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Greetings: Carl Lisman

Greetings: Carl H. Lisman, Chair of the Board of Trustees

Carl H. Lisman,
Chair of the Board of Trustees

On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to welcome you to this special event, thank you for attending, and assure you that my comments will be brief.

First, let me address the faculty. Thank you for all that you do - your teaching, your research, and your service. Without your efforts, there would be for all no University - this “institution of learning at the highest level.” Without you, there would be no classes; no reading, writing and research assignments; no one to cajole, inspire, threaten, encourage, beg, demand, expect, and stimulate our students.

Without you, there is no search for knowledge - for its own sake, to help others, to advance our society.

Without you, there would be no student advisors, no mentors, and no share-ers of experience, skill, training.

You are valued and appreciated.

Next, let me turn to the parents. We are honored by your presence.

You are here to see the changes that your tuition dollars have wrought. You are here to see the boys and girls you brought to campus only a few years ago who have turned into young adults. You are here to see that four - or five or six - years of residency at the University of the Green Mountains have matured your children; expanded their horizons; begun to prepare them to join the workforce, pursue a profession; and take on all the big and small challenges that this State, this country and our world can throw at them.

Do not for a moment think that we will not miss your tuition checks; for those of you who cannot bear the thought of no further payments to UVM, I assure you that we will willingly accept your money - and we will apply it to good causes!

Third, I want to recognize the men and women who are there every day - from the most senior administrative personnel to the newest staff person, from buildings and grounds to the campus police service, to the health care providers, housekeepers, secretaries, clerks - the list is endless.

You are the people who make it all work.

Our esteem for you is unbounded.

Last - but certainly not least - I, and all the members of the Board of Trustees, want to commend the graduates:
To those of you receiving graduate degrees - the M.D.’s, the Ph.D’s, the M.A’s and M.S.’s - you’ve done it!

For the soon-to-be-former undergraduates - you came in all sizes and shapes, from just around the corner to far distant countries, and from so many different backgrounds. You arrived at UVM and soon you will depart. For some, the operative word is “perserverance;” for others, it may be “excitement,” “stimulation,” “growth.” Hopefully for all, it will also be “I learned.”

You’ve studied both the minutia and the global, the practical and the theoretical - in eight different Colleges and Schools, 90 majors and more than 100 minors.
Soon you will scatter with the wind - to jobs, family, graduate school, whatever...

But you will forever be known and identified with a single label, one that I hope you will cherish and savor - you are the University of Vermont Class of 2005.

Congratulations, good luck and Godspeed.

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