UVM Club Sports is committed to sustainability.  In our quest to be sustainable we are committed to Social, Environmental, and Economic Sustainability.  In planning for the future we have created a sustainability blueprint in accordance with NIRSAs Sustainable Communities Guidelines.

Check out our Sustainability Master Plan.

Below you will see our two main environmental initiatives, Recycled and Apparel and our Carbon Off-Set Initiative.


While sporting goods and uniforms have some limitations, the Club Sports Council last year voted to move to the purchase of sustainable apparel (t-shirts and hoodies). In doing so, Club Sports are committed to purhcasing items that are preferable made from recycled material and made in the USA. Here are a list of vendors who provide such options: VENDORS . If you would like to be added to our list just contact us.


UVM Club Sports, due its location, must travel significantly to participate in the numerous leagues and national competitions we pride ourselves on taking part in. However, significant travel contributes to a great amount of Carbon emissions and harm to the environment. As an institution that prides itself on being 'green', the Club Sports Council has made it one of their top priorities to become carbon nuetral.

Watch the video for more details about our project

UVM Club Sports is proud to announce it has accomplished its goal of being Carbon Nuetral for two straight years. Partnering with Native Energy we have invested in the Northeast Farm Separation Prject


  • Club Sports Travel nearly 200,000 miles a year
  • Transportation includes Busses, Airplanes, 12-passenger Vans, and smaller personal vehicles
  • The total mileage and methods of transportation amount to 72 Tonnes of CO2 Emissions


The Club Sports Council is putting on several events in hopes of fundraising $1,000 but the primary fundraiser is our "Club Sports Cup".  The Club Sports Cup is comprised of 4 competitions throughout the year for community building and raising monies.  Stay tuned for Club Sports Cup 

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