College and School Contacts

College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Rose Laba:, 802-656-0289

College of Arts and Sciences, 802-656-3344

School of Business Administration
Melissa Pierce:, 802-656-4015

College of Education and Social Services
DeMethra LaSha (Sha) Bradley:, 802-656-3468

College of Engineering and Mathematics
Marnie Owen:, 802-656-8857

College of Medicine
Barbara Brisson:, 802-656-0757

College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Bethany Wolfe:, 802-656-2216

The Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Marcia Caldwell:, 802-656-3010

Honors College
Patty Redmond:, 802-656-0427

Graduate College
Dan Harvey:, 802-656-2918