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Academic Procession

Commencement 2004

Faculty/Student Procession

Procession Map

7:55 a.m. Fleming/CBW Green

Beating drums will call faculty and students to assemble on the Fleming/CBW Green beginning at 7:55 a.m. on Sunday, May 23. Faculty Marshals will direct faculty and students to their line-up position as they arrive.

8:15 a.m. SGA Presentation

At 8:15 am, the SGA, and President of the Faculty Senate/University Marshal Michael Gurdon will make short presentations in front of the Fleming Museum. At the conclusion of the presentations, at about 8:20 a.m., the Faculty/Student Procession will begin and the Carillon and Drummers will resume playing.

8:20 a.m. Faculty/Student Procession

President of the Faculty Senate/University Marshal Michael Gurdon will lead the faculty followed by the students along the roadway between the Votey Building and Williams Hall toward University Place. When the University Marshal reaches University Place, he will take his position to the right with the UVM Police Services Honor Guard and St. Andrew’s Pipers, who will already be in position on University Place (position A). The Faculty will halt at the intersection with University Place, divide and face inward along the roadway.

At this point the Carillon and drums will stop their music. The University Herald will announce the arrival of the Class of 2004 after which the University Brass Ensemble will begin playing its processional music, signaling the start of the Academic Procession.

Student Procession

The student procession will be the first to enter the green. Students will be in line with their school/college. Each school/college will be led by their Banner Bearer. They will process 4 x 4, along the roadway and pass in review of the faculty. When the student procession reaches University Place they will turn left and pass in review of the University President, Chair of the Board of Trustees, and Platform Party, who will already be in position on University Place. As they pass the President and Board Chair, they will turn right and march across the University Green to their reserved seats. Ushers will be in place to direct students to their appropriate seats.

The School/College Banner Bearers will pause at the end of the first row of seats for their school/college. A seat will be reserved for them at the end of this row along the center aisle. When the row is full, the Banner Bearer will continue down the walkway toward the platform. Stanchions will be placed behind the platform. Banner bearers will access the stanchions by going around the south side of the platform to the main Waterman steps. (Banner Bearers will remain by their stanchion until the National Anthem has been sung. When the University Herald calls for the Bearers to strike their banners, they will lift their banners briefly in unison and place them in their stanchions. Banner Bearers will then return to their seats in the audience by retracing their steps.)

Faculty Procession

As soon as the last student passes the faculty in review, the faculty, led by Faculty Marshals Judy Cohen and David Hirth, will close ranks and begin their procession 2 x 2 past the Platform Party, across the green and to their reserved seats.

Platform Party

When the faculty and students are in place on the green, the Brass Ensemble will stop playing and the St. Andrew’s Pipers will begin. The University Marshal will then lead the UVM Police Services Honor Guard, St. Andrew’s Pipers, University President, Board Chair, and the Platform Party 2 x 2 across the Green and to the platform. (The Platform Party is the last to enter the green.)

Upon reaching the stage, the Marshal will perform an about-face. The UVM Police Services Honor Guard will turn left and array themselves to the left of the platform beyond the steps (position B). As soon as the Pipers reach the platform they will turn right and array themselves to the right of the stage beyond the steps (position C). At that point, the University Herald will descend the stage, stage right, and join the University Marshal. The Marshal will lead the right hand column of the Platform Party up the right side stairs to the stage and direct them to their seats. At the same time, the University Herald will lead the left hand column up the left side stairs to the stage and direct them to their seats. The Platform Party will remain standing.

The Pipers will be signaled to stop playing and the University Marshal will convene the 200th Commencement from the center podium.

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