-272.

Cohen, J., Tarule, J., Vallett, C., & Rambur, B. (2012). Stress and the Workplace: Theories and Models of Organizational Stress.  InV. H. Rice (Ed). Handbook of stress, coping, and health. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Rambur, B., Palumbo, M.V., McIntosh, B., Cohen, J.A., & Naud, S (2011). Young adults' perception of an ideal career: Does gender matter? Nursing Management, 42(4), 19-24.

Cohen, J., Rambur, B., Tarule, J., & Vallett, C. (2011). Stress in the Workplace: Theories and models of Organizational Stress. In V.H. Rice (Ed.). Handbook of stress, coping, and health (2nd. Ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Rambur, B., Vallett, C., Cohen, J., & Tarule, J. (2010). The moral cascade: Distress, eustress, and the virtuous organization. Journal of Organizational Moral Psychology, 1(1), 1-14.

Cohen, J.A., Laskowski, C., & Rambur, B. (2008). The Experience of Movement Meditation: A Dance of Rhythmic Paradox and Time. International Journal of Human Caring, 12(3), 65-73.

Cohen, J. (2005). The mirror as a metaphor for the reflective practitioner. In M.Oermann & K.Heinrich, (Eds.) Annual review of nursing education, (Vol. 3), pp. 313-330.

Cohen, J.A., Palumbo, M.V., Rambur, B., & Mongeon, J. (May-June 2004). Middle school students' perceptions of an ideal career and a career in nursing. Journal of Professional Nursing, 20(3), pp. 202-210.

Cohen, J., Palumbo, M.V., & Rambur, B. (2003). Combatting the nursing shortage: Vermont's call to action. Nursing Leadership Forum, 8 (1), 3-12.

Cohen, J., Palumbo, M.V., & Rambur, B. (2003). Combating the nursing shortage: Vermont's call to action. (pp.3-24). In Harriet Feldman, (ed.). The nursing shortage: Strategies for recruitment and retention in clinical practice and education. NY: Springer Publishing Co.

Kerschner, S., & Cohen, J. (2002). Legislative decision making and health policy: A phenomenological study of state legislators and individual decision- making. Policy, Politics, and Nursing Practice. 3(2), 118-128.

Cohen, J. (2000). Vermont nurses in the military: Harbingers of peace, care, and humanity. Voices of Vermont Nurses. Barre, VT: Asterisk Publishing.

Cohen, J., & Welch, L. (2000). Attitudes, Beliefs, Values, and Culture as Mediators of Stress. In V. H. Rice (Ed.). Handbook of stress, coping and health. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Ford-Gilboe, M., & Cohen, J.A. (2000). Hardiness: A Model of Commitment, Challenge, and Control. In V. H. Rice (Ed). Handbook of stress, coping, and health. (pp. 425-436). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage Publications.

Teaching/Research/Memberships Highlights:

UVM Faculty Senate Vice President (9 years), Faculty Senate Executive Council (20 years), Graduate Faculty Member, President search committees, Provost search committees, University Professional Standards Committee, Co-chair; University Accreditation Taskforce Member; CNHS College Curriculum Committee, Chair; Vermont State Nurses Association (President); Vermont Ethics Network, (Vice President); American Nurses Association (convention delegate);Vermont Organization of Nurse Leaders; Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society; Kappa Tau Honor Society (UVM Faculty Advisor and Founding Member); Eastern Nursing Research Society, International Association for Human Caring; National League for Nursing, Council on Research in Nursing Education, Department of Defense Breast Cancer Program Grant Reviewer.

Other Professional Experience:

United States Navy Nurse Corps, Naval Reserve, CAPT (0-6) retired, 1974-2004, 30 years. Active duty, National Naval Medical Center, Bethesda, MD, 1975-1978; recalled to active duty for Operation Desert Storm 1991. Consultant, Regent's College (now Excelsior College, Albany, NY), 1997-1999. Consultant, legal offices of Paul, Frank, & Collins, Burlington, VT, 1998-2000.

Awards and Honors:

Kroepsch-Maurice Award for Teaching Excellence, University of Vermont, 2010. Vermont State Nurses Association Service Award for Leadership in role of President of Vermont State Nurses Association, 2000. Jackie Gribbons Leadership Award Vermont Women in Higher Education (Demonstrated Leadership Ability, Role Model and Mentor for Aspiring Professionals, Development of Innovative Programs/Activities in Higher Education, Significant Contributions to Institution/Profession), 1997. Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society (Kappa Tau Chapter) Outstanding Nurse Award Excellence in Education Award, 1996.

Community Service:

State of Vermont Blue Ribbon Commission to deal with the nursing shortage and the future of nursing in Vermont; Area Health Education Center (AHEC) Primary Care Loan Repayment Program Committee, AHEC Nursing Loan Repayment/Loan Forgiveness Program Committee, Vermont State Nurses Foundation.

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