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Retiring Faculty 2004

Retiring Members of the University Faculty - 2004

Phyllis Bronstein, Professor Emerita, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
Beth A. Hart, Professor Emerita, Biochemistry, College of Medicine
Elizabeth Low, Lecturer Emerita, Statistics, College of Engineering and Mathematics
Bill Murphy, Professor Emeritus, Plant and Soil Science, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Lawrence B. Myott, Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, Extension Service, UVM Extension
Neil H. Pelsue, Jr., Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, Community Development and Applied Economics, UVM Extension
Nancy B. Portnow, Library Professor Emerita, Bailey-Howe Library, University Libraries
William C. Snow, Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, Extension Service, UVM Extension
Barbara H. Tindle, Associate Professor Emerita, Pathology, College of Medicine


Professor Emeritus, Plant and Soil Science

“When student ready, teacher appears.”

Anonymous Chinese proverb

Education: B.S., 1964; M.S., 1969; Ph.D., 1972, University of Wisconsin.

UVM Career: Associate Professor, 1979-84; Professor, 1984-2003.

Key Scholarly Interests: Helping farmers cut production costs through well-managed use of the pasture resource that abounds throughout the United States.

Publication Highlights: A book, Greener Pastures on Your Side of the Fence.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Society of Agronomy.

Other Professional Experience: Board of Directors, Vermont Grass Farmers Association.

Awards and Honors: Outstanding Grassland Researcher, American Grassland Association.

Community Service: 25 years of helping family farmers prosper.


Professor Emerita, Psychology

I have nothing to
offer you but….
the certain knowledge
that at the
end of your days
you will be able to look back and say
that once in your life
you gave everything you had
for justice.

Jill Ruckelshaus (excerpt from “Poem”)

Education: B.A., 1962, University of Michigan; M.A., 1966, Boston University; Ph.D. 1979, Harvard University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1981-87; Associate Professor, 1987-97; Professor, 1997-2004.

Key Scholarly Interests: Parenting and sociocultural factors in child and adolescent development, socialization of emotion, career development of women faculty and faculty of color, gender and multiculturalism in the curriculum.

Publication highlights: Three books, most recently, Teaching Gender and Multicultural Awareness: Resources for the Psychology Classroom, plus over 45 other publications in journal and books.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Teaching: supervised the research projects of 98 undergraduates and 43 graduate students (including 14 doctoral dissertations), and provided clinical supervision for 91 doctoral students. University: Founding member and co-chair of Women’s Advisory Committee to the Office of Affirmative Action and the President’s Commission on the Status of Women; co-founder of the Faculty Women’s Caucus; chair of the Arts and Sciences Faculty Standards Committee; faculty ombudsperson; created and directed Faculty Mentoring program which has included over 200 faculty. National: Fellow, Division 35 (Society for the Psychology of Women) of the American Psychological Association; member, Association for Women in Society, Society for Research on Adolescence, and Society for Research in Child Development.

Other Professional Experience: Visiting Scholar: Institute for Research on Women and Gender, Stanford University; Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Recent 27-year follow-up on dissertation study of families in Guanajuato, Mexico.

Awards and Honors: UVM Faculty Woman of the Year Award, 2004, for significant contributions to the lives of women at UVM through service, teaching and research. UVM Caring Climate Award, 1993; Steps Toward Equity Award, 1990, Vermont division of the American Association of University Women; Distinguished Publication Award, 1989, from the Association for Women in Psychology, for the book Teaching a Psychology of People: Resources for Gender and Sociocultural Awareness; National Institute of Mental Health research grant.



Lecturer Emerita, Statistics

“Liz has been many wonderful things to us here at UVM: a good friend, a respected research colleague, an outstanding graduate student, a patient and supportive teacher of our undergraduate students struggling to learn statistics, and a valuable faculty member of our Statistics Program! We all wish her the best in retirement.”

— Larry Haugh, Director of Statistics

Education: A.B., 1963, The College of Wooster; Ph.D., 1968, University of Chicago; M.S., 1983, University of Vermont.

UVM Career: Graduate Teaching Assistant, 1980-82; Lecturer in Statistics, 1981-2003.

Key Scholarly Interests: Physiology and Biostatistics.

Publication Highlights: Four research papers, one proceedings paper, and five research abstracts.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Member, American Statistical Association.

Other Professional Experience: Lecturer and then Assistant Professor of Biology at University of Massachusetts, Boston, 1968-70.

Awards and Honors: A.B. with honors in Biology at College of Wooster, 1963; NSF Summer Fellow at University of Michigan, 1962; NSF and NIH Fellowships at University of Chicago; Graduate Award in Biostatistics at University of Vermont, 1982.

Community Service: School Board Director, Mount Mansfield Union Board, 1991-1997; Vermont School Board Association, 2000-2002; School Board, Richmond Elementary School, 1999-present.



Professor Emerita, Biochemistry

“The most beautiful things in life are not heard or spoken; they are felt with the heart.”

— Helen Keller

Education: B.S., 1963, Muhlenberg College; M.S., 1966; Ph.D., 1969, Cornell University.

UVM Career: Assistant Professor, 1970-78; Associate Professor, 1978-97; Professor, 1998-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Mechanism of cadmium carcinogenesis in the lung.

Publication Highlights: Approximately 50 articles and reviews in journals and books related to toxicology and cancer.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Federation of American Society for Experimental Biology, American Thoracic Society, VT/NH Thoracic Society, Society of Toxicology, Oxygen Society, Sigma Xi Scientific Society.

Other Professional Experience: Member, Editorial Board, Toxicology, 1995-present; Scientific Committee Member, 4th International Metallothionein Meeting, 1996-1997; Ad hoc member, NIH Study Section Panel. Editorial work for the following journals: Toxicology, Toxicology and Applied Pharmacology, Journal of Toxicology & Environmental Health, Free Radicals in Medicine and Biology, American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine, Biochemistry and Biophysics Acta. Member, Vermont Cancer Center; member, Environmental Pathology Training Program at the University of Vermont; member, Cell & Molecular Biology Program at the University of Vermont.

Awards and Honors: UVM College of Medicine Basic Science Teacher of the Year Award, 1989, 1997, 1999; American Medical Student Association Award for excellence in teaching, 2004.

Community Service: Visiting Nurse Association volunteer, Fletcher Allen Health Care Pastoral Care Volunteer, Vermont Diabetes Association Neighborhood Volunteer, Vermont Multiple Sclerosis Walk-a-thon Volunteer.



Associate Professor Emerita, Pathology

“Teaching is part of the magic circle. You get back at least as much as you give out; ultimately you will have received more than you have given.”

— Barbara H. Tindle, M.D.

Education: B.S.Ed., 1955, Fitchburg State Teachers’ College; B.A., 1957, Youngstown University; M.D., 1961, Women’s College of Pennsylvania.

UVM Career: Associate Professor of Pathology, 1977-present; Associate Professor of Medicine, 1977-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Bone marrow abnormalities, Hematologic neoplasms, Immunoblastic proliferations.

Publication Highlights: Immunoblastic Lymphadenopathy: A Hodgkin's Disease-like entity; Immunoblastic Proliferations: Pathology Yearbook; Malignant Lymphoma: Monograph; and multiple published papers and book chapters.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Vermont State Medical Society, Vermont State Pathology Society, American Society of Clinical Pathology, College of American Pathologists, American Society of Hematology, International Academy of Pathology, Hematopathology Society.

Other Professional Experience: Associate Director, Hematopathology Fellowship Program, University of Southern California, 1970-1977; Director, Hematopathology Fellowship Program, University of Vermont/Medical Center Hospital of Vermont, 1977-1993; Director, Hematopathology, University of Vermont/Fletcher Allen Health Care, 1977-2002; Director, Clinical Pathology, Fletcher Allen Health Care, 1996-2004. Multiple workshops, teaching sessions, invited seminars and presentations in the United States and several international presentations, in locations including Canada and Greece.

Awards and Honors: Mosby Book Award (2nd honors in Gynecology), 1961; Kate Hurd Mead Fellowship Award, 1968.

Community Service: Mentor for high school student science project; visiting teacher at local high school.



Library Professor Emerita, Bailey-Howe Library

“Simply stated, Nancy Portnow is one of a kind. An extraordinary librarian, teacher, and scholar, she embodies the special mix of personal and professional qualities that have set a high standard for library service at UVM for over thirty-five years. Nancy’s intelligence, insight, patience, grace, and ability to coin a witty turn of phrase have made her a beloved mentor and colleague whose constant presence in the University Libraries will be deeply missed”.

— Mara R. Saule, Dean of Libraries

Education: B.A., 1967, University of Vermont; M.S., 1968, Columbia University.

UVM Career: Reference Librarian, 1969-1972; Chemistry/Physics Librarian, 1972-73; Head, Reference Librarian, 1974-96; Library Associate Professor, 1979-86; Head, Collection Management Services, 1998-2004; Library Professor, 1986-2004.

Key Scholarly Interests: Canadian Studies, Electronic Bibliographic Citation.

Publication Highlights: A book, Electronic Styles: A Handbook for Citing Electronic Information, and “Academic Reference Service in Transition,” a journal article.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: UVM President’s Committee on the Prevention of Hazing in Intercollegiate Sports; University Faculty Senate Executive Council; American Libraries Association, and its: Association of College and Research Libraries Division, Library and Information Technology Association, Reference and User Services Association, Machine-Assisted Reference Services Section; Association for Canadian Studies in the United States; Vermont Library Association.

Community Service: Fletcher Free Library Board of Commissioners, Lane Series Advisory Committee, Burlington Area Community Garden Board.



Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, Extension Service

Education: B.S., 1968; M.E.E., 1992, University of Vermont.

UVM Career: Chittenden County Extension Agricultural Agent, 1975-85; Regional Extension Fruit and Vegetable Agent, 1980-92; Regional Extension Maple Agent, 1985-92; Extension Maple Specialist, 1992-present; Extension Associate Professor, 2000-present.

Key Scholarly Interests: Sugarbush production management; local and international maple marketing; maple product quality enhancement; maple promotion and public relations; small fruit and vegetable production and management.

Publication Highlights: A Suggested Lease for Maple Syrup Production, 2002; Pricing Maple Syrup for Profit, 2001; co-author, Maple Mainline, a semi-annual maple producer newsletter, 1990-2004; monthly column, “Maple Business,” New England Farmer Magazine, 1993-97; monthly column, “Maple Business, Farming,” the Journal of Northeast Agriculture, 1997-2004; co-author of two chapters, North American Maple Producers Manual, 1996; Reducing Lead Levels in Maple Syrup, 1996; Producer Guidelines for Managing Lead in Maple Syrup Production, 1994; co-author, New England Vegetable Production Guide, 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: United Academics, 2001-04, Secretary and Executive Board Member, 2001-02; UVM Faculty Senate Faculty Affairs Committee, 1993-99; UVM Faculty Senate, member of the Academic Affairs Committee, 1992-93; North American Maple Syrup Council, International Maple Syrup Institute; National Association of County Agricultural Agents.

Other Professional Experience: New York Life Insurance Company, Burlington; State of Vermont, Department of Corrections, Weeks School, Vocational Agriculture and General Science; United States Peace Corps, Nigeria.

Awards and Honors: Sumner Williams Award, Vermont Sugar Maker's Association “Maple Person of the Year,” 2004; Purcell Pinnacle Award, National County Agents Association, 2002; North American Maple Syrup Council, Outstanding Service Award, 2000; President’s Award, Vermont Maple Sugarmaker’s Association and the Vermont Maple Industry Council, 1998; Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity, National Board of Directors Outstanding Advisor Award, 1994; North American Maple Syrup Council, Outstanding Service Award, 1994; Vermont Maple Industry Council Maple Person of the Year, 1993; NACAA, Distinguished Service Award, 1990; National Association of County Agricultural Agents, Achievement Award, 1982.

Community Service: Vergennes Area Rescue Squad, Vergennes and Vermont Lion’s Club.



Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, Community Development and Applied Economics

“My personal philosophy regarding teaching and research was not to just provide facts and information, but rather help people learn how to access the appropriate information, and, more importantly, how to analyze and utilize that information in their decision-making. One of the greatest satisfactions I received from my efforts was when a student or client would tell me how useful something they learned from a class, workshop, or publication was in their work or lives.”

— Neil Pelsue

Education: B.S., 1963, University of Vermont; M.S., 1967, University of Massachusetts; Ph.D., 1971, Purdue University.

UVM Career: Associate Professor, 1976-2003; Chair, Department of Agricultural and Resource Economics (now the Department of Community Development and Applied Economics), 1984-93; Extension Economist and Milk Marketing Specialist; 1984-2003; Regional Chair, UVM Extension-Southern Vermont, 1995-2000.

Key Scholarly Interests: The understanding and use of economics and quantitative analytical tools for business decision-making, especially in agricultural production and marketing, with a primary focus on the dairy industry.

Publication Highlights: How Do Dairy Farmers Get Paid for Milk? University of Vermont Extension, 2003. “Building a Risk Management Education Program for New England Dairy Farmers” (with D. Kauppila), Journal of Extension, 2003. For the Agr. Exp. Sta., University of Vermont: Milk Processing and Distribution Costs and Returns, 1988-1990, 1992; Trends in Rural Land Prices in Vermont, Parts II-VI, 1977-92; and Planning Guide for Small Sheep Enterprises in Vermont, 1979. Co-Author, A Marketing System for Fruits and Vegetables in the Upper Connecticut River Valley Area of New Hampshire and Vermont, Agr. Exp. Sta., University of New Hampshire, 1987. “The Use of Discriminate Analysis in Measuring Cooperative Growth Factors,” J. of Northeastern Agr. & Res. Econ, 1986. Co-author, Economic Handbook for Rural Vermont, Q212, Vt. Ext. Serv., UVM, 1978. Twenty articles on agriculture for Agriview, published by the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, 2000-2003; eight fact sheets on Vermont agriculture, published jointly by UVM Extension and the Vermont Agricultural Research Station, 1995-2003; eight research reports on Direct Agricultural Marketing by Vermont fruit and vegetable farmers, 1980-1984.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: American Agricultural Economics Association; Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association, President, 1987; National Association of County Agricultural Agents; Vermont Dairy Industry Association; Food Distribution Research Society.

Other Professional Experience: Junior Agricultural Economist, Federal Milk Market Administrator’s Office, Boston, MA, 1963-65; Graduate Research Assistant, University of Massachusetts, 1965-67; Graduate Fellow, Purdue University, 1967-70; Assistant Professor, 1970-75 and Associate Professor, 1976, Agricultural and Resource Economics, University of Maine.

Awards and Honors: Alpha Zeta Honorary Agricultural Fraternity, 1961; Phi Kappa Phi Honorary Educational Fraternity, 1967; NDEA Graduate Fellowship, Purdue University, 1967-70.

Community Service: Coached youth baseball, hockey, and soccer, 1972-1982; Director, Champlain Valley Union High School, Hinesburg, 1982-85; Trustee, First Congregational of Newfane, 1996-2001, 2003-present; Director, Vermont Electric Cooperative, Johnson, VT, 1996-97 and 2000-present, Technology Committee, 2002-present; Trustee, Historical Society of Windham County, Finance Committee, 2001-present; Otis Health Care Center, Townshend, VT: Trustee, 1995-present; President, 2003-present, Secretary, 2000-03, Finance Committee, 1995-98, Planning Committee, 1999-2002, Elder Care Committee, 2002-present.


Extension Associate Professor Emeritus, Extension Service

“Bill Snow was a farmer’s County Agent. No one came close to Bill’s dedication to the future of the farm in Vermont. His articles in Udder Ideas, Agri-view, and Hoard’s Dairyman are unsurpassed. His Winter Dairy Management Schools were the hit each year. He also provided VTC students with huge amounts of knowledge and wisdom. Bill possessed wisdom that comes with a lot of reading, experience and knowledge via showing, leading, and trial and error. Working with the Vermont Farm Youth Corp, Bill demonstrated his love of youth, his love of agriculture, and his love of teaching. His career spanned 30 years with the University of Vermont from Bennington Co. as a 4-H Agent and then as a highly respected Agent and then Dairy Specialist Central and Southern Vermont.”

— Glenn Rogers, UVM Extension colleague

Education: B.S., 1968, University of Massachusetts; M.E.E., 1987, University of Vermont.

UVM Career: Extension Assistant Professor, 1977-91; Extension Associate Professor, 1992-2003.

Key Scholarly Interests: Biosecurity and Johne’s diagnosis and prevention.

Publication Highlights: Major contributor, Agricultural Industry in Randolph, Vermont, 2000. For Hoard’s Dairyman: “Denial is a symptom of heart problems,” 2000; “Don’t let wet hay start a fire,” 2000; “Leaving corn standing protects wildlife and trees,” 1997. Publisher, Pro-Dairy Heifers & Profitability, 1996.

Teaching/Research/Memberships: Provided the leadership on Biosecurity issues and Johne’s disease. Engaged Vermont farmers in taking an active role to diagnose Johne’s and prevent its spread in Vermont herds. Also, provided Vermont farmers with information about BSE and combating Biosecurity issues. Memberships: National Agricultural Agents Association (1983-2003); UVM Extension Faculty Organization Research & Scholarship Committee (1997-2001); UVM Extension Faculty Organization Standards Committee (1989-1992, 1995-1997, 1998-1999), Committee Chair (1996-1997); UVM Extension Director’s Executive Committee (1992-1995, 1998-2000); UVM Extension Faculty Organization Executive Committee (1996-1997, 2000); UVM Extension Faculty Search Committees (1884, 1989, 1993, 1998, 1999); UVM Physical Plant Planning Committee (1996-1997).

Awards and Honors: National Association of County Agricultural Agents Scholarship for New Zealand Dairy study Tour, 1997; selected to represent Vermont in Swiss New England Agriculture Exchange, 1991; Dow Study Tour Participant, National Agricultural Association and Dow Chemical Corporation, 1988; Distinguished Service Award, National Agricultural Agents Association, 1985.

Community Service: Vermont Animal Disease Emergency Planning Committee (2001) and State Johne’s Disease Committee (1999-2000); Orange County Farm Bureau Director (1986-2003); Orange County Mild Promotion Committee (1983-2003); Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service Evaluation and Planning Committee (1997-2003); Vermont State Colleges – Assessing Portfolios and Awarding College Credits for Prior Learning (1994, 1996, 1997); Northeast Regional Agricultural Engineering Service Program Review Team (1995); White River Natural Resources Conservation District Committee (1983-1994); Vermont Land Trust Regional Advisory Committee (1992-1993); Farm Management Association of Vermont and New Hampshire (1990-1993), Advisory Committee and Development Committee; Connecticut River Valley Water Quality Project Evaluation Committee (1990); West Fairlee Fair Committee & Evaluation Committee (1986-1989); West Fairlee School Building Committee (1986-1988).

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