Mythological Slide Collection

The Ambrose Collection

Z. Philip Ambrose, Professor Emeritus of Classics at the University of Vermont, has collected a number of slides for use with his students in Classics 42, Mythology. The collection is organized in numerical order.

To view the slides in a more methodical way, the collection is divided into seven different slide lectures, organized by theme.

Slide a1 Metamorphoses Bk I The Bronze and Iron Ages (I. 125 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a2 Metamorphoses Bk I Jove's Intervention (I. 163 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a3 Metamorphoses Bk I The Story of Lycaon (I. 209 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a4 Metamorphoses Bk I The Flood (I. 262 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a5 Metamorphoses Bk I Deucalion and Pyrrha (I. 313 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a6 Metamorphoses Bk I Apollo and Daphne (I. 452 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a7 Metamorphoses Bk I Jove and Io (I. 588 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a8 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 224-230 Icarus' Death, Bauer
Slide a9 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 281-317 Calydonian Boar, Regius
Slide a10 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 451-525 Meleager's Death, Solis
Slide a11 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 626-678 Baucis and Philemon, Amsterdam, 1703
Slide a12 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 739-822 Erysichthon and Tree, Solis
Slide a13 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 823-878 Erysichthon Sells His Daughter, Bauer
Slide a14 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 297-349 Death of Pelias, Solis
Slide a15 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 394-397 Medea Kills Her Children, Picart et al.
Slide a16 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 404-424 Near Death of Theseus, Bauer
Slide a17 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 615-642 Myrmidons, Solis
Slide a18 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 835-862 Death of Procris, Bauer
Slide a19 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 90-100 Scylla with Lock of Nisus, Solis
Slide a20 (Pompeii wall ptg. Daedalus and Pasiphae)
Slide a21 Metamorphoses Bk VIII: 157-168 Labyrinth, Solis
Slide a22 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 251-293 Aeson Rejuvenated, Bauer
Slide a23 Metamorphoses Bk VI: 621-647 Itys Feast, Bauer
Slide a24 Metamorphoses Bk VII: 149-158 Jason and the Dragon, Bauer
Slide a25 (Domenichino: 15th cent. Flaying of Marsyas)
Slide a26 Metamorphoses Bk I The Age of Silver (I. 113 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a27 Metamorphoses Bk I The Golden Age (I. 90 ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a28 Metamorphoses Bk I The Creation (I. 5ff.) Melissa Burns, Spring 1978
Slide a29 The Sun King - Louis XIV (From "Ballet de la Nuit" - 1653, Bibliotheque Nationale Cabinet des Estempes, James Anthony, French Baroque Music)
Slide a30 Veronese (1528-88): The Rape of Europa
Slide a31 Metamorphoses Bk III: 31-100 Cadmus and Serpent, Bauer
Slide a32 Metamorphoses Bk II: 833-875 Europa, Regius
Slide a33 Rubens (1577-1640): The Rape of Europa
Slide a34 Metamorphoses Bk II: 760-786 Pallas and Envy, Picart et al.
Slide a35 Metamorphoses Bk II: 787-832 Aglauros foiled, Solis
Slide a36 Metamorphoses Bk II: 401-507 Callisto, Diana, Juno, Regius
Slide a37 Metamorphoses Bk II: 685-707 Battus and Mercury, Solis
Slide a38 Metamorphoses Bk II: 1-328 Phaethon, Regius
Slide a39 Metamorphoses Bk II: 333-366 Heliades, Solis
Slide a40 Metamorphoses Bk I: 689-712 Pan and Syrinx, Bauer
Slide a41Metamorphoses Bk I: 715-723 Argus and Mercury, Bauer
Slide a42 Metamorphoses Bk I: 588-600 Io and Jupiter (Correggio: Io), Bauer
Slide a43 Zeus and Io, Correggio, c. 1530 A.D. (same slide as b35)
Slide a44 Metamorphoses Bk I: 434-444 Apollo and Python, Bauer
Slide a45 Metamorphoses Bk I: 434-567 Apollo and Python, Apollo and Daphne, Regius
Slide a46 Metamorphoses Bk VI: 455-562 Rape of Philomela, Solis
Slide a47 Metamorphoses Bk VI: 339-381 Latona, Twins, and Frogmen, Solis
Slide a48 Metamorphoses Bk VI: 382-400 Marsyas, Regius
Slide a49 Metamorphoses Bk VI: 1-145 Arachne and Minerva, Bauer
Slide a50 Metamorphoses Bk VI: 146-312 Niobe, Amersterdam, 1703
Slide a51 Metamorphoses Bk V: 391-409 Rape of Proserpina, Anon., Amst. 1703
Slide a52 Metamorphoses Bk V: 659-661 King Lyncus and Ceres, Bauer
Slide a53 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 668-739 Perseus and Andromeda, Solis
Slide a54 Metamorphoses Bk V: 1-235 Perseus' Wedding Battle with Phineus, Bauer
Slide a55 (Master of the Mansi Magdalen: Judith and Holophernes, Hercules)
Slide a56 (Klimt: Danae, Judith II)
Slide a57 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 576-603 Cadmus and Harmonia Become Snakes, Solis
Slide a58 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 631-645 Atlas and Perseus, Bauer
Slide a59 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 285-388 Hermaphroditus and Salmacis, Solis
Slide a60 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 481-511 Tisiphone Maddens Ino and Athamas, Picart et al.
Slide a61 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 55-104 Pyramus and Thisbe, Solis
Slide a62 Metamorphoses Bk IV: 169-189 Venus and Mars, Regius
Slide a63 Metamorphoses Bk III: 708-733 Pentheus, Bauer
Slide a64 Metamorphoses Bk III: 341-510 Narcissus and Echo, Regius
Slide a65 Titian (1487/90-1576): Death of Actaeon (n.b. Artemis shooting bow)
Slide a66 Metamorphoses Bk III: 259-315 Jupiter and Semele, Solis
Slide a67 Metamorphoses Bk III: 101-130 The Spartoi, Solis
Slide a68 Metamorphoses Bk III: 138-252 Actaeon and Diana and dogs, Regius

Slide b1 Etruscan burial urn: sacrifice of Iphigenia (3-2nd cent. B.C.; Perugia)
Slide b2 Phoenico-Punic Tophet (Sacrificial area): Altar and urns for immolated children (Sulcis Sardinia; 7-3rd cent. B.C.)
Slide b3 Terra-cotta bathtub in bathroom
Slide b4 Pylos: Queen's hall and bathroom
Slide b5 Warrior vase (Mycenae, c. 1200 B.C.) (Athens: Nat'l Mus.)
Slide b6 'Mask of Agamemnon' (Mycenae: Grave 5) (Athens: Nat'l Mus.)
Slide b7 Attic RF vase. Orestes slaying Aegisthus and looking at fleeing Clytemnestra. (Mid-5th)
Slide b8 Female figure seated on leopard throne Anatolia, c. 6000 B.C.
Slide b9 Pompeian wall painting: Orestes and Pylades among the Taurians, where Iphigenia is priestess (or before Aegisthus and Clytemnestra?)
Slide b10 Etruscan painted terra-cotta slab: Iphigenia carried to altar (?). (7th-6th B.C.; Louvre)
Slide b11 Pompeian wall painting: sacrifice of Iphigenia with Agamemnon and Calchas (1st cent. B.C./A.D.; Naples Mus.)
Slide b12 Same place. Iphigenia
Slide b13 Wall Painting. Carinthia (So. Austria, Roman Colony. Cassandra. 1st A.D.)
Slide b14 RF Kylix: Clytemnestra and slain Agamemnon (Attr. to Brygos Ptr., c. 490 B.C.: Met. Mus.)
Slide b15 Bronze plaque: Theseus and Minotaur, Archaic period (Olympia; Athens: Nat'l Mus.)
Slide b16 BF amphora: Theseus and Minotaur (Group E., 550-540) (Vulci; Met. Mus.)
Slide b17 Silver hemidrachma, Knossos: Labyrinth (4th cent. B.C., Amer. Numis. Soc.)
Slide b18 Villa Lante (Bagnaia): labyrinth garden designed by Vignola, 1566 (for Cardinal Gambara)
Slide b19 Toreador fresco (Knossos, 16th cent. B.C. = Late Minoan I)
Slide b20 Daedalus, Pasiphae and wooden cow: Pompeian wall painting (House of the Vettii), 1st cent. A.D. (IV style)
Slide b21 Knossos: Palace of Minos (Late Minoan I-II: 1600-1450 B.C.)
Slide b22 Plan of palace: aerial view, looking south
Slide b23 Delphi: Treasury of the Athenians (ca. 510)
Slide b24 Pediment of Athenian Treasury: head of Theseus
Slide b25 Hephaisteion from Acropolis (begun in 449 B.C.)
Slide b26 Pylos: Throne room (reconstruction)
Slide b27 Court of megaron (reconstruction)
Slide b28 Pylos: plan of palace (LH III) (Nestor)
Slide b29 Main Building, along axis of megaron
Slide b30 Mycenae: to NE. and Mt. Elias (Agamemnon)
Slide b31 Lion Gate (Late Helladic III: 1300-1200 B.C.)
Slide b32 Leda and the swan (2nd cent. A.D.) Attica: sarcophagus of family of Herodes Atticus
Slide b33Leda and the swan and Castor and Polydeuces, Clytemnestra and Helen; (Leonardo da Vinci [1452-1519] Collection, Rome
Slide b34 Olympia: Temple of Zeus (c. 465-457) East Pediment: Zeus, Oenomaos and Wife; Pelops and Hippodameia
Slide b35 Zeus and Io; Correggio, c. 1530 A.D. (same slide as a43)
Slide b36 Minotaur (marble) and Theseus?, 5th cent. B.C. (Athens: Nat'l. Mus.)
Slide b37 Theseus vs. Minotaur: base of tripod (lower register), Roman period (Istanbul: Arch. Mus.)
Slide b38 Theseus receiving thanks after killing Minotaur: Pompeian wall painting, 1st cent. A.D. (Naples: Nat'l. Mus.)
Slide b39 Dionysos surprising the sleeping Ariadne; Pompeian wall painting (House of the Vettii) 1st cent. A.D. (IV style)
Slide b40 Theseus abandoning Ariadne; sarcophagus, 2nd cent. A.D. (Istanbul: Arch. Mus.)
Slide b41 Centaurs in the Palace of Pirithous; Pompeian wall painting, 1st cent. A.D. (Naples: Nat'l. Mus.)
Slide b42 Francois Vase (Attic BF): dance of Theseus; delivered Athenians: centauromachy; Calydonian boar hunt. Ptr. Kleitios; potter: Ergotimos; c. 570 B.C. (Florence: Arch. Mus.)
Slide b43 RF volute krater; Centauromachy and Amazonomachy (Attr. to Ptr. of Woolly Satyrs, c. 450; Met. Mus.)
Slide b44 Olympia (Temple of Zeus), west pediment: Apollo and centauromachy; c. 470-460 B.C.
Slide b45 Amazonomachy: frieze of Mausoleum, ca. 350 B.C. (Brit. Mus.)
Slide b46 Theseus and Antiope/Hippolyta; ped., Temple of Apollo Daphnephoros, 510-500 B.C. (Chalcis Mus.)
Slide b47 Apulian volute krater: death of Hippolytus, 'Darius ptr.' 340-330 B.C. (Brit. Mus.)
Slide b48 Mosaic: Phaedra and Hippolytus with accusing letter (Paphos [Cyprus], Villa of Dionysos, 3rd cent. A.D.)
Slide b49 Peter Paul Rubens (1577-1640), Centauromachy (Madrid: Prado)
Slide b50 Piero di Cosimo (1462-1521), Centauromachy (London: Nat'l. Gall.)
Slide b51 Minotaur, left side
Slide b52 Zeus krater, Enkomi (Cyprus), Mycenaean style, 14th cent. B.C.
Slide b53 God ring from grave; Mycenae, 15th cent. B.C. double axe, worshipers
Slide b54 Hagia Triada sarcophagus, Crete, c. 1400; worshipers, double-axe standards (Herakleion Mus.)
Slide b55 Cliff relief, Yazilikaya (Anatolia); weather-god of heaven (Teshub); sun goddess of Arinna (Hepat); son Sharruma; 2 unidentified goddesses, Hittite, 1275-50 B.C.
Slide b56 Botticelli, Birth of Venus Florence: Uffizi c.1485
Slide b57 Artemis, detail of skirt; symbols of power (lion, bull, etc.) and fertility (bee and breasts/eggs in full view)
Slide b58 Artemis, Ephesus, 1st cent. A.D. (=modern interpretation of old Anatolian mother-goddess'; cf. slide #b8
Slide b59 Attic red-figure vase (pelike): Birth of Aphrodite, 460 B.C.
Slide b60 Perseus and Atlas, Wilhelm Bauer (1600-1642) (UMV Rare Book Collection)
Slide b61 Perseus and Medusa, Cellini, (1500-1571), (Florence: Loggia dei Lanzi)
Slide b62 Perseus and Medusa, 1804-08, Canova (1757-1822) (Met. Mus.)
Slide b63 Perseus and Medusa, 475-450 B.C. RF krater by Villa Giulia ptr. (Madrid: Arch. Mus.)
Slide b64 Perseus and Medusa, c. 450-440 B.C. RF pelike attr. to Polygnotos (Met. Mus.)
Slide b65Danae, 1533, Titian (1490-1576) (same as slide b80)
Slide b66 Gorgon Pediment, c. 600-580 B.C. (Corfu: Temple of Artemis)
Slide b67 Michelangelo, Last Judgment, Sistine Chapel, 1539-1541 (same slide as c59)
Slide b68 Danae, c. 1530, Correggio
Slide b69 Ivory snake goddess, Knossos (Crete) c. 1600 B.C. (Boston Mus.)
Slide b70 Slate triad: symbol of province; Hathor; Pharaoh Mycerinus, Egypt: Dyn. IV (Old Kingdom)
Slide b71 Nut, goddess of the sky, papyrus, Egypt, New Kingdom
Slide b72 Terra-cotta figure; mother and child mid/end 5th millennium B.C.(Iraq)
Slide b73 'Blue-beard' (=Typhon), Athens, 570-550 B.C.
Slide b74 Hercules and Cerberus, F. de Zurbaran (1598-1664) (Madrid: Prado)
Slide b75 Ambrose and the Sphinx (Belvedere Palace, Vienna)
Slide b76 Love, 1895, G. Klimt (Vienna: Histor. Mus. der Stadt Wien)
Slide b77 Oedipus and the Sphinx, Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres (1780-1867) (London: Nat'l. Gall.)
Slide b78 Judith and the Infant Heracles, Master of the Mansi Magdalen (London: Nat'l. Gall.)
Slide b79 Jupiter and Io, c. 1532, Correggio, (Vienna: Kunsthistor. Mus.)
Slide b80 Danae, 1533, Titian (1490-1576) (same as slide b65)
Slide b81 Judith II, 1909, G. Klimt (Venice: Gall. d'Arte Moderna)
Slide b82 Danae, 1907-08, Gustav Klimt
Slide b83 Judith I, G. Klimt (Vienna: Oester. Galerie)
Slide b84 St. George and the Dragon, 1504-06, Raphael (1483-1520) (Washington: Nat'l. Gall.)
Slide b85 St. George and the Dragon, Bordone (1500-1571) (Rome; Vat. Mus. Gall.)
Slide b86 Gigantomachy, c. 520 B.C., Temple of Athena (Athens: Acrop. Mus.)
Slide b87 Gigantomachy, Ovid, Metamorphoses I.152-153, W. Bauer
Slide b88 Perseus and Andromeda, Rubens (1577-1640) (Madrid: Prado)
Slide b89 Perseus' Wedding Battle Against Phineus, W. Bauer (UVM Rare Book Collection)
Slide b90 Perseus and Andromeda, 1st cent. A.D., Pompeian wall painting, House of Apollo, 4th style (Naples: Nat'l. Mus.)
Slide b91 Perseus and Andromeda, Vergil Solis (1514-1562), (UVM Rare Book Collection)
Slide b92 Shore where Aphrodite was born Paphos (Cyprus)
Slide b93 Painting of Venus on seashell, Pompeii 1st cent. A.D.
Slide b94 Zeus krater, detail: Zeus with scales of destiny
Slide b95 Zeus? of Artemisium, c. 470 B.C. (Athens: Nat'l Mus.)
Slide b96 Weather-god (Teshub), Neo-Hittite, 9th cent. B.C. (Istanbul)
Slide b97 Weather-god (Teshub) Neo-Hittite, killing dragon Illuyanka, 1050-850 B.C. (Ankara Mus.)
Slide b98 Gigantomachy, Athens, c. 520 B.C.: Athena and the giant, Enceladus (Athens: Acropolis Mus.)
Slide b99 Siphnian Frieze, Delphi, pre-525 B.C.: Apollo and Artemis
Slide b100 Hecatompedon pediment, Athens, c. 570-550 B.C. Herakles vs. Triton; Typhon (Athens: Acropolis Mus.)

Slide c1 Marsyas (Roman copy of bronze original)
Slide c2 Athena and Marsyas: reconstructed drawing of bronze group by Myron (mid-5th cent. B.C.) (Vatican Mus.)
Slide c3 Contest of Apollo and Marsyas (Mantineia reliefs) late 4th cent. (Athens: Nat'l. Mus.)
Slide c4 Apollo vs. Marsyas: Roman sarcophagus, 2nd cent. A.D. (Rome: Conservatori Mus.)
Slide c5 Herakles: as infant, strangling 2 serpents (Pompeii: House of the Vettii) 4th style: 1st cent. A.D.
Slide c6 Labors: Lion, Hydra, Boar, Hind, Stymphalian Birds, Antaeus (Roman sarcophagus) (Rome: Terme 154592)
Slide c7 Mosaic floor of triclinium, House Labors of Herakles, Volubilis (Morocco) 2nd cent. A.D.
Slide c8 Erymanthian Boar and Eurystheus (Medallion from floor of slide c6)
Slide c9 Herakles and Hyrdra: Labor #2 (BF amphora) 6th cent. B.C. (Rome: Villa Giulia)
Slide c10 Herakles vs. Hydra, relief (Athens: Nat'l. Mus.)
Slide c11 Herakles cleaning Augean Stables: Labor #5 (Metope, Temple of Zeus, Olympia) 465-457 B.C. (Olympia Mus.)
Slide c12 Herakles vs. Apollo (RF amphora by Andocides ptr. ca. 530 B.C. (Berlin: Antikenabteilung)
Slide c13 Herakles vs. Achelous (Base of Tripod) Roman period (Istanbul: Arch. Mus.)
Slide c14 Hades (Pluto) and Persephone (rare example of Greek painting) 4th cent. B.C. (Verghina: Macedonian Tomb ex. 1977)
Slide c15 Bicephalic centaur (Nicosia [Cyprus]: Arch. Mus.) 11th cent. B.C.
Slide c16 Herakles vs. Nessus (Nessus amphora, ca. 600 B.C.) (Athens: Nat'l Mus. 1002) (+ Perseus and Gorgons)
Slide c17 Introduction of Herakles into Olympus (archaic pediment: Herakles, Zeus, Hera ca. 580 B.C.) (Athens: Acropolis Mus.)
Slide c18 BF lekythos with same scene: Herakles, Athena, Hermes (Agora Mus.) 510-500 B.C.
Slide c19 Odysseus and Polyphemus (mosaic floor, Roman villa, Piazza Armerina [Sicily] early 4th cent. A.D.)
Slide c20 Metamorphoses Bk XV: 745-850 Deification of Julius Caesar, Solis
Slide c21 Metamorphoses Bk XV: 665-696 Aesculapius Changed to a Serpent, Bauer
Slide c22 Metamorphoses Bk XV: 625-664 Aesculapius, Solis
Slide c23 Metamorphoses Bk XIV: 698-764 Iphis and Anaxarete, Solis
Slide c24 Metamorphoses Bk XIV: 622-697 Pomona and Vertumnus, Solis
Slide c25 Metamorphoses Bk XIV: 539-548 Aeneas' Fleet Changed to Sea Nymphs, Bauer
Slide c26 Metamorphoses Bk XIV: 11-74 Scylla changed to Monster, Bauer
Slide c27 Metamorphoses Bk XIII: 870-897 Acis and Polyphemus, Bauer
Slide c28 Metamorphoses Bk I: 76-88 Creation of Man, Bauer
Slide c29 Metamorphoses Bk I: 89-150 Four Ages of Man, Regius
Slide c30 Metamorphoses Bk I: 152-153 Gigantomachy, Bauer
Slide c31 Metamorphoses Bk I: 220-239 Lycaon, Solis
Slide c32 Metamorphoses Bk I: 262-312 Flood, Regius
Slide c33 Metamorphoses Bk I: 367-415 Deucalion and Pyrrha, Solis
Slide c34 Cyclops forging thunderbolts (mosaic from pavement of Roman baths of Dougga, N. Africa) 1st qtr. 3rd cent. A.D. (Tunis: Bardo Mus. Inv. A. 261)
Slide c35 Lady with Sphinx - Odysseus binds Polyphemus - escapes Cyclops. Frontispiece for Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics Book VI, a book belonging to Duke Matteo Acquaviva (1458-1529); illuminated by Reginaldus Piramus; Sphinx - Practical Wisdom; Odysseus an incarnation of practical wisdom .
Slide c36 Odysseus and Sirens (mosaic from Dougga, mid-3rd cent. A.D.)
Slide c37 Orpheus and the Beasts (mosaic floor from Jerusalem) Roman, 5-6th cent. A.D. (Istanbul: Arch. Mus.)
Slide c38 Hermes and Dionysus by Praxiteles ca. 350 B.C. (Olympia Mus.)
Slide c39 Birth of Dionysus (relief decoration of scaenae frons of Roman theater in Perge, Asia Minor) mid-2nd cent., A.D.
Slide c40 Dionysus in Chariot, 2 panthers, satyr, and maenad (another relief from scaenae frons of Roman theater in Perge, Asia Minor) mid-2nd cent., A.D.
Slide c41 Actors with masks offering to Dionysus (Attic votive relief) c. 400 B.C. (Athens: Nat'l. Mus. Inv. 1500)
Slide c42 Dionysus and pirates (Attic BF kylix) 530 B.C. by Exekias (Munich: Antikensamml. Inv. 8729)
Slide c43 Dionysus and Adriadne (Roman sarcophagus 170-180 A.D., Rome: Terme Mus. 214 (Dionysus discovers Adriadne abandoned on Naxos)
Slide c44 Dionysus and Ariadne and retinue (Attic RF krater) early 4th cent. B.C. (Athens Nat'l. Mus. 12490)
Slide c45 Annibale Carracci, (1560-1609) Triumph of Bacchus and Ariadne (Ceiling of Palazzo Farnese, Rome 1597)
Slide c46 Dionysus and Ariadne Wedding (bronze krater), Verghina tombs, late 4th cent. B.C. (Thassalonike Mus.)
Slide c47 Dionysus and Sirens gathering grapes (Attic BF amphora) 6th cent. B.C. (Rome: Villa Giulia 38)
Slide c48 Dionysus with his retinue (RF pointed amphora by Kleophrades ptr. ) 500-490 B.C. (Munich: Antikensamml. 8732)
Slide c49 Lenaean Festival in honor of Dionysus (RF kylix by Makron; potter = Hieron) 490-480 B.C. (Berlin: Antikenabteilung)
Slide c50 Maenad (white-ground kylix by Brygos ptr.) c. 490 B.C (Munich: Antikens. 2645)
Slide c51 Metamorphoses Bk XIII: 384-398 Suicide of Ajax, Bauer
Slide c52 Hephaisteion pediment: torso of Theseus (frieze depicts centauromachy)
Slide c53 Varvakeion Athena: copy of Athena Parthenos, 2nd cent. A.D. (cf. serpent coiled in shield)
Slide c54 Parthenon: metope of Lapith and Centaur (447-443)
Slide c55 Erechtheion from the west (421-405 B.C.)
Slide c56 Plan of Erechtheion: multiple cult of Athena, Poseidon-Erechtheus, Hephaistos
Slide c57 Acropolis: aerial view inlcuding agora and Hephaisteion
Slide c58 Parthenon, West Pediment: Athena vs. Poseidon (447-435)
Slide c59 Michelangelo, Last Judgment, Sistine Chapel, 1539-1541(same slide as b67)
Slide c60 Siphnian Frieze: Dionysus and Cybele
Slide c61 Altar of Zeus, Pergamum 180-159 B.C.: east frieze: Hekate and Artemis vs. snake-bodied giants (East Berlin: Pergamum Mus.)
Slide c62 Metamorphoses Bk IX: 99-133 Hercules, Nessus, and Deianira, Bauer
Slide c63 Metamorphoses Bk IX: 1-88 Hercules and Achelous, Solis
Slide c64 Metamorphoses Bk IX: 229-272 Death and Deification of Hercules, Bauer
Slide c65 Metamorphoses Bk X: 476-519 Birth of Adonis, Picart et al.
Slide c66 298-475 Myrrha, Cinyras, Solis
Slide c67 Metamorphoses Bk X: 243-297 Pygmalion, Solis
Slide c68 Metamorphoses Bk X: 162-219 Apollo and Hyacinthus, Bauer
Slide c69 Zeus and Ganymede (other side of slide c70„Red Figure Berlin ptr. early 5th c. (Paris))
Slide c70 Ganymede Red Figure Berlin ptr. early 5th c. (Paris)
Slide c71 Zeus and Ganymede (c. 470 B.C.), Olympia
Slide c72 Rape of Ganymede (Prado, Madrid) Rubens
Slide c73 Metamorphoses Bk X: 155-161 Rape of Ganymede, Picart et al.
Slide c74 Metamorphoses Bk XIII: 1-383 Ajax and Odysseus and Achilles' Armor, Solis
Slide c75 Metamorphoses Bk XIII: 430-438 Polymnestor Kills Polydorus, Bauer
Slide c76 Metamorphoses Bk XIII: 623-631 Aeneas and Family Escape, Picart et al.
Slide c77 Metamorphoses Bk X: 560-707 Atalanta and Hippomenes, Reni, White-ground Attic lekythos, 5th B.C.
Slide c78 Metamorphoses Bk X: 708-739 Death of Adonis, Solis
Slide c79 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 1-43 Orpheus Killed by Maenads, Bauer
Slide c80 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 44-66 Muses mourn while head of Orpheus floats down the Hebros River, Solis
Slide c81 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 85-145 Silenus and Midas, Solis
Slide c82Metamorphoses Bk XI: 146-193 Contest of Apollo and Pan (Midas with Asses' Ears), Bauer
Slide c83 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 194-220 Neptune and Apollo build the walls of Troy, Solis
Slide c84 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 221-265 Peleus and Thetis, Bauer
Slide c85 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 291-345 Diana and Chione, Bauer
Slide c86 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 573-591 Alcyone, Juno, and Iris, Solis
Slide c87 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 633-676 Ceyx/Morpheus appears to Alcyone, Bauer
Slide c88 Metamorphoses Bk XI: 749-795 Aesacus and Hesperia, Solis
Slide c89 Metamorphoses Bk XII: 24-38 Iphigenia Saved, Solis
Slide c90 Metamorphoses Bk XII: 189-209 Caenis and Poseidon, Solis
Slide c91 Metamorphoses Bk XII: 470-535 Caeneus, Centaurs, Bauer
Slide c92 Metamorphoses Bk XII: 580-628 Death of Achilles, Bauer
Slide c93 Metamorphoses Bk IX: 285-323 Alcmena's Labor, Solis
Slide c94 Metamorphoses Bk IX: 669-701 Isis and Telthusa, Picart et al.
Slide c95 Metamorphoses Bk IX: 773-797 Isis, Iphis, and Ianthe, Bauer
Slide c96 Metamorphoses Bk X: 1-10 Eurydice Bitten by Serpent, Regius
Slide c97 Metamorphoses Bk X: 11-52 Orpheus and Pluto, Solis
Slide c98 Metamorphoses Bk X: 53-63 Orpheus Looks Back at Eurydice, Bauer
Slide c99 Metamorphoses Bk X: 109-142 Apollo and Cyparissus, Bauer
Slide c100 Metamorphoses Bk X: 143-144 Orpheus Charms the Beasts, Regius