BWV 209 Non sa che sia dolore

Farewell to a scholar called to Ansbach.

Poet unknown.

Date unknown: Neumann T: 1729?.

BG 29; NBA I/41.

1. Sinfonia

2. Recit. (S)

He knows not what true grief there is
Who from his friend must depart while still living.
The little lad who cries and moaneth
And, indeed, the more his terror,
Comes the mother to console.
Seek then approval of heaven,
Fulfill now through Minerva thy purpose.

3. Aria (S)

Part thou, then, to our deep sadness,
Leave to us our hearts in sorrow.

    Thy country will rejoice,
    Most fitly wilt thou serve her;
    Pass on from shore to shore now,
    Propitious find the wind and billows.

4. Recit. (S)

Thy knowledge the span of thy years belieth,
Brave heart and brave deeds suffice for conquest;
But greater than before will it now make thee,
This Ansbach, so blest in such great patrons.

5. Aria (S)

To port now with fear and with sorrow,
As the helmsman, winds placated,

    Fears no more nor pales with terror,
    But upon his prow contented
    Doth with singing face the sea.

© Copyright Z. Philip Ambrose

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