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About Us

UVM club lacrosse is a fairly new and upcoming program. Although the club has been around for years, Spring 2014 was our first year in the National Club Lacrosse League (NCLL). We finished with a 7-4 record to earn the Division I Team of the Year. As a first year program, we were able to accomplish a lot, winning our division and making it to the national playoffs. This year, we are returning as a more focused and organized team than before, hoping to achieve the national title. With new coaching staff, Hap Giraud and Zach LLoyd, we are expecting their experience and knowledge to help us achieve this goal.

Fall Ball

Fall is a time for players to sharpen their skills while having some fun. It's a good time to meet the players if you are new and interested in playing as well. There are try outs, though if you missed a deadline or two we welcome you to contact us or stop by a practice to let us know so that we can make it work out.

Spring Ball

Spring season starts with a week of try outs and is more serious than fall ball. There are games almost every other weekend and mandatory practices in order play in these games. We've gone on many fun road trips in the past including Maryland, Montreal, Boston and Rhode Island.