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Retiring Faculty 2005

Retiring Members of the University Faculty - 2005

Christopher W. Allen, Professor of Chemistry Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Daniel W. Bousquet, Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, UVM Extension
Lydia Harvey, Extension Assistant Professor Emerita, UVM Extension
Robert J. Johnson, The McClure Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Emeritus, College of Medicine
William E. Jokela, Associate Professor of Plant and Soil Science Emeritus, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Bruce R. MacPherson, Associate Professor of Pathology Emeritus, College of Medicine
Gil McCann, Associate Professor of Sociology Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Willard M. Miller, Assistant Professor of Philosophy Emeritus, College of Arts and Sciences
Mildred A. Reardon, Clinical Professor of Medicine Emerita, College of Medicine
Marga Susan Sproul, Associate Professor of Family Medicine Emerita, College of Medicine
Alan Wertheimer, John G. McCullough Professor of Political Science Emeritus, College of Arts and Science
Robert K. Wright, Professor of Mathematics Emeritus, College of Engineering and Mathematics


Associate Professor of Plant and Soil Science Emeritus

“Bill developed research and extension programs focused on the most pressing soil fertility and environmental issues in Vermont — better management of nutrients, especially nitrogen and phosphorus. His goal has always been to both better understand the problems that exist and to find ways to improve the pollution problems facing the State in ways that also help its farmers.” — Fred Magdoff, Professor of Plant and Soil Science

Education: B.A., 1969, Carleton College; M.S., 1978; Ph.D. 1985, University of Minnesota.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor and Extension Soils Specialist, 1985-91; Associate Professor and Extension Soils Specialist, 1991-2005.

Key Scholarly Interest: Soil fertility and soil-plant relations.

Publication Highlights: 18 articles in scientific journals, 10 articles published in proceedings of scientific meetings, and 25 extension and popular press publications.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Society of Agronomy, 1978-present; Soil Science Society of America, 1978-present; Soil Conservation Society of America, 1978-present; Institute for Alternative Agriculture, 1986-present. National Program Assessment Panel for USDA-ARS Manure and Byproduct Utilization Research, Beltsville, MD, March 2004; National Program Assessment Workshop for USDA-ARS Manure and Byproduct Utilization Research, Atlanta, GA, April 2004. Past-President and Chair of Awards Committee, Northeast Branch, American Society of Agronomy/Soil Science Society of America, 2003-04. Board Member (national), Soil Science Society of America, 2003-04.

Other Professional Experience: Department of Soil Sciences, Swedish Agricultural University, Uppsala, Sweden (sabbatical leave).

Awards and Honors: USDA-ARS Technology Transfer Award, Phosphorus Index Group, 2003; USDA Secretary’s Group Honor Award for Excellence, Phosphorus Indexing Research Group, 2003; Agway Award for Applied Research, Northeast Branch American Society of Agronomy/Soil Science Society of America, 2000; Extension Achievement Award, UVM Extension, 1990; Potash and Phosphate Institute Graduate Student Award, 1984; Gamma Sigma Delta Honor Society of Agriculture, 1980; Sigma XI, Carleton College, 1969; Distinction in Biology, Carleton College, 1969.

Community Service: Combined love of back-country skiing with raising funds for charities by participating in the Camel’s Hump Challenge annually for the past six years; volunteer teacher (soils in the landscape) for middle school science program in Shelburne; assisted in coaching youth sports program (soccer, hockey).



Professor of Chemistry Emeritus

“Need a blueprint for a successful academic career, one of value to students, colleagues and University alike? Just look at Chris Allen, who has been a dynamic teacher, a creative scientist and an unselfish colleague for over three decades.” —William Geiger, Professor of Chemistry

Education: B.A., 1964, University of Connecticut; M.S., 1966; Ph.D., 1967, University of Illinois.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1967-72; Associate Professor, 1972-76; Professor, 1976-present; Acting Chairman, Department of Chemistry, 1984-85. Other appointments: member, Vermont Regional Cancer Center, 1979-93; member, Material Sciences Program; Director, Advanced Materials Research Cluster (EPSCoR), 1992-95; Director, Vermont EPSCoR program, 1995-present; Interim Special Assistant to the president for Economic Development, 1999; Interim Director, Technology Transfer, 1999; Co-Director, Vermont IdeA Program, 1999-04; Outreach Director, Vermont Genetics Network, 2005-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Inorganic rings and polymers. Inorganic ring chemistry presents interesting questions of electronic structure reactivity and mechanism. Additionally, these ring systems may be transformed into hybrid inorganic-organic polymers, which are new classes of materials with interesting properties having applications such as flame retardant, polymeric electron transfer or as membranes.

Publication Highlights: 116 papers and chapters in profession journals, two edited volumes and two patents.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Chemical Society, Royal Society of Chemistry. Editorial Advisory Boards: Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers, (Plenum Press) 1991-present, and Main Group chemistry News, (Gordon & Breach), 1993-2000.

Other professional Experience: Interim Executive Director, Vermont Technology Council, 1999; Senior Visitor, University of Edinburgh, 1983; senior visitor, University of Oxford, 1973-74. Board of Directors (ex officio), Vermont Technology Council, 1995-05; Operating Committee, Vermont Technology Council, 2002-05; Board of Directors, EPSCoR Coalition, 1998-2000; Board of Directors, EPSCoR Foundation, 2001-05; Advisory Board, Mass High Tech, 2001; Advisory Board, New Mexico EPSCOR, Delaware EPSCoR, Rhode Island EPSCoR.

Awards and Honors: University Scholar, Physical Sciences, 1982-83; George V. Kidder Outstanding Faculty Award, 1986; Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Sigma Phi, Phi Lambda upsilon; Mass High Tech “All Star”, 2000; Dean’s Lecture, 2004.

Community Service: UVM United Way cabinet; Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy for Chittenden County (Technology Committee); Vermont Center for Emerging Technologies advisor; UVM Newman Center Board of Advisors, 1976-82.



Associate Professor of Sociology Emeritus

“McLuhan was right: the medium is the message.” — Gil McCann

Education: B.A., 1964, Allegheny College; M.A., 1966; Ph.D., 1974, Princeton University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1974-80; Associate Professor, 1980-2005.

Key Scholarly Interests: International development, social stratification, social network analysis.

Publication Highlights: A book, Chemistry Transformed: The Paradigmatic Shift from Phlogiston to Oxygen. Articles on drug use, third world development, and social networks.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Member of the American Sociological Association. At UVM, Chair of Latin American Studies, member of Faculty Senate Computer Resource Support Committee, Institutional Grants Committee. Director of Graduate Studies at the University of New Mexico.

Other Professional Experience: Taught at: Tulane School of Public Health and Tropical Medicine, Rutgers University, University of Central America (Nicaragua), University of New Mexico, Princeton University, University of California, Santa Cruz among others.

Community Service: Expert witness of jury pool selection. Foster parent for SRS, Vermont from 1997 to present.



Assistant Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

“... to know Will is to know that he was a key part of that quest to become the change we sought. Ideas make a difference to philosophers, and thinking about thinking is our trade. But Will not only thought about philosophical ideas, he embodied the energy to combine theory and practice. Like Marx he knew that it was one thing to understand the world, but the point was to change it, and help change it Will has.” — Jerry Anderson, Professor, Humanities, Johnson State College

Education: B.A., 1966; M.A., 1968; Ph.D., 1969, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1969-2005.

Key Scholarly Interests: Marxism, history of American philosophy, philosophy of education, socialist-feminism, radical ecology, and animal rights.

Publication Highlights: Articles on the philosophy of Charles S. Peirce, and numerous writings on political and social issues.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: John Dewey Society, Society for the Philosophical Study of Marxism, Socialist-Feminist Philosophers Association, Radical Philosophy Association, United Academics (AAUP/AFT). Faculty Advisor: Radical Student Union, Union of Concerned Students, The Gadfly alternative student newspaper, SPARC (Student Political Awareness and Responsibility Collective).

Awards and Honors: University of Vermont Institutional Research Award, University of Vermont Summer Research Fellowships.

Community Service: Vermont Veterans for Peace, Burlington Area Draft and Military Counseling, The Green Mountain Fund for Popular Struggle, Vermont Cuba Committee Haymarket People’s Fund, Committee in Solidarity with the People of El Salvador (CISPES).



John G. McCullough Professor of Political Science Emeritus

“When I tell prospective students what’s special about UVM, I tell them that while we offer the sort of access to faculty one expects at a liberal arts college, our faculty are involved in the sort of cutting-edge research one expects at a major university. It is professors like Alan Wertheimer who allow me to say this with a clear conscience.” — David Christensen, Professor of Philosophy

Education: A.B., 1964, New York University; Ph.D., 1968, Case Western Reserve University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1968-73; Associate Professor, 1973-77; Professor, 1977-92; Chair, Department of Political Science, 1981-89; John G. McCullough Professor, 1992-2005.

Key Scholarly Interests: Political philosophy, philosophy of law, political ethics, ethics and public policy.

Publication Highlights: Coercion (Princeton University Press, 1987); Exploitation (Princeton University Press, 1996); Consent to Sexual Relations (Cambridge University Press, 2003); and many articles in leading journals, including Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs, Legal Theory, and Law and Philosophy.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Editorial Board, Legal Theory; General Editor, Oxford University Press Series in Practical and Professional Ethics; Executive Committee, Association for Practical and Professional Ethics; Book Review Editor, Law and Philosophy; Consultant, MacArthur Foundation Initiative on Mandated Community Treatment.

Other Professional Experience: Member, School of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton, 1984-85; Fellow, Program in Ethics and the Professions, Harvard, 1989-90; Visiting Professor of Public Policy, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, 1991-1994; Visiting Professor of Law, University of San Diego Law School, 2002.

Awards and Honors: Dean’s Lecture Award, College of Arts and Sciences, 2003; National Endowment for the Humanities Fellowship, 1999; UVM University Scholar, 1995-96.

Community Service: Numerous presentations to civic organizations and student groups; organizer of Conference for State Attorney Generals; consultant to the National Institute of Health.



Professor of Mathematics Emeritus

“Early in the age of modern computing, the renowned mathematician and computer scientist George Forsythe often told students that ‘the purpose of computing is insight, not numbers.’ To paraphrase this, I hope my students and readers of my publications gain insight in addition to formal facts. — Robert K. Wright

Education: B.A., 1963, Middlebury College; Ph.D., 1966, Columbia University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1966-70; Associate Professor, 1970-75; Professor, 1975-2005.

Interests: Algebraic/asymptotic theory of ordinary differential equations, 1966-74. Mathematical modeling in physiology, 1974-94. Approximation theory, 1994- present.

Publication Highlights: American Math Society Memoir #109 with Walter Strodt completely solving the Briot and Bouquet problem, 1969; a number of publications with physiologists on various aspects of mathematical modeling; many publications and research reports in recent years on topics in approximation theory relating to curve and surface fitting and edge detection under conditions of limited information.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: 30 year member of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM), Director of the Modeling and Computation Facility for Program Projects on Myocardial Hypertrophy, 1985-90.

Community Service: Many hours given to the Town of Hinesburg in the 1970’s helping with computer modeling of the water system. Served a number of times and continues to serve as a judge for the Vermont State Mathematics and Science Fair at Norwich University.



McClure Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery Emeritus

“Dr. Johnson has dedicated his heart and soul to academic medicine in the Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation at the University of Vermont. Speaking for the entire department, Dr. Johnson truly exemplifies all-around excellence in sports medicine — in clinical practice, in countless hours of teaching, and in knee injury research.” — Professor Claude E. Nichols, III Chair, Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation

Education: B.A., 1961, Coe College; M.D., 1964, University of Iowa. Internship, Philadelphia General Hospital, 1965; Orthopaedic Surgery Residency, University of Iowa, 1969; Sports medicine Fellowship, Karolinska Hospital, 1978-79.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1971-75; Associate Professor, 1975-80; Professor, 1980-2005.

Key Scholarly Interests: Orthopaedic Biomechanics, Alpine Ski Injury Epidemiology, Orthopaedic Education.

Publication Highlights: 127 peer-reviewed publications authored, 27 book chapters authored, 15 books edited.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: President, American Orthopaedic Society of Sports Medicine, 1993-94; President, International Society of Sports Medicine, 1989-97; President, Herodicuc Society, 1997. Served on Boards of the Herodicus Society, American Society for Testing and Materials, Maerican Society of Sports Medicine, American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, International Society of Skiing Safety, and International Society of Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery & Orthopaedic Sports Medicine.

Other Professional Experience: Fogerty International Sports Medicine Fellowship, Karolinska Hospital, Stockholm, Sweden, 1978-79; 77 International Invited Lectureships; 136 National Invited Lectureships.

Awards and Honors: O’Donoghue Research Award of the American Society of Sports Medicine, 1993, 1996, and 2005. University Scholars Award, UVM, 1993; Kappa Delta Award of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, 1994; Endowed Professorship, Department of Orthopaedics and Rehabilitation, UVM, 1994; Albert Trillat Award of the International Society Arthroscopy, Knee Surgery and Orthopaedic Sports Medicine, 1993 and 1997; Mr. Sports Medicine Award of the American Orthopaedic Society for Sports Medicine.

Community Service: Ski Injury Clinic devoted to the treatment of injured skiers and research to prevent ski injuries, Sugarbush, VT, 1991-2005.



Associate Professor of Pathology Emeritus

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” — Henry Adams

Education: A.B., 1962, Colby College; M.S., 1967; M.D., 1967, University of Vermont.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor of Pathology, 1974-79; Associate Professor of Pathology, 1979-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Renal pathology, platelet immunology evaluation of hematopoietic neoplasms by flow cytometry.

Publication Highlights: Co-author of recent articles for Archives of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine, Pharmacotherapy, and Arthritis Rheumatism.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Member, American Society of Clinical Pathologists, American Association of Blood Banks, and Association of Pathology Chairs-Program Directors Section, APC-PRODS.

Awards and Honors: Basic Science Teacher of the Year, 1986; Pathology Resident of the Year, 2003; Buttles Professor of Pathology, 1999-04.

Community Service: South Burlington (VT) School Board 1981-1988.



Clinical Professor of Medicine Emerita

“Mimi truly represents the heart and soul of the medical profession at our university, throughout our state and around our country. She has a passionate commitment to excellence in clinical practice, in academic medicine and in service to Vermont.” — John N. Evans, Ph.D., Dean, College of Medicine.

Education: B.A., 1963, Northeastern University; M.D., 1967, University of Vermont College of Medicine.

UVM Career: Clinical Assistant Professor 1971-82; Clinical Associate Professor, 1982-89; Clinical Professor, 1989-2005. Associate Dean for Primary Care, Dean’s Office, College of Medicine, 1993-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Advancing community health by connecting the resources of the community and the University together and by supporting quality improvement and student/preceptor engagement.

Publication Highlights: Community health improvement strategies and generalist education for medical students.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Membership in organizations dedicated to excellence in the practice of medicine. Founding member, Vermont Program for Quality in Health Care. President, Vermont Medical Society; AMA Delegate, Vermont Medical Society. Chair, New England Delegation to the AMA. President, Council of New England Medical Societies. Representative to the Medicals Schools Section of the AMA. Representative to the American Association of Medical Colleges. Principal Investigator for the statewide UVM AHEC Program.

Awards and Honors: Alpha Omega Alpha; UVM College of Medicine Medical Alumni Association Community Service Award and A. Bradley Soule Award; Vermont Medical Society Distinguished Service Award and Founders Award; Master, American College of Physicians; Laureate Award, American College of Physicians.

Community Service: Chittenden County Hospice co-medical director for thirteen years; volunteer at Respite House; numerous talks to school groups on health.


Associate Professor of Family Medicine Emerita

“Marga Sproul has left an indelible mark everywhere she has touched. As Associate Dean for Student Affairs, she influenced a generation of future physicians to focus on their patients first. She modeled that in her own practice. Many don't remember that she was a founding physician at Colchester Family Practice. The ultimate success of that community practice is a direct result of her dedication to the people of both Colchester and Milton.” — Allan M. Ramsay M.D., Professor of Family Medicine

Education: B.A, 1968, Radcliffe College at Harvard University; M.S., 1976, Bank Street College of Education; M.D., 1976, University of Vermont College of Medicine. Residency in Family Practice, 1979, Medical Center Hospital of Vermont.

UVM Career: Clinical Assistant Professor of Family Practice, 1976-79; Assistant Professor of Family Practice, 1980-87; Associate Professor of Family Medicine, 1987-2005. Associate Dean for Admissions, 1987-88; Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, 1988-96; Associate Dean for Student Affairs, 1996-2004 (College of Medicine).

Key Scholarly Interests: Clinical care of patients, communication skills, the doctor-patient relationship.

Publication Highlights: Has published several journal articles.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Has taught courses in medical student training and resident teaching. Is a member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, Society of Teachers of Family Medicine, American Medical Association, Vermont State Medical Society, Chittenden County Medical Society, Group on Student Affairs of the Association of American Medical Colleges (GSA of the AAMC), Minority Affairs Section of the Group on Student Affairs of The Association of American Medical Colleges (to 1996), Northeast Consortium on Medical Education (NECOME) (to 1996). Offices held in Regional Organizations: Secretary, NECOME, 1993-94; Chairperson, NECOME, 1994-95; Treasurer, Northeast Group on Student Affairs of the Association of American Medical Colleges (Northeast GSA), 1994-95; Secretary, Northeast GSA, 1995-96; Vice-Chairperson, Northeast GSA, 1996-97; Chairperson, Northeast GSA, 1997-98.

Awards and Honors: Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society, elected 1976; Fellow, American Academy of Family Practice, elected 1985; Mead Johnson Award for Graduate Training in Family Practice, 1978; Lamb Fellowship Award, 1976; William Eustis Brown Alumni Award, 1976.

Community Service: Freedom Writer for Amnesty International, 1989-present; member, St. Paul’s Cathedral Parish, 2001-present; choir member, St. Paul’s Cathedral Parish, 2001-present; All Saints Church Altar Guild, 1988-2000; All Saints Church Lay Reader, 1988-2000; choir member, All Saints Church, 1983-84, 1991-97; Oriana Singers, 1994-present; Vermont Symphony Chorus, 1995-present; Amateur Musicians Orchestra, 1998; McGruff Safe House volunteer, 1987-97, moderator for panel on “Futures for Health Care Providers” at Leadership Champlain Health Care Seminar, 1996; Red Cross Pheresis Blood Donor, 19-gallon donor; recruiter for Red Cross Blood Drives at the University of Vermont and at All Saints Church, 1986-99; student, Movement Center Tae Kwon Do School, 1984-92, first degree black belt; “Silent Hero” Award for Blood Donor Recruitment at UVM, 1989; Musica Propria (choral group), 1983.



Extension Associate Professor Emeritus

“During the more than 25 years that Dan Bousquet was at UVM, he worked with and cared deeply about the well-being of the Vermont forest industry and Vermont forest Landowners. He was very knowledgeable about the educational and information desires of the industry and addressed those needs through his own numerous studies writings and workshops and by bringing other experts to the state.” —Lawrence K. Forcier, Associate Professor Rubenstein School of Environment and Natural Resources

Education: B.S., 1964; M.S. 1966, university of Massachusetts; M.B.A., 973 Pennsylvania State University.

UVM Career: Extension Associate Professor and Forest Products Specialist, School of Natural Resources, 1975-01; Extension Associate Professor, Extension Specialist, 2001-04.

Key Scholarly Interests: Hardwood sawmill productivity, and wood product markets.

Publication Highlights: Drying Short Boards for Custom Furniture Millwork and Specialty Wood Products, in Final Report for the New England Wood Research Program, Project No. 95-341 58-1347, Feb. 1995-Jan. 2000. Character Marked Wood Furniture: Opportunities for Sustainable Rural Development, with C. Halbrendt, Q. Wang, and G. Shi, Small Business Innovation Research-USDA, Project Report. December 1998. Timber Harvesting in Vermont: Summary of Laws and Regulations, UVM Extension, 2002. High-quality wood from low-quality tress: bolts and short logs, UVM Extension, 2001.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Extension Faculty Organization Curricular Affairs Committee. Economic Development Committee – Northeast Kingdom Collaborative. Forest Policy Task Force of Associated Industries of Vermont. American Forest and Paper Association Sustainable Forestry Initiative Outreach Committee. Vermont Products Association Education Committee. Northeast Loggers Education and Training Council. Numerous offices held with Forest Products Research Society and the New England Kiln Drying Association. Member of the Board of Directors for the Institute of Northeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association, the Vermont Timber Truckers and Products Association and the New England Kiln Drying Association. Member of the Green Mountain Chapter of the Society of American Foresters, the Northeast Lumber Manufacturing Association and the Society of Wood Science and Technology.

Other Professional Experience: Commerce Officer, Department of Industry, Canada, 1974-75; Research Officer, Department of Environment, Canadian Forestry Services, 1967-74; Extension Specialist, Wood Utilization, West Virginia University, 1966-67.

Community Service: Advisor for the Northeast Wood Products Marketing Exposition and the Wood Products Manufacturing Association. Numerous committee assignments within UVM Extension, the School of Natural Resources, and the Vermont and North American forestry and forest products community.



Extension Assistant Professor Emerita

“Children and adults from around the world experienced life in Vermont through the work Lydia did in other countries. Throughout her career, she promoted cultural diversity, and worked tirelessly to teach youth to understand where their food comes from and to become involved in a wide range of agricultural careers.” — Mary C. Carlson, Extension Assistant Professor Emerita

Education: B.S., 1971; M.Ed., 1984, University of Vermont.

UVM Career: Extension Instructor 1976-86; Extension Assistant Professor 1986-2005.

Key Scholarly Interests: Volunteerism, promoting agriculture.

Publication Highlights: Ages and Stages, Vermont 4-H Leader’s Forum, 2002; Preparing Teens for Present and Future: Babysitting/Parenting, Northeast Regional American Association of Family and Consumer Scientists, 1996; National Association of Extension 4-H Agents, Community Based Programming: Making a Difference with Rural Youth and Families, 1995; New England Farm Safety Health and Rural Rehabilitation Conference, presentation, ATV Safety in Vermont, 1993; 4-H Community ATV Safety Program: National Sharing Conference, ATV Safety is No Illusion, 1991; UVM Extension Training Workshop, VT Operations Awareness Program, 1990; news column in Caledonia Record; monthly radio program on WSTJ; 30-second TV spot, Safe Christmas Decoration, distributed nationwide by USDA in 1978.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Active member of National Association of Extension 4-H Agents, Vermonters in Volunteer Administration, active in Extension Faculty Organization (EFO).

Other Professional Experience: Sabbatical 1997-98: researched VT Youth Leadership Development, developed curriculum and applied it to the community.

Awards and Honors: Distinguished Service Award from National Association of 4-H Agents, American Association of Family and Consumer Science member and certified Family and Consumer Scientist through AAFCS, and various communication awards.

Community Service: Workforce Investment Board, St. Johnsbury Business Education Alliance, 1993-96; Community Partnership Advisory Board, 1992-93; Caledonia County Women’s Network, 1986-90.

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