University of Vermont

Ceremonial Events - Commencement

Retiring Faculty 2006

Retiring Members of the University Faculty - 2006

Joseph Anthony Abruscato, Professor of Education Emeritus, College of Education and Social Services
Z. Philip Ambrose, Professor of Classical Languages and Literature Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Marguerite Gemson Ashman, Extension Professor Emerita, University Extension
William F. Averyt, Associate Professor of Business Administration Emeritus, School of Business Administration
Dale R. Bergdahl, Professor of Forest Pathology Emeritus, Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources
Chigee J. Cloninger, Research Associate Professor of Education Emerita, College of Education and Social Services
Connell Bernard Gallagher, Library Professor Emeritus, University Libraries
Nicholas J. Hardin, Professor of Pathology Emeritus, College of Medicine
Larry D. Haugh, Professor of Statistics Emeritus, College of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences
Jean M. Held, Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Emerita, College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Linda Marek Howe Extension Associate Professor Emerita, University Extension
Marc Kessler, Associate Professor of Psychology Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
George L. Long, Professor of Biochemistry Emeritus, College of Medicine
Bob Low, Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Emeritus, College of Medicine
Richard (Rik) E. Musty
, Professor of Psychology Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Craig A. Robertson, Library Associate Professor Emeritus, University Libraries
John Kimball Worden, Research Professor of Family Medicine Emeritus, College of Medicine


Professor of Classical Languages and Literature Emeritus

“Perfer et obdura!” — Ovid

Education: B.A., 1958; M.A., 1960; Ph.D., 1963, Princeton University

UVM Career: Instructor, 1962-63; Assistant Professor, 1963-67; Associate Professor, 1967-72; Professor, 1972-present; Lyman Roberts Professor of Classical Languages and Literature, 1992-2006. Department Chair, 1973-92; 2001-06. President, Chapter Alpha of Vermont, Phi Beta Kappa, 1986-89.

Key Scholarly Interests: Greek Drama; Greek and Latin Epic; Mythology; Classical Tradition; J.S. Bach.

Publication Highlights: Articles and chapters on Homer, Aristophanes, Plautus, Euripides, Vergil, Greek Satyr Plays and J. S. Bach. Translations of the extant vocal texts of J.S. Bach. Translation of Ovid, Metamorphoses.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: The American Philological Association. The Classical Association of New England (Secretary-Treasurer, 1968-72, Curator of Funds, 1972-2001, Executive Committee 1968-2001, Chair of the Finance Committee, 1991-2001; Editorial Board, New England Classical Journal, 2003-present; Centennial Committee, 2005-06; Selection Committee Barlow Beach Distinguished Service Award 2003-present). The Vergilian Society of America; The Society for Ancient Greek Philosophy; The American Classical League (Executive Council, 1968-72); Classical Jury of the American Academy in Rome, 1974-76; Vermont Classical Language Association (President, 1967-68).

Other Professional Experience: The Peddie School, 1959; Princeton University, Graduate Assistant in Instruction, 1959-60; study at the University of Vienna, 1960-61; Middlebury College, Visiting Associate Professor, 1967-68.

Awards and Honors: Phi Beta Kappa, Princeton, 1958; Woodrow Wilson Fellow, Princeton, 1958-59; National Endowment for the Humanities Junior Fellowship, 1969-70; Barlow-Beach Distinguished Service Award, Classical Association of New England, 1985; National Endowment for the Humanities Summer Seminar for College Teachers, 1987; Dean’s Lecturer, UVM College of Arts and Sciences Teaching Award, 1992.

Community Service: Founding member of the University of Vermont Baroque Ensemble, 1965-91; Oriana Singers of Vermont; Co-authored the Centennial History of the Classical Association of New England.


Associate Professor of Psychology Emeritus

“Marc has been the moral and ethical axis of the Department of Psychology. Every student, faculty member, staff member and administrator has reaped some benefit from his gentle presence and counsel. He never told us what to do or even how to do it but he taught us to question why we are doing something and how our behavior would affect those around us.” — Sondra Elice Solomon, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Education: B.B.A., 1963, City College of New York; Ph.D., 1969, University of Nebraska.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1969-77; Associate Professor, 1977-2006. Assistant Director, 1974-76, and Director, 1976-80, Psychology Service, Medical Center Hospital of Vermont; Director, Clinical Psychology Training Program, 1977-81; Acting Director, 1986-87 and Director, 2001-06, Behavior Therapy and Psychotherapy Center.

Key Scholarly Interests: Hypnosis and the mind-body problem. The processes of psychotherapy.

Publication Highlights: M. Kessler and C. Gomberg, “Observations of barroom drinking: Methodology and preliminary results,” Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol, l974. M. Kessler and G. Albee, “Primary Prevention,” Annual Review of Psychology, l975. A.G. Billings, S. Weiner, M. Kessler, and C.A. Gomberg, “Drinking behavior in laboratory and barroom settings,” Journal of Studies on Alcohol, l976. W. Freeman and M. Kessler, “Random number generation, absorption and hypnotizability,” Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis, 1990. A. Badalamenti, R. Langs, and M. Kessler, “Stochastic Progression of New States in Psychotherapy,” Statistics in Medicine, 1992. M. Kessler and S.E. Goldston, A Decade of Progress in Primary Prevention, 1986. M. Kessler, S.E. Goldston and J.M. Joffe, The Present and Future of Prevention: In Honor of George W. Albee, 1992.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Served the profession as a member of the Council of Representatives of the American Psychological Association, as the President of the Vermont Psychological Association, and as the Treasurer and member of the Board of the Center for the Study of Groups and Social Systems.

Community Service: Served the State of Vermont as a member of the Vermont State Board of Psychological Examiners and as a member of the Independent Panel of Mental Health Providers of the Department of Banking, Insurance, Securities & Health Care Administration. Board Member, Vermont Association for the Blind.



Professor of Psychology Emeritus

“Riks’s teaching philosophy has always been aimed at maximizing student achievement. He is a passionate teacher of psychology and has taught thousands of undergraduate students in his 37 years at UVM. We are all indebted to him for his outstanding academic leadership and service as the Chair of the Psychology Department for 12 years. He has been recognized internationally for his outstanding scholarship in the field of therapeutic cannabinoids drugs.”
Robert B. Lawson, Professor of Psychology, Chair, Department of Psychology

Education: B.A., 1964, Carleton College; M.A., 1965; Ph.D., 1968, McGill University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1968-72; Associate Professor, 1973-79; Professor, 1980-present. Acting Chair, 1974-75 and Chair, 1975-87, Department of Psychology.

Key Scholarly Interests: Cannabis effects in humans, therapeutic effects of cannabinoid (chemicals similar to those in the cannabis plant).

Publication Highlights: Publications and presentations include over 80 concerning the effects of cannabinoids both in humans and animals and more than 20 on animal models of hyperactivity, alcohol use in humans and in behavioral neuroscience.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Mentor for 31 Master’s theses and doctoral dissertations and a committee member for an additional 20 theses and dissertations. Supported numerous undergraduate College Honors theses and 2-3 independent study students in his lab almost every year. Served on the Premedical-Predental Advisory Committee, Committee for the Experimental College (predecessor to Living and Learning Programs), The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee and chaired reviews of several departments. Faculty advisor for two National Science Foundation Student-Originated Studies grants: the first on cannabinoids and the second on environmental enhancement for primates living at the Granby Zoo, Granby, Quebec. Member of several national associations including the American Psychological Association and the Society for Neuroscience.

Other Professional Experience: Research Scientist, The Hormel Institute, University of Minnesota, 1968. Visiting Professor, Departamento de Psicobiologia, Escola Paulista de Medicina, São Paulo, Brazil, 1973-74, 1975. Visiting Research Professor, Department of Pharmacology & Toxicology, University of Arizona, 1981. Sabbatical Leave Visiting Professor, Departamento de Bioquimica, Universidade Federal Rio Grande do Sul, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 1981. Sabbatical Leave, Visiting Professor, Universidade de São Paulo, Faculdade de Medicina de Ribeirão Preto, Departamento de Neurologia, Psiquiatria e Psicologia Médica, 2004. Review member of National Science Foundation Undergraduate Equipment Grant Applications.

Awards and Honors: Open Society Institute Individual Project Fellowship: Medical Uses of Marijuana. Special Award from the International Association for Cannabis as Medicine for outstanding work on Cannabis and the Cannabinoids, 2005. Founding Member of the International Cannabinoid Research Society (which has held a research meeting very year), served as Treasurer and is currently Executive Director.

Community Service: Director of a project named Giant Step, which moved over 30 individuals with developmental disabilities from Waterbury State Hospital to community living and work. City Council Member of Burlington, Vermont, 1983-87.


Associate Professor of Business Administration Emeritus

Education: B.A., 1966, University of Alabama; Diplome, 1967, Université de Strasbourg, France; M.A., 1969, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies; Ph.D., 1976, Yale University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1984-91; Associate Professor, 1991-2006.

Key Scholarly Interests: Legal and political environment of business; international trade.

Publication Highlights: William F. Averyt and Krishnamurthy Ramagopal, “Strategic Disruption and Transaction Cost Economics: The Case of the American Auto Industry and Japanese Competition,” International Business Review, 1999. William F. Averyt, “Canada - U.S. Electricity Trade in Transition,” Canadian American Public Policy, 1992. William F. Averyt, “Challenges to Quebec Economic Development in the Energy Sector,” Quebec Studies, 1992. William F. Averyt, “Managing Public Policy Abroad: Foreign Corporate Representation in Washington,” Columbia Journal of World Business, 1990. William F. Averyt and Gene Laber, “Canadian Electricity Exports, Capital Costs, and U.S. Trade Policy,” Canadian Public Policy, 1990.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Social Science Research Council Dissertation Grant, 1974. Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, Dissertation Grant, 1974. Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1967-68. Fulbright Fellow, France 1966-67. Phi Beta Kappa, 1966.

Other Professional Experience: Vice President, International Business-Government Counsellors Inc., Washington, D.C., 1979-84. Director, International Trade, National Association of Manufacturers, Washington, D.C., 1977-79.

Awards and Honors: Award for Excellence in Teaching and Service, MBA Class of 1988, 1993, 1995, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2005.



Professor of Education Emeritus

“The focus of my work is elementary science teacher education. My research and scholarship interests relate to the development of resources for the Web and for textbooks that will help pre-service and inservice teachers have success. Becoming a truly excellent teacher—one who broadens children’s horizons, gives them a knowledge base upon which they can build, and raises their hopes and dreams to unexpected heights—takes focus and determination.”
Joe Abruscato

Education: B.A., 1962; M.A., 1965, Trenton State College; Ph.D., 1969, The Ohio State University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1969-73; Associate Professor, 1973-77; Professor, 1977-2006. Assistant Dean, College of Education and Social Services, 1979-80; Associate Dean, College of Education and Social Services, 1980-89.

Key Scholarly Interests: Development of instructional materials for the preparation of science teachers; creation of Internet webquests to support inquiry-based science instruction; writing of science methods textbooks (K-12); authoring of a nationally adopted science textbook series for K-6 pupils.

Publication Highlights: Teaching Children Science Discovery Methods for the Elementary and Middle Grades, 2nd ed., 2004, Teaching Children Science Discovery Activities and Demonstrations for the Elementary and Middle Grades, 2nd ed., 2004; Whizbangers and Wonderments, 2000; Holt Science, K-12 Comprehensive Textbook Series, 1990, 1986, 1884, 1980; An Introduction to the Study of Education, 1985; Children, Computers and Science Teaching: Butterflies and Bytes, 1986.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: National Science Teachers Association; Council for Elementary Science International; Association for the Education of Teachers of Science; Teaching and Coordination of the Inquiry Block sequence of courses for third year students and Introduction to Teaching for first year students; development of study guides for the PRAXIS II ETS national science exams for future teachers.

Other Professional Experience: Summer teaching at The University of Hawaii, including presentation of motivational technique video programs for Hawaii, California and Ontario Educational television; numerous presentations and featured keynotes at national conferences for science educators.

Awards and Honors: Class of 2001 Award for “Positive Influence on the Life of Students”; recognition by Media and Methods journal for “Outstanding Educational Technology Resource and Service for Educators Nationwide”; Distinguished Educator Seminar, McGill University; translation of Teaching Children Science, 5th ed., into Chinese language, 2002.

Community Service: UVM Representative to the South Burlington Professional Development Steering Committee; workshops throughout Vermont on the teaching of elementary science, cooperative grouping strategies, integrating science with other subjects, computers in the classroom.



Research Associate Professor of Education Emerita

“ ‘Let the beauty we love be what we do.’ I’m proud to give my life’s work to: communities valuing each person’s diversity as contribution, making meaningful difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, their families, the people who teach and serve them, and their communities, and all as leaders who are courageous, embrace the questions, gracious, expect surprise, consider the hearts of others, build relationships, and are animated by purpose and hope."
Chigee Cloninger

Education: A.A., 1966, Cottey College; B.S., 1969, University of Louisiana at Lafayette; MA, 1975; Ph.D., 1977, The Ohio State University.

UVM Career: Visiting Assistant Professor, 1989-91; Research Associate Professor, 1991-2006. Center on Disability and Community Inclusion, Executive Director, 1999-2006.

Key Scholarly Interests: All interests stem from discovering what professionals can and should do to make a difference in the lives of children and adults with disabilities, their families, and those who are honored to teach and serve them. Education of children with multiple disabilities with a focus on family and providers working collaboratively and creatively. Cultivating leadership qualities. Preparation of personnel serving children and adults with disabilities.

Publication Highlights: My work is the production with colleagues of articles and a very important book: COACH: Choosing Options and Accommodations for Children.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Numerous funded grants. TASH, an international association of people with disabilities, their family members, other advocates and professionals fighting for a society in which inclusion of all people in all aspects of society is the norm; Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights (VCDR), Council for Exceptional Children (CEC); Association for University Centers on Disabilities: Research, Education, Service (AUCD).

Other Professional Experience: State University of New York at Geneseo, special education teacher in Louisiana, Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky. Numerous presentations and consultations throughout the U.S. and other countries.

Community Service: Service on ten or so boards, task forces, etc. yearly, such as Partners of the Americas; Advocacy, Resources, Community for people withdisabilities (ARC); Salvation Army dinners; and foster care.


Professor of Statistics Emeritus

“Be Yourself”
From a large wooden hanging log plaque passed down in my family, from the days of the Arts and Crafts Movement. Larry Haugh

Education: B.A., summa cum laude, 1966, Wabash College; M.A., 1967; M.S., 1970; Ph.D., 1972, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1975-77; Associate Professor, 1977-88; Professor, 1988-present, Professor of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, (secondary appointment) 1990-present. Acting Director, 1978-79 and Director, 1990-present, Statistics Program.

Key Scholarly Interests: Methodology and Tools of Statistical Science; Statistical Education and Curriculum, including Statistical Consulting; Modeling and Analysis of Time Series Data; Statistics for Engineering and Business; Statistics for Medicine, Health Care and Bioengineering; Statistics for Quality Control, Continuous Improvement and Reliability.

Publication Highlights: Co-edited a book on Statistical Case Studies, and 7 chapters in edited volumes. 70+ research journal publications, plus 45 proceedings articles and numerous other technical conference abstracts, technical reports and book reviews. Statistical methods papers in JASA, Journal of Econometrics, Microelectronics and Reliability, Journal of Quality Technology, and other journals and edited books. Collaborative research appears in Spine, JADA, Pain, and other scientific journals. Funding for collaborative research based on co-investigator work on 25+ major national grants, plus other contracts and smaller grants.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: International Statistical Institute (elected member), American Statistical Association (Chair, Committee on Presentation Awards, 1980-81; Chair, Quality and Productivity Section, 1993; Secretary/Treasurer, Statistical Consulting Section, 2006-07), American Society for Quality (Senior Member), Mu Sigma Rho Statistics Honorary Society (Director at Large, 1997-2000, Vice-President, 2000-01), Royal Statistical Society (Chartered Statistician), International Biometric Society, Time Series Analysis and Forecasting Society (Board of Directors, 1981-85), International Association for Statistical Computing, International Society on Business and Industrial Statistics. Associate Editor of Technometrics, 1981-86; Board of Directors, Annual Quality and Productivity Research Conference, 1989-92; Administrative Committee of Quality Progress Editorial Review Board, 1992-present; Associate Editor of Reviews, Journal of the American Statistical Association, 1996-2001; Associate Editor of Quality Engineering, 1996-present.

Other Professional Experience: Fulbright-Hays Grant in Statistics, University of Essex, England, 1970-71; Assistant Professor of Statistics, and Faculty Director of the Statistical Consulting Laboratory, and Statistician in the Medical Biostatistics Unit, University of Florida, 1972-75; Visiting Professor, Imperial College, Statistics Unit of Mathematics Department, London, 1981; Visiting Professor, University of Tennessee, Statistics Department, 1989-90; Visiting Lecturer, Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine, Beijing and Harbin, 1992. Statistical Trainee, Crane Naval Ammunition Depot, Indiana, 1966; Statistician, Operations Research Department, Oscar Mayer & Company, Wisconsin, 1968; Faculty Associate, IBM, Vermont, 1978-81; Statistician, Royal Dutch Shell Laboratory, Netherlands, 1981-82; Occasional Lecturer in Quality Control, Engineering Statistics, Reliability, Experimental Design, and Forecasting.

Awards and Honors: Woodrow Wilson Fellow, 1966; NSF Trainee, 1966-67; NDEA Fellow, 1969-70; Fulbright-Hays Grant, 1970-71; Annual Joint Statistics Meetings Presentation Award (with D. Trindade), 1977; Editorial Citation in Behavioral Medicine Abstracts for Paper in Pain (with R. Gallagher, et al), 1990; American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine Young Investigator Award Paper (with A. Haig, et al), 1991; O’Donoghue Sports Injury Research Award of The American Orthopedic Society for Sports Medicine (with P. Renstrom, et al), 1999.



Professor of Forest Pathology Emeritus

“ ‘The reason for accumulating knowledge is to use that knowledge to think.’ This course in Forest Pathology will change the way you walk in the woods forever.”
—D.R. Bergdahl

Education: B.S., 1966; M.S., 1974; Ph.D., 1979, University of Minnesota.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1977-82; Associate Professor, 1982-89, Professor, 1989-2006.

Key Scholarly Interests: Forest pathogens and their impact on forest ecosystems; insects and their relationship to tree diseases; non-native invasive species, pest risk assessment.

Publication Highlights: Produced over 125 publications (peer reviewed papers, book chapters, conference proceedings, abstracts) and numerous written contributions for Pest Risk Assessments and other special assignments.

Research/Teaching/Memberships: Directed over 50 funded research projects. Reviewer of grants: USDA Competitive, Focus Funding, IPM, McIntire-Stennis, and NSF. Associate Editor of Plant Disease, and reviewer of National Pest Risk Assessments (USA and Canada). Provided peer review for numerous articles in professional journals. Served as an academic and thesis advisor for many departmental and non-departmental graduate students. Teaching responsibilities included: Forest Pathology, Forest Fire Behavior and Management, Prescribed Burning, Multi-Resource Silviculture, Advanced Forest Pathology, Forestry Special Topics. Coordinated summer employment for Forestry and NR students (15 yrs). Advisor to student chapter of SAF (8 yrs). Served as president of the NE Division of the American Phytopathological Society. Served as national chair for APS Forest Pathology Committee. Member of APS, NEDAPS, SAF, IUFRO (3 working groups), NEFPW, NEFPC, and NESAF. Started and maintains the world list-serves for forest pathology and entomology, FORPATH and FORENT, plus several other professional list-serves. Coordinator of the annual VT Forest Pest Workshop (25 yrs).

Other Professional Experience: Visiting Professor, Department of Zoology/Plant Biology, University of Helsinki, Finland. Fulbright Senior Specialist, University of Oulu, Finland. Visiting Scientist, University of Pretoria, South Africa. Presented numerous lectures/seminars locally, regionally, nationally, and internationally (including 10 countries). Developed and presented numerous workshops on forest pathology topics locally and regionally.

Awards and Honors: Army Commendation Metal (US Army, Viet Nam), 1970; Gamma Sigma Delta (honorary), 1976; Xi Sigma Pi (honorary), 1976; VT Forest Pest Workshop Distinguished Service Award, 1998; Marcia Caldwell Award for Outstanding Contributions and Dedication to Students in SNR, 2001; VT Academy of Arts & Science (Named: Fellow), 2002; Fulbright Senior Specialist Awarded (5 yrs), 2004-09.

Community Service: Volunteer member of the National Ski Patrol (1985-Present); member, Board of Directors, Vermont WoodNet; served as Shelburne Town Tree Warden (6 yrs); served as co-director of the Governor’s Institute of Science and Technology (8 yrs); served on Natural Resources Committee of Essex Center for Technology (3 yrs); numerous special presentations to school groups, State of Vermont workshops, etc.


Professor of Pathology Emeritus

“I believe that education is the best way out of poverty, away from war, and toward peace and justice for all of us. When I teach pathology, I try to share how noble and important I think the medical profession can be. I have been shown the greatest of kindnesses by the people in the Department of Pathology and I am grateful to have been allowed to spend time with them.” —Nicholas J. Hardin, M.D.

Education: B.A., 1965, Amherst College; M.D., 1970, Cornell University Medical College.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1977-85; Associate Professor, 1985-94; Professor, 1994-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Cardiovascular Pathology; Autopsy Pathology; Teaching.

Publication Highlights: N.J. Hardin, “The myocardial and microvascular pathology of diabetic cardiomyopathy” (A Review) Coronary Artery Disease, 1996. N.J. Hardin, “Infection control at autopsy: a guide for pathologists and autopsy personnel,” Current Diagnostic Pathology, 2000. Construction of a virtual on-line Pathology Museum for the College of Medicine, with over 1000 specimens photographed, labeled, and described, sortable by disease, type of disease, organ and system, and also by course and topic, various versions, 2004, 2005, and 2006.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Director, Medical Student Courses in General Pathology 301 and Systemic Pathology 302, 1984-90, 1994-96, and 1998-2004. American Heart Association - Council on Arteriosclerosis, Vermont Heart Association, Vermont State Medical Society, Chittenden County Medical Society, International Academy of Pathology, College of American Pathologists. Sigma Xi, Scientific Research Society, since 1979.

Other Professional Experience: Instructor in Pathology, Cornell Univ. Med. College and Assistant Pathologist, The New York Hospital, 1974-75. Staff Assistant Pathologist and Head, Autopsy Section, Dept. of Laboratories, Naval Regional Medical Center, Portsmouth, VA. Lecturer in Cardiovascular Pathology, Eastern Virginia Medical School, Norfolk, VA, 1975-77. Attending Pathologist at Medical Center Hospital of Vermont and Fletcher Allen Health Care, 1977-present. Medical Director of the Autopsy Service, Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Service, FAHC, 1980-present.

Awards and Honors: Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, Honorary Faculty Member, UVM Chapter, since 1985. Basic Science Teacher of the Year Awards, UVM College of Medicine, 1983, 2002
E. Hiram Buttles Chair, awarded by Pathology Department for excellence and commitment in teaching, 1989–94. Foundations Integration Teaching Award (for faculty member who best captured the spirit of the Vermont Integrated Curriculum, 2006. Basic Science Department of the Year Award, multiple years, the last being 2003. Family Day Speaker, UVM College of Medicine, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2005.

Community Service: Acting Chief Medical Examiner, 1991-2001 and Regional Medical Examiner, State of Vermont, 1979-present; Consultant for Office of Chief Medical Examiner, 1979-present. Numerous lectures to science classes from high schools in Chittenden County. Vermont State Medical Society, Health Care Benefits Working Group, 1991. Deacon, Trustee, President of Church Council, and Chair of Board of Trustees, College Street Congregational Church (various offices at various times), 1990-present. Department of Health Advisory Committee for Search for Chief Medical Examiner, State of Vermont, member, 2004-06.



Professor of Biochemistry Emeritus

“Nothing in this world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan ‘Press On’ has solved and always will solve the problems of the human race.” — Calvin Coolidge

Education: B.S., 1966, Pacific Lutheran University; Ph.D., 1971, Brandeis University.

UVM Career: Associate Professor, 1986-91; Professor, 1991-present. Director, Molecular Biology Multi-User Nucleic Acid Facility, 1987-2000.

Key Scholarly Interests: Intermediary metabolism and its regulation; molecular evolution; biochemical mechanisms defining molecular function in hemostasis and thrombosis

Publication Highlights: Author or co-author of over 95 published research journal articles and book chapters. J. Plutzky, J. Hoskins, G.L. Long, and G.R. Crabtree, “Evolution and organization of the human protein C gene,” Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. USA, 1986. D.K. Schmidel, A.V. Tatro, L.G. Phelps and G.L. Long, “Organization of the human genes for protein S,” Biochemistry, 1990. D. Lu, E.G. Bovill and G.L. Long, “Molecular mechanism for familial Protein C deficiency and thrombosis in Protein CVermont (Glu20 6 Ala, Val34 6 Met),” J.Biol.Chem., 1994. M. Li and G.L. Long, “Identification of two novel point mutations in the human protein S gene associated with familiar protein S deficiency and thrombosis,” Arterio. Thromb. & Vasc. Biol., 1996.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Chemical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, International Society of Thrombosis and Haemostasis.

Other Professional Experience: Lilly Research Laboratories, Division of Molecular Biology, Eli Lilly and Company, Indianapolis, IN (Senior Research Scientist, 1982-86; Chairman, Antithrombotic Subcommittee, 1985-86; Chairman, Taskforce to bring Protein C to Project Team Status, 1986); University of Washington (Seattle) Department of Biochemistry, (Visiting Scientist, NIH Senior Research Service Award, 1980-82); Pomona College, Department of Chemistry, Claremont, CA., (Assistant Professor, 1973-80). University of California, San Diego, School of Medicine (NIH Postdoctoral Trainee, Division of Endocrinology, 1971-73; Teaching Assistant Minority Student Tutor, Biochemistry, 1972, 1973).

Awards and Honors: Recipient of the 29th annual National Inventor of the Year Award from the Intellectual Property Owners Association, Washington DC, 2002. (The award was made for project initiation and discoveries made at Eli Lilly leading to the development of XigrisTM(Activated Protein C), for the treatment of severe sepsis.) Elected Fellow of the Vermont Academy of Science and Engineering, 2003. Honored as Distinguished Alumnus of the Year, Pacific Lutheran University, 2005.

Community Service: Perennial VT State Science Fair judge. Meals-On-Wheels volunteer.



Professor of Molecular Physiology and Biophysics Emertius

Education: A.B., 1963, Princeton University; 1968, Ph.D., University of Chicago; M.A., NIH Postdoctoral Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1970-74; Associate Professor, 1974-79; Professor, 1979-present. Director, Vermont Pulmonary Specialized Center of Research (SCOR), 1976-92. Associate Dean for Research, College of Medicine, 1984-92. Interim Executive Dean, College of Medicine, 1991-92. Interim Provost, 1992-94. Provost, 1994-96.

Key scholarly Interests: Remodeling tissues; contractile protein function.

Publication Highlights: Numerous contributions to the scientific literature.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Grant reviewer, NIH, NSF, Burroughs-Welcome, Vermont Heart Association. Member of several national societies of the discipline. Reviewer for scientific journals in the field.

Other Professional Experience: Senior International Fogarty Fellow, University of Geneva, Switzerland, 1979-80; 1997-98.

Community Service: Town of Richmond: Planning Commission, Development Review Board, Conservation Commission. Oriana Singers.



Research Professor of Family Medicine Emeritus

“ ‘Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you…’ This passage, from Matthew 7, is a motto that I taught my film students in the Department of Communication during the 1970s, many of whom have become successful professionals in the mass media. In my research career, I have encouraged my colleagues in health promotion to ‘open doors’ by creating opportunities through mass communication and community outreach for people to pursue healthier lifestyles.” — John “Kim” Worden, Ph.D.

Education: B.A., 1962, Bates College; M.S., 1963; Ph.D., 1971, Syracuse University.

UVM Career: Instructor, Department of Communication and Theatre, 1970-74; Assistant Professor, 1974-78 and Associate Professor, 1978-81, Department of Communication; Research Associate, Office of Health Promotion Research, 1981-85; Research Associate Professor, 1985-91 and Research Professor, 1991-2005, Department of Family Medicine and Office of Health Promotion Research.

Key Scholarly Interests: 1) Determining principles for designing persuasive mass media messages and delivery systems that will reach populations at risk and improve public health. 2) Identifying media and community-based strategies to modify beliefs and behaviors among populations at risk (e.g., adolescents experimenting with cigarettes, alcohol or marijuana; women unaware of breast screening) leading them to healthier lifestyles.

Publication Highlights: J.K. Worden, B.S. Flynn, B.M. Geller, M. Chen, L.G. Shelton, R.H. Secker-Walker, L.J. Solomon, S. Couchey and M.C. Costanza, “Development of a smoking prevention mass media program using diagnostic and formative research,” Preventive Medicine, 1988. J.K. Worden, B.S. Flynn, D.G. Merrill, J.A. Waller, L.D. Haugh, “Preventing alcohol-impaired driving through community self-regulation training,” American Journal of Public Health, 1989. J.K. Worden, L.J. Solomon, B.S. Flynn, M.C. Costanza, R.S. Foster Jr., A.L. Dorwaldt, S.O. Weaver, “A community-wide program in breast self-examination training and maintenance,” Preventive Medicine, 1990. B.S. Flynn, J.K. Worden, R.H. Secker-Walker, G.J. Badger, B.M. Geller, M.C. Costanza, “Prevention of cigarette smoking through mass media and school programs,” American Journal of Public Health, 1992. J.K. Worden, B.S. Flynn, L.J. Solomon, R.H. Secker-Walker, G.J. Badger, J.H. Carpenter, “Preventing smoking among adolescent girls using mass media,” Health Education Quarterly, 1996. R.H. Secker-Walker, J.K. Worden, R.R. Holland, B.S. Flynn, A.S. Detsky, “A mass media programme to prevent smoking among adolescents: costs and cost-effectiveness,” Tobacco Control, 1997. Worden J.K., “Research in using mass media to prevent smoking,” Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 1999. B.S. Flynn, J.K. Worden, “Chapter 3: Effective educational strategies to prevent tobacco use among young people,” in U.S. Department of Health and Human Services: Reducing Tobacco Use: a Report of the Surgeon General, 2000. J.K. Worden, B.S. Flynn, “Using mass media to prevent cigarette smoking,” in, R.C. Hornik (ed.): Public Health Communication—Evidence for Behavior Change, 2002. J.K. Worden, R.M. Mickey, P.M. Vacek, B.S. Flynn, L.S. Solomon, R.H. Secker-Walker, J.M. Skelly N.L. Danigelis, B.M. Geller, S.M. Warner, R.A. Clark, R.S. Foster Jr., J.L. Vezina, G. Hooper, “Evaluation of a community breast screening promotion program,” Preventive Medicine, 2002. J.K. Worden, M.D. Slater, “Theory and practice in the National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign,” Social Marketing Quarterly, 2004. N.L. Danigelis, J.K. Worden, B.S. Flynn, J.M. Skelly, P.M. Vacek, “Increasing mammography screening among low-income African American women with limited access to health information,” Preventive Medicine, 2005.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Member: American Public Health Association, International Communication Association, Vermont Cancer Center (UVM), Graduate Faculty (UVM). Member and Chair, Committee on Human Research in the Behavioral Sciences, Office of Sponsored Programs, UVM (1988-92, 1997-99). Associate Editor, Tobacco Control, An International Journal (1996-2003). Chair, Breast and Cervical Cancer Professional Education Committee, Vermont Cancer Coalition, Vermont Department of Health (1996-99). Chair, Behavior Change Expert Panel for the National Youth Anti-Drug Campaign, Office of National Drug Control Policy, Washington, D.C. (1998-2003). Member, External Monitoring Panel for the Transdisciplinary Tobacco Use Research Centers Program, National Cancer Institute and Robert Woods Johnson Foundation (1999-2004). Member and Chair, several NIH grant review committees, and grant review panels for the California Tobacco Research and Breast Cancer Research programs

Other Professional Experience: Motion Picture Officer, Office of Information, U.S. Navy, Washington, D.C., 1967-69.

Awards and Honors: CINE Golden Eagle Award for “First in Command” (U.S. Navy film), 1969; Fulbright Senior Lecturer, Film and Television Institute of India, Poona, India, 1979-80; Pegasus II Merit Award, Television Public Service Advertising, Vermont Advertising Club, 1983; Mature Media National Awards: Silver Medal (Video) and Merit Awards (Public Service Announcement) for Community Service Organizations, 1995; C. Everett Koop National Health Award, 1995; Best Paper Award, Health Education and Behavior, Sage Publications, 1997; Award for Program Excellence for Mass Media Smoking Prevention from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 2003. Principal Investigator on several NIH grants, including the Breast Screening Program Project, 1990-97, and Mass Media Interventions to Reduce Youth Smoking, 2000-05.

Community Service: Supervised students in the production of several films and television public service announcements for community organizations. These included films for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Vermont Department of Human Services, “Here Goes Nothing,” and “Five Drinking Drivers;” for the Vermont Department of Libraries, “Stories in Motion;” for the Jericho Historical Society, “The Old Red Mill;” for the Vermont Council on the Humanities, “Six Forest;” and for the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, “The History of the Catholic Church in Vermont.” Produced a 30-minute film, “Marie,” for training foster parents and social workers for the Vermont Agency for Human Services, 1978. Member, Vermont Alcohol Information Clearinghouse for the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Division of the Vermont Department of Human Services, 1975-78. Member, Underhill Recreation Committee, 1970s, Member then Chair, Underhill Planning Commission, 1980s. Served on several committees of the United Church of Underhill, 1971-97. Member, Board of Directors, Partners for Breast Cancer Care, a non-profit organization which grew out of our Breast Screening Program Project in Fort Myers, Florida, 2003– present.



Associate Professor of Physical Therapy Emerita

“For the last 25 years, I have worked with an outstanding group of students faculty and staff. As both a faculty member, and more recently the chair of the department, I have felt that my role has been to provide an environment and opportunity for each to fulfill her/his potential. To the degree that they have succeeded, so have I.”
Jean Held

Education: B.S., 1969, State University of New York (SUNY) Downstate Medical Center; M.A., 1978; Ed.M., 1980; Ed.D., 1982, Teachers College, Columbia University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1981-87; Associate Professor, 1987-present. Chair, Department of Physical Therapy, 1996-present. Graduate Faculty, 1988-present. Graduate Program Coordinator, 1993-present. Faculty Senate (Chair, 1995-97; Vice Chair, 1990-93. Committee on Research and Scholarship, 1986-91; Chair 1988-90. Executive Council, 1988-93, 1994-95, 2000-06. Ad Hoc Strategic Planning Oversight Committee, 1993-95. Ad Hoc Committee on Financial Exigency, 1992-96; Chair, 1994-96. Ad Hoc Committee on Policies for Review of Deans, Directors and Chairs, 2002-03. Grievance Committee, 2001-05. Ad Hoc Committee on Shared Governance, 2006.) University Planning Council, 2003-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Recovery of function following brain damage.

Publication Highlights: Numerous peer-reviewed publications and presentations reporting research on factors affecting recovery of function following brain damage.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Masters Thesis Advisor to 6 students and Thesis Committee member of 6 additional students in the MS Program in Movement Science and Rehabilitation, and 3 students in other UVM Masters Programs. Served as Chair of two Doctoral Dissertation Committees at UVM, and Dissertation Committee Member of one student at Teachers College, Columbia University. Visiting Assistant Professor at Teachers College, Columbia University; Visiting Lecturer at several Physical Therapy Educational Programs around the US and Canada.

Memberships: American Physical Therapy Association, 1967-present (Business Manager, Greater New York District Newsletter, 1971; Education Committee, Greater New York District, 1972; Chairperson, Program Committee, Greater New York Dist. 1973-74; New York Chapter Peer Review Committee, 1976; Reviewer for Physical Therapy, 1986-95; Vermont Chapter Newsletter, Co-editor, 1986-89; Vermont Chapter Nominating Committee, 2001-02; Vermont Chapter Vice-President, 2002-04); Society for Neuroscience, 1981-2005; American Association of University Professors, 1995-99.

Other Professional Experience: Over 40 invited presentations and organized workshops at local, state and national professional meetings, and academic and clinical institutions. Clinical Practice in Physical therapy in a variety of clinical settings, as well as Coordinator of Rehabilitation at St. Vincent’s Medical center of Richmond, Staten Island, NY.

Awards and Honors: State University of New York, Health Science Center at Brooklyn, College of Health Related Professions 25th Anniversary Distinguished Alumni Award, 1993.

Community Service: Associates in Physical and Occupational Therapy, Inc., Board of Directors, 1994-present; President, 1996-present.


Library Professor Emeritus, University Libraries

“Fine Press books are usually noted for the quality of the total design combining the elements of content, text, typography, illustrations, paper, and the binding into a single, cohesive unit - a harmonious whole. Connell Gallagher’s professional life has been like a fine press book. One can see the careful planning and integration that have made his contributions as a rare books man and library administrator so distinguished.” — Nancy Portnow, Library Professor Emerita

Education: B.A., 1966, Pace College; M.A., 1970, University of Wisconsin; M.S., 1978, University of Illinois.

UVM Career: Manuscript Librarian, 1970-78; Library Associate Professor, 1978-86; Library Professor, 1986-2006.

Key Scholarly Interests: Artists Books, Vermont History, Public Policy Archives.

Publication Highlights: C.B. Gallagher, “A Repository Archivist on Capitol Hill,” Midwestern Archivist, 1991. C.B. Gallagher, Objects/Encounters: Bookworks at Flying Fish Press 1987-2001, (with Cynthia Imperatore) 2002. C.B. Gallagher, “An Awareness of Julie Chen,” Parenthesis, 2002. C.B. Gallagher, biographies of George Aiken, Claire Van Vliet and Roderick Stinehour for Vermont Encyclopedia, 2002. C.B. Gallagher, “George Perkins Marsh” biography for The Encyclopedia of the Environment, 1994.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Printing History Association; American Library Association; Association of College and Research Libraries, Rare Books and Manuscripts Section; Society of American Archivists; New England Archivists, President; Vermont Library Association, President; Faculty Senate Research and Scholarship Committee, Chair; Northeast Documents Conservation Center, Board and Chair of Advisory Committee.

Other Professional Experience: Archival Assistant Wisconsin State Historical Society, Staff Archivist to U.S. Senators Leahy and Stafford.

Awards and Honors: Fellow, Society of American Archivists, 2005; Fellow, Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences, 1999; New England Archivists Distinguished Service Award, 2000; ALA Fellow, University of Illinois, 1978.

Community Service: Vermont Academy of Arts and Sciences Board, Vermont Council on the Humanities, volunteer; Craftsbury Chamber Players Board.



Library Associate Professor Emeritus, University Libraries

“I expected that at this juncture, a couple of days from my egress from the Libe, to experience a naughty thrill in anticipation of my freedom and to be plotting to come maliciously from time to time to poke straws at [the inmates], still in chains. I know that I will miss you a lot more than I let on.” — Craig Robertson

Education: B.A., 1961; M.A., 1965, University of Kansas; Ph.D., 1971; M.L.S., 1980, Rutgers University.

UVM Career: Assistant Library Professor, 1982-91; Associate Library Professor, 1991-2004. Physics and Chemistry Librarian, 1982-96; Reference Librarian, 1996-2004.

Key Scholarly Interests: Library applications of expert systems; local administration in medieval England; translations of Irish correspondence of Bernard of Clairvaux.

Publication Highlights: C.A. Robertson, “Designated Searchers and Small Expert Systems Support: a New Approach to Online Literature Searching for Scientists,” Convergence: Proceedings of the Second National Conference of the Library Information and Technology Association, 1990. C.A. Robertson, “Expert Systems in Hypertext,” Teaching Technologies, ed. Linda Brew MacDonald, 1990.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Faculty Senate Professional Standards Committee, 1994-2004; Living/Learning Celtic Myth & Legends group, Faculty Advisor, 2000-04; Committee on Human Research-Behavioral Sciences, 1988-95; Instructor, UVM Department of History, 1998-2004 (secondary appointment).

Other Professional Experience: Reference/Instruction Librarian, University of Wisconsin-Parkside, 1980-82.


Extension Professor Emerita

Education: B.A., cum laude, 1972, Connecticut College; M.A., 1982, University of Oregon.

UVM Career: Publications Editor, 1974-83, and Office Head, 1984-89, Office of Information, Extension Service, Agricultural Experiment Station, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Extension Publications Editor, Communication and Technology Resources, 1990-2005.

Key Scholarly Interests: Communications consulting; intellectual property rights in academic settings; technical writing including audience identification, journal analysis, development of problem/purpose statements, manuscript organization, readability, and reviewing/revising; newsletter editing and design including planning, content, writing and editing, format, typesetting, layout and design, production, and evaluation; grammar, punctuation, and style including communication principles, professional presentations, radio, press, television, visuals, and newsletters.

Publication Highlights: M.G. Ashman, “Grammar Training for Extension Faculty and Staff via WebCT: Lessons Learned (But What and By Whom?),” Proceedings of the International Conference of Agricultural Communicators in Education and National Extension Technology Conference, 2003. L. Donnellan, M.G. Ashman, F. Montgomery, K. Parker, “Training the Grammar Trainer, Second Edition” (CD), The University of Tennessee, 2001. M.G. Ashman, L. Donnellan, F. Montgomery, “Training the Grammar Trainer” (Notebook and CD), The University of Tennessee, 1999.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Extensive record of Extension education in communications throughout her career, primarily consulting with Extension, Experiment Station, and CALS faculty and staff. Also. Journal of Applied Communications, manuscript reviewer, 1997-2005 and 1987-89; Faculty Senate, various leadership positions, 1988-1992 and 1991-2005; Agricultural Communicators in Education, various leadership roles including chair of several groups, 1984, 1992-2004; Vermont Extension Association, served as specialist representative, on Board of Directors, as treasurer, and on public relations committee; National Federation of Press Women: charter member of Vermont chapter, Board of Directors, secretary; Kappa Tau Alpha; Search Committee for the University of Vermont Athletic Director, 2002-2003; University Faculty Grievance Committee, 2001; Search Committee for Dean of the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, 1999; University Strategic Planning Task Force on Outreach and Service, 1991; College Recruitment Committee, 1982-1989; Extension Marketing Committee, chair, 1984-1989; ESCOP (Experiment Station Committee on Organization and Policy) Communications Subcommittee: Northeast regional representative, 1985-1989 and Communications Working Group: Northeast regional representative, 1993; Extension Faculty Organization, 1997-2005.

Other Professional Experience: Visiting Editor/IDAT Sabbatical (Institutional Development for Agriculture Training Project, U.S. Agency for International Development), Educational Materials Centre, Egerton University, Njoro, Kenya, 1989-90; Editorial Assistant, Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, D.C., 1972-73.

Awards and Honors: Publishing Award of Excellence, Agricultural Communicators in Education, 2002; Gold Award for Noncredit Educational Project, Agricultural Communicators in Education, 2000; Gold Award for Newsletters, Agricultural Communicators in Education, 1999; Second-place Regional Award for Newsletters, National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1999; Bronze Award for Newsletters, Agricultural Communicators in Education, 1998; First-place National and First Place Regional Communication Award for Newsletters, National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences, 1996; Service Award, Agricultural Communicators in Education, 1996; Meritorious Service Award, Vermont Association of Extension Professionals, 1984; Robert W. Sawyer Scholarship for academic achievement, School of Journalism, University of Oregon, 1981; Pioneer ACE Award winner for the Northeast region, Agricultural Communicators in Education, 1980.

Community Service: Lund Family Center (Board of Directors, Chair, Program Committee); Office of International Students, University of Vermont (English as a Second Language tutor; host family to students from Uzbekistan and Ukraine); Burlington Schools, member of the Strategic Planning Budget Prioritization Team; Odyssey of the Mind, Coach.


Extension Associate Professor Emerita

Education: B.A., 1972, Boston University; M.S., 1976, University of Wisconsin Madison; Ed.D., 2005, University of Vermont, Burlington.

UVM Career: Extension Associate Professor, 1977-2004.

Key Scholarly Interests: Non-point sources of pollution, municipal water supply and waste water facilities, individual water supply and waste water facilities, and pond management

Publication Highlights: Over 17 published book chapters, brochures, booklets and journal articles.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Memberships held in the American Society of Agricultural Engineers, American Water Resources Association, Vermont Geological Society, and Green Mountain Water and Environment Association.

Other Professional Experience: Independent researcher for EMCON of California, an engineering consulting firm. Researched well logs for Department of Natural Resources in Wisconsin to determine potential landfill sites.

Awards and Honors: Environmental Educator Award from U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 1; Water Works Leadership Award for contributions to advancement of excellence in the water works profession; Xi Sigma Pi, Alpha Omicrom Chapter for maintaining high rank of scholarship and personal achievement in forest resources management.

Community Service: Vermont Water Well Advisory Committee (Governor appointment); Officer for the Extension Faculty Organization; Vermont Drought Task Force member; Vermont Drinking Water Week Committee.

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