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Latin Text

Phoebe silvarumque potens Diana,

lucidum caeli decus, o colendi

semper et culti, date quae precamur

tempore sacro,

quo Sibyllini monuere versus


virgines lectas puerosque castos

dis quibus septem placuere colles

dicere Carmen.

Alme Sol, curru nitido diem qui

promis et celas aliusque et idem


nasceris, possis nihil urbe Roma

visere maius!

Rite maturos aperire partus

lenis, Ilithyia, tuere matres,

sive tu Lucina probes vocari

seu Genitalis.

Diva, producas subolem patrumque

prosperes decreta super iugandis

feminis prolisque novae feraci

lege marita, 20

certus undenos deciens per annos

orbis ut cantus referatque ludos

ter die claro totiensque grata

nocte frequentis.

Vosque veraces cecinisse, Parcae,


quod semel dictum est, stabilisque rerum

terminus servet, bona iam peractis

iungite fata.

Fertilis frugum pecorisque tellus

spicea donet Cererem corona;


nutriant fetus et aquae salubres

et Iovis aurae.

Condito mitis placidusque telo

supplices audi pueros, Apollo;

siderum regina bicornis, audi,


Luna, paellas.

Roma si vestrum est opus Iliaeque

litus Etruscum tenuere turmae,

iussa pars mutare Lares et urbem

sospite cursu, 40

cui per ardentem sine fraude Troiam

castus Aeneas patriae superstes

liberum munivit iter, daturus

plura relictis,

di, probos mores docili iuventae,


di, senectuti placidae quietem,

Romulae genti date remque prolemque

et decus omne.

Quaeque vos bubus venerator albis

clarus Anchisae Venerisque sanguis,


impetret, bellante prior, iacentem

lenis in hostem.

Iam mari terraque manus potentis

Medus Albanasque timet securis,

iam Scythae responsa petunt, superbi

nuper, et Indi.

Iam Fides et Pax et Honor Pudorque

priscus et neglecta redire Virtus

audit, apparetque beata pleno

Copia cornu. 60

Augur et fulgente decorus arcu

Phoebus acceptusque novem Camenis,

qui salutari levat arte fessos

corporis artus,

si Palatinas videt aequus aras,


remque Romanam Latiumque felix

alterum in lustrum meliusque simper

prorogat aevum;

quaeque Aventinum tenet Algidumque,

quindecim Diana preces virorum


curat et votes puerorum amicas

applicat auris.

Haec Iovem sentire deosque cunctos

spem bonam certamque domum reporto,

doctus et Phoebis chorus et Dianae

dicere laudes.


English Translation

O Phoebus, and Diana ruler of the woodlands,
Radiant glory of the sky, O ye who are to be worshiped
Always, and venerated, grant what we pray for
In this sacred season

In which the Sibylline verses admonished 5
Chosen girls and spotless boys
For the gods who favor the seven hills
To sing a song.

Fostering Sun, thou who in shining chariot the day
Dost reveal and conceal and art as another 10
Yet the same reborn, may you than the city of Rome be able
To behold nothing greater!

Gentle to bring to light issue
In due season, O Ilithyia (Goddess of Birthing), protect mothers,
Whether thou dost delight to be called Lucina (Radiant Goddess) 15
Or Genitalis (Birth Goddess).

Goddess, may you bring forth offspring, and make our fathers'
Decrees prosper on the joining
Of women, and with new progeny fruitful
The law on marriage. 20

That each ten times eleven years the fixed
Circuit return the songs and games
For three bright days and as many pleasant
Nights in throngs.

And ye, O Fates, truthful in having sung 25
What was once ordained (and may the firmly fixed
Boundary keep it so), do ye now to deeds past
Join fair fortune.

Fertile in fruit and flocks, the earth,
May she endow Ceres with crown of grain; 30
May both healthful waters nourish the harvests,
And Jove's breezes.

Mild and peaceful, thy spear laid aside,
Heed the suppliant boys, O Apollo;
Horned queen of the stars, heed, 35
O Moon, the girls.

If Rome is your handiwork, and Trojan
Throngs held the Tuscan shore,
A remnant bidden to move their household gods and city
In a passage to safety, 40

For which, without harm through burning Troy,
Unsullied Aeneas, surviving his fatherland,
Did secure a free path, bound to give
More than what was left behind,

Ye gods, honest ways to teachable young, 45
Ye gods, to serene old age quiet rest,
To Romulus' people grant substance and issue
And every glory.

And what with white bulls the famous
Blood of Anchises and Venus of you doth entreat, 50
May he obtain, master o'er the warrior, yet
Gentle to the prostrate foe.

Already on sea and land his mighty armies
The Mede doth fear, and his Alban axes,
Already the Scythians seek his response, proud 55
Only recently, and the Indians.

Already Loyalty and Peace and Honor and Ancient
Modesty and neglected Virtue to return
Doth venture, and blessed Plenty appear
With full horn. 60

Augur, and splendid in gleaming bow,
Phoebus, beloved of the nine Muses,
Who with healing art doth uplift
The body's weary limbs,

If favorably he doth behold Palatine altars, 65
Roman wealth and Latium kindly
Into another cycle prolong and
Into a better age,

And she who guards the Aventine and Mount Algidus,
Diana, the prayers of the Fifteen Men 70
Doth heed and to the vows of children doth
Lend kindly ears,

That these prayers Jove and all the gods must hear,
Homeward I do bear good and certain hope,
I, the chorus, taught both of Phoebus and Diana 75
The praises to tell.

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