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Other works may be found by using Voyager and entering subject heading searches, e.g.: Rome; History, Ancient; Civilization, Classical; Latin literature; and Latin language. The keyword search "Rome.s" will display the most recently published books with Rome as its subject heading. Caveat: Voyager will also find works relating to modern Rome unless you further modify the search.

Adkins, Lesley and Roy A. Adkins. Dictionary of Roman Religion. New York: Facts on File, 1996.
Call No.: REF BL798.A35 1996

A short introducion to Roman religion is followed by entries of varying length on all relevant subjects (e.g. magic), numerous deities, and religious sites. Illustrations include important art, architecture, coins, and inscriptions. Entries are well cross-referenced and supply relevant page numbers to sources listed in the bibliography. Detailed index.

Adkins, Lesley and Roy A. Adkins. Handbook to Life in Ancient Rome. New York: Facts on File, 1994.
Call No.: REF DG77.A35 1994

Nine chapters covering broad subject areas such as "Military Affairs," "Written Evidence," and "Everyday Life." Chapters are divided into topics, which are further divided into short essays. Chapter 4, for example, "Towns and Countryside," lists "Villas" as a topic, with subtopics Definition of Villas and Types of Villa. Each chapter ends with a reading list, and there is a useful index.

Bunson, Matthew. Encyclopedia of the Roman Empire. New York: Facts on File, 1994.
Call No.: REF DG270.B86 1994

An easy-to-read collection of core essays, listed in the introduction, and shorter entires on persons, places, events, and institutions of the Roman Empire, covering the period 59 BCE-BC 476. Many pen and ink illustraions, tables, maps, a short bibliography, and an index.

Conte, Gian Biagio. Latin Literature: A History. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins, 1994.
Call No.: REF PA6008.C6613 1994

Recently translated from Italian and adapted for an English-speaking audience, this 850-page survey is described in the foreward as "an extraordinary achievement." The work covers Latin literature from its beginnings to the early Middle Ages, presenting the authors' lives, works, and critical reception in a clear and inviting format. Suggestions for further readings are evaluative, and the appendices and chronological tables cover Greek influence, Roman culture, and literary terminology.

See also: The Ambridge History of Classical Literature: II. Latin Literature (REF PA 6003.L3); Ancient Writers, Greece and Rome (REF PA3002.A5 1982); and Classical and Midieval Literature Criticism (REF PN681.5.C57).

Hornblower, Simon and Antony Spawforth. The Oxford Classical Dictionary. 3rd edition. Oxford; New York: Oxford University Press, 1996.
Call No.: REF DE5.O9 1996

An indispensible reference work, now in its third, monolithic edition, with 6,250 entries prepared by 364 scholars.

Scarre, Christopher. Chronicle of the Roman Emperors: The Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers of Imperial Rome. London: Thames and Hudson, 1995.
Call No.: REF DG274.S26 1995

Scarre covers the time period 31 BCE to CE 476 in four chapters replete with tables, maps, quotoations from sources, and an impressive layout of black-and-white and color photography of important art, architecture, and archaeological sites.

Scarre, Chris[topher]. The Penguin Atlas of Ancient Rome. New York: Viking, 1995
Call No.: REF G1980.S1 S33 1995

More succinct and even more colorful than the preceding work, the atlas covers the paeriod ca. 800 BCE to CE 565 in five chapters. Concise essays are adorned by a profusion of small but detailed maps and color illustraions of historical sites, art, and architecture. A four-page timeline shows concurring developments in history, politics, art, literature, and philosophy.

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