Academic Ceremonies - December Commencement

Remarks: Kofi A. Mensah, President of the SGA

Ladies and gentlemen, distinguished faculty, administrators, friends and family and, of course, the graduating class.

Let me begin by congratulating you on this milestone. You’ve survived college and are soon about to enter the “real world”. Sure you’ve lost days’ worth of sleep, consumed more coffee and energy drinks than humanly possible, and in some cases partied harder than any hotel heiress ever could. You’ve broken the barrier, fought the battle, and won the war. But now you must focus on the future, for your lives have just begun. We live in a world where government information can be exposed on the Internet, where one man can maliciously con 50 billion dollars from well-meaning people, and where a nation can jail a visionary who merely seeks democracy and simple human rights. This is the real world. With this diploma (which you will all actually be receiving in a few months) you accept your responsibility to clean up after our forefathers, brighten the future, and stabilize the present.

To stave off the anguish that one can find in this world, I offer these few pieces of wisdom. Never forget your roots, your foundation is one of the most important things you have. Secondly do not forget the love of your parents, guardians and friends and the sincerity of their love and the power of their concern for you. Don’t fear making mistakes, these will become the basis for your future and the foundation for your development. Above all never lose sight of your dreams, the great leader of the X-Men professor Xavier said, “Any dream worth having is a dream worth fighting for.” 
These suggestions may be simple and quite clichéd but they are true and remain timeless. We have all heard these snippets of wisdom, yet very few of us actually attempt to imbibe and absorb the meaning of these words.

Lastly and most importantly remain true to yourself, because the moment you lose yourself you lose your identity and become just another face in the crowd. Be yourself, stand out and make a change. Thank you and once again, congratulations. You did it!

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