Academic Ceremonies - December Commencement

Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez , Class of 2012
President of the Graduate Student Senate

Eduardo Cotilla-Sanchez

Good morning everyone,

On behalf of the Graduate Student Senate I would like to congratulate all of you graduating today, and also recognize the people behind the scenes that helped out with this academic achievement: families, faculty, support staff, the advisor, or your favorite TA.

I believe many of you will be flying back home within the next few days. That's one of my favorite modes of transport. Not only because I really like aircrafts... which I assume is one of the perks that come with being an engineer, but also because it is somehow an intriguing social environment. Take for instance a flight to Europe, and think of it as grabbing an aluminum cylinder and mixing together a bunch of English people, a few other French folks, some Spaniards, Italians, Greeks, a hint of crying babies and a couple of pets. Add a little bit of turbulence and you have a great laboratory set up!

When I fly back to Spain to visit the family, I usually wear my UVM sweatshirt. As everyone is moving through the airplane, storing their carry on, or looking for their seats… some of them notice “The University of Vermont” written on it. And I find it amusing to try and interpret their reaction. Some of them probably never heard about us and look confused, but some others warmly smile, as if they knew somebody that went to this school, or as if they wish they had studied here.

So no matter whom you might encounter during your future travel experiences, I hope you will be proud of your colors, and will tell the person sitting next to you how wonderful this place is.

Good luck and congratulations again!

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