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Faculty Emeriti - Robert H. Rodgers, Professor Emeritus of Classics

Robert Rodgers

Robert H. Rodgers, Professor Emeritus of Classics

Area of expertise

Latin literature, textual criticism, Graeco-Roman agriculture and technology

Contact Information
Phone: (802) 656-3210

I teach Greek and Latin language and literature at all levels, including Myths and Legends of the Trojan War (CLAS 24), and also (with Jeff Marshall, Special Collections at Bailey-Howe) a course in the history of writing and book-production.

My research focuses on language and style, primarily in the technical literature of antiquity. I have worked extensively the aqueduct system of ancient Rome and on the agricultural treatises of the Graeco-Roman world. I have produced new critical editions of ancient authors based on a fresh appraisal of the medieval manuscript evidence for the text. In the area of New England history, I have published articles on family history and am at work on an eight (or more)-volume series of the 17th-century probate records of Middlesex County, Massachusetts.

My educational preparation (A.B., 1966, Ph.D., 1970, both Harvard) is long in the background. I taught at University of California, Berkeley, from 1970-1980, and have been at UVM since.

Selected Publications

  • Varro, Res rustica. Oxford Classical Texts. Oxford, forthcoming (2016?)
  • Columella Res rustica. Oxford Classical Texts. Oxford 2010
  • Frontinus De aquaeductu urbis Romae. Cambridge Classical Texts and Commentaries. Cambridge: University Press, 2004
  • Translation of Frontinus On the Water-Management of the City of Rome, in Journal of Roman Archaeology 18 (2005), 514-534
  • Middlesex County in the Colony of the Massachusetts Bay in New England, Records of Probate and Administration, Boston: New England Historic Genealogical Society [Vol. 1] October 1649-December 1660 (1999) [Vol. 2] March 1660/61-December 1670 (2001) [Vol. 3] March 1670/71-December 1675 (2005)
  • New Haven in Vermont, 1761-1983. Town of New Haven, 1984.
  • An Introduction to Palladius. Univ. of London, Inst. of Classical Studies, Bulletin Supplement 35. London 1975
  • Palladius Rutilius Taurus Aemilianus Opus agriculturae, De veterinaria medicina, De insitione. Leipzig: Teubner, 1975
  • Petri Diaconi Ortus et vita iustorum cenobii Casinensis, edited from the autograph manuscript and with a commentary. Univ. of California Publications: Classical Studies, vol. 10. Berkeley 1972
  • "Trajan the Wallwort: Frontinus . 93.4," Hyperboreus, forthcoming
  • "A New Edition of De Re Rustica," in Varro Varius, ed. D. J. Butterfield (Cambridge, forthcoming)
  • "A single-letter emendation in Horace? A note on S. 1.5.11," Mnemosyne 67 (2014) 838
  • "Cattle, Horses and Other Livestock: Textual Notes on Columella Books 6 and 7," Rivista di cultura classica e medioevale 51 (2009) 129-169
  • "Birds and Bees: Textual Notes on Columella, Books 8 and 9," Eranos 103 (2005) 101-120
  • "Kêpopoiïa: Garden-Making and Garden Culture in the Greek Geoponica," in Byzantine Garden Culture, ed. A. Littlewood et al. (Washington, 2002), 159-175
  • "The Black Population of Chittenden County Identified in Federal Census Returns", 1791-1860," Vermont Genealogy 5 (2000) 1-22
  • "Sidestepping the Long Shadow of Frontinus," Journal of Roman Archaeology 9 (1996), 395-408
  • "Quique sui memores alios fecere merendo: The Roman Reward for Public Service," New England Classical Newsletter & Journal 19/4 (1992), 24-27
  • "An Administrator's Hydraulics: Frontinus Aq. 35-36.2," in Future Currents in Aqueduct Studies, ed. A. Trevor Hodge (Leeds, 1991), 15-20
  • "Copia Aquarum: Frontinus' Measurements and the Perspective of Capacity," Transactions of American Philological Assn. 116 (1986) 353-360
  • "Curatores Aquarum," Harvard Studies in Classical Philology 86 (1982) 171-180
  • "Hail, Frost, and Pests in the Vineyard: Anatolius of Berytus as a Source for the Nabataean Agriculture," Journal of American Oriental Society 100 (1980) 1-11
  • "Yûniyûs o Columela en la España medieval" Al-Andalus 43 (1978) 163-172
  • "The Apuleius of the Geoponica," California Studies in Classical Antiquity 11 (1978) 197-207
  • "Varro and Virgil in the Geoponica" Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 19 (1978) 277-285

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