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About our coaches

While our Club Sports are all student run organizations, oftentimes they employ a coach whose expertise in skill development, strategy, and guidance are valuable assets to the club's success on the smallest and largest stages. Our coaches come from all walks of life but all have great backgrounds in sports and are dedicated to helping are athletes succeed and grow in their athletic and academic pursuits. All of our coaches meet the certifications of the sports national governing bodies as well as meeting other requirements set forth by the University. All coaches are also committed to the safety and well being of our students and hold this as their utmost priority.

Are coaches paid?

Many of our club coaches are compensated for their efforts but as club's operate on a limited budget the compensation is not substantial and none of our coaches are full time. As club budgets are meager compared to Varsity counterparts many coaches volunteer their time and services for less than market value

What is the philosophy of coaching at UVM

While coaches inevitably have different styles, all coaches follow the student development model emphasized by the University. This means that coaches facilitate the growth of our students and do not entirely "run the show". Students hold important leadership roles within the organization and learn the administrative pieces and assist with key decisions guiding the organization. In this way coaches help students prepare for the real world they will encounter after UVM

How do I get involved in coaching at UVM

If you have a passion for a sport and are interested in coaching at the collegiate level you are strongly encouraged to look into coaching Club sports at UVM. By contacting the club or the Club Sports Coordinator ( you can learn more about the club, if they have any openings, and your experience is commensurate with the level.  It is expected that prospective coaches have prior experience and are excited about working in a partnership with student leaders.

List of Club Coaches

Below is a list of our head coaches for each sport.  If you do not see your sport listed then there is no coach and you should direct all inquiries to the student leaders listed on the Directory page.

Baseball John Luter
Baseball Jim Carter
BJJ Vince Guy
Cheer Steve McGuire
Cheer (2) Brittany Picard
Crew Doug Connelly
Crew Ian Anderson
Cycling TBD  
Dance Team Lynn Bessette
Dressage Bonnie Timmerman 
Equestrian Madeline Austin Erdman
Fencing Daniel Crocket
Fencing (A) Birk Rivait
Figure Skating Martha Harding
Football Jeff Porter
Football Darren Haynes
Freeski Noah Labow
Gymnastics Bob Abbott
Men's Basketball TBD  
Men's Hockey Dan Sherburne
Men's Hockey (A) Matt Hopper
Men's Lacrosse TBD  
Men's Rugby Declan Connolly Declan.
Men's Rugby Charlie Bates cbates@gmavt,net
Men's Rugby Joey Besl
Men's Soccer TBD  
Men's Ultimate Jacob Saunders
Olympic Lifting Chris Polakowski
Sailing Caroline Patten
SASS Bill Pedrick
SASS Caroline Pedrick
SASS David Schneider
SASS Paula Schneider
Shooting Sports TBD  
Snowboard TBD  
Swim Jen Turmel
Swim (A) Justin Bouffard
Tennis TBD  
TKD Ernest hart
TKD (A) Jaime Schulte
Women's Basketball TBD  
Women's Hockey Bob Lehouiller
Women's Lacrosse TBD  
Women's Rugby Douglas Shimel
W Soccer Les Johnson
Women's Ultimate Daron Byerly
Woodsmen Team TBD  
Wrestling Jared Royer

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