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Commencement 2008

Due to an unfavorable weather forecast, the Main Commencement Ceremony has been moved indoors to the Multipurpose Facility and Patrick Gymnasium at the Athletic Complex (printable schedule/map)

7:55 am
Beating drums outside Patrick Gymnasium will call faculty and students to assemble.

8:00 am
Students will arrive in academic regalia at the Gardner-Collins Indoor Track at Patrick Gymnasium to line-up for their procession. Commencement Marshals will assist with line-up. The tassel on the mortar board should be worn on the right side.

Faculty will arrive in academic regalia at the Varsity Strength and Conditioning Center lobby (formerly the Gymnastics Facility) to line-up for their procession. Faculty Marshals Judy Cohen and Allan Strong will assist with the line-up position. Faculty will process in this order: Emeriti Faculty, Retiring Faculty, and Faculty.

8:20 am
The Carillon and Field Drummers will end playing. The University Brass Ensemble will begin its Processional Music.

The student procession will begin its march, 2 x 2, from the Indoor Track, walking outside to the back (west side) entrance of the Multipurpose Facility. A college/school Marshal will lead each college/school, followed by that school’s Banner Bearer, followed by the graduating students of that college/school in the procession.

The procession will form 2 single files: The College of Arts and Sciences will form the right or east flank, the remaining schools will form the left or west flank beginning with the College of Medicine.

Left (west) Flank
Graduate College
Honors College
Agriculture and Life Sciences
Business Administration
Education and Social Services
Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Environment and Natural Resources
Nursing and Health Sciences

Right (east) Flank
Medicine College of Arts and Sciences

When the student procession reaches the Multipurpose Facility, both lines will halt at the doorway and wait for the University Herald to announce the beginning of the student procession.

Upon entering the Multipurpose Facility, Banner Bearers will ascend the platform and walk around the perimeter to the back where the banner bases have been placed. Arts and Sciences will use the house left stairs and stand by the furthermost base on the house left. All other Banner Bearers will use the house right stairs and line-up one after the other leaving the first house left base for Arts and Sciences.

Banner Bearers will stand at the banner base until they are told to strike their banners after the National Anthem. When the University Herald calls for the Banner Bearers to strike their banners, they will lift their banners briefly in unison and place them in their base. Banner bearers, with Arts and Sciences leading, will exit the platform by walking around the perimeter to the stage right (house left) stairs. Banner bearers will sit together in row 4, center left section.

When the banner bearer leaves the procession line to ascend the platform, students will follow their college/school Marshal into the seating area. Marshals, will follow the Usher’s directions as they enter the seating area. (Marshals are reminded to reserve their own seat.)

Ushers will seat students from the center seating blocks out, and from front to back.

The College of Medicine, Graduate College and Honors College will be the first to enter the Multipurpose Facility using the far or house right doorway.

The College of Arts and Sciences will wait at the entrance of the near or house left door until they are announced.

After the Herald has announced the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences entering through the house right (far or north door), the College of Arts and Sciences will be announced entering through the near or house left door.

All remaining undergraduate schools/colleges will enter through the far or house right door in this order: Business Administration, Education and Social Services, Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Environment and Natural Resources, Nursing and Health Sciences.

Faculty Procession
As soon as the students are seated, the faculty will begin their procession. The order of faculty will be emeriti faculty, retiring faculty, and faculty.

Faculty Marshals Judy Cohen and Allan Strong, will lead the procession (Judy on the left and Allan on the right), 2 x 2, from the Varsity Strength and Conditioning Facility lobby, down the hallway and into Patrick Gymnasium. They will pass in front of the stage and exit through the door just past the stage. The procession will continue into the Multipurpose Facility. Ushers will be on hand to direct faculty to their reserved seats.

Platform Party
When the faculty and students are in place, or when the center aisle is clear, the Platform Party will begin their procession. The Platform Party will be led by the University Marshal, carrying the Mace, followed by the UVM Police Services Honor Guard and the Pipes and Drums of St. Andrews Society of Vermont. They will enter Patrick Gym, pass in front of the stage, exit the Gym through the door just past the stage, and continue to the Multipurpose Facility. Upon reaching the Multipurpose Facility the UVM Brass Ensemble will stop playing and the Herald will announce the arrival of the Platform Party. The Pipers will begin playing their processional march as they enter the facility.

Upon reaching the stage, the University Herald will lead the left flank and the University Marshal will lead the right flank onto the stage. Once on stage, the Platform Party will remain standing. The University Marshal will take her position adjacent to the mace stand. The Herald returns to his position at the stage right microphone.

When the Platform Party is in place, the Pipers will stop playing and the University Marshal will convene the 204th commencement ceremony.

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