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Important Dates

Important Dates

Club Sports Spring
  Spring 2015 Calendar


Date, Time, Location


Spring Scheduling Meeting 

1/13, 7pm, Livak Ballroom

For all fields and indoor recreation


 Winter Activities Fest

1/13, 10-3, Davis Center

Must sign up in advance

SGA Budgeting workshops

1/21 - 7pm

1/22 - 7pm
Pick one

Clubsigners must attend one of these sessions

Club Sports Workshop (Step up training)
1/15, 7pm, Livak Ballroom
A club representative must attend
Kevin Pearce - Love Your Brain
Speaker on TBIs and helmet safety; Bonus Points
Budgets Due
1/30, 3pm
Don't be late

Club Sports Council


2/12 (Livak), 3/19 (Billings), 4/9 (Billings)

A representative must attend

Club Sports Cup Events
Club Sports Trivia Night, 1/28


Game/Event Schedules

No later than 2/15

On Lynx or via email

PE Credit

 Overrides, 1/24


On Lynx

CPR/First Aid Classes

3/16, 3/17, 3/25, 7pm, Davis Center

$30 fee

1on1 Meetings
Windows are: 
Tier 1:  2/9 - 2/27
Tier 2:  3/10-3/28
Tier 3:  Optional

Mandatory 15 minute check-in meetings
Emerging Leaders
4/7, 4/8, 7pm, Jost (DC)
By nomination
Wade Davis - You Can Play Project
Speaker on LGBTQA/inclusion issues in sports; Bonus Points
Club Sports Year End Banquet

4/23, 8pm, Grand Maple Ballroom

Semester end reports

No later than 5/15

On The Lynx

SGA update sheets


To be completed on The Lynx

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