The UVM Classics Department MA in Greek and Latin

Current research interests include Early Greek Literature; the Attic orators; Greek Drama; archaeology; philosophy; Homer; Mycenaean and Homeric Greece; Cicero's rhetorical works; Vergil; lyric and elegiac poetry; Petronius; satire; Roman Imperial Families; Mythology; Etruscology; Medieval Studies.

Requirements for Admission to Graduate Studies for the Degree of Master of Arts

An undergraduate major or minor or the equivalent; a reading knowledge of a modern foreign language, usually French, German, or Italian.

Minimum Degree Requirements

Eighteen hours of advanced courses in Greek and Latin, six hours of which must be 381; six additional hours in Greek and Latin, History, or Philosophy; thesis research (normally six hours). Comprehensive examinations in Greek and Latin translation, at least one modern foreign language, Greek and Roman history, and literature and philology are required. In addition to course work, students will have a reading list of authors in Greek and Latin.

NOTE: Click here for a full description of requirements and expectations.

Those who expect the department's recommendation to go on for a Ph.D. elsewhere must show competence in both German and French by the end of their first year of graduate study.

A program is also offered leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Teaching. Satisfactory scores on the general (aptitude) Graduate Record Examination are prerequisite for acceptance to candidacy for this degree.

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Courses Offered:

Greek Latin Greek/Latin
GRK 201 Greek Orators
LAT 203 Republican Prose
GkLt 300 Proseminar
GRK 202 Greek Comedy
LAT 204 Epic Poets
GkLt 381 Seminar
GRK 203 Greek Historians
LAT 227 Roman Lyric Poets
GkLt 391 Master's Thesis
GRK 204 Greek Tragedy
LAT 251 Roman Letters
GRK 205 Greek Philosophers
LAT 252 Roman Comedy
GRK 206 Greek Epic
LAT 253 Roman Oratory
GRK 206 Greek Lyric Poetry
LAT 255 Historians of the Empire

LAT 256 Satire

LAT 271 Silver Latin
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