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Brian Walsh

Brian T. Walsh, Senior Lecturer

Area of expertise

Greek and Roman Historiography, Ancient Law, Egyptian History, Prose Style: Colometry and Formulae, Language Pedagogy and Technology

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Phone: (802) 656-3051

Office: Old Mill Annex A302

Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:30-2:00pm and by appointment

Since joining UVM in 2001 I have taught a wide array of both language and history courses touching most aspects of Greece and Rome as well as ancient Egypt and the Near East. Ancient historiography, comparative ancient law, language pedagogy and inscriptions are merely a few of the many topics that continue to delight me. For me the practice of classical "philology" is about a life-long love of language and learning. I begin most intellectual inquiry with the original language of a text, whether I am pursuing a literary, historical, religious or philosophical idea-the surest way to get close to the intentions of an author and to see a word, a thought, a phrase in its original context.

Presently I am writing two 20-chapter thematically arranged textbooks (Universitas Latina and Universitas Graeca) which draw texts and phrases from most significant Roman and Greek corpora, both literary and inscriptional.

My doctoral dissertation (Livy's Diktatorbild: Structure, Style and Language, Fordham University, 2000) investigated Livy's historiographical and ideological principles as adumbrated in his treatment of the old Roman dictatorship. The "formularity" (type-scenes) and the "formulae" of Latin historical prose, the genre closest to epic poetry, continue to excite me.

Classical Greek and Latin have turned my curiosity in numerous comparative directions. Strong interests in Semitic languages, especially Arabic, and recently in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, continue to open up a fascinating and connected world that embraces the ancient and modern West and East.

Book Reviews:

Review of R. J. Tarrant P. Ovidi Nasonis. Libri Metamorphoseon (Oxford, 2004) in Vergilius 2006. Review of G. Herbert-Brown, ed., Ovid's Fasti: Historical Readings at its Bimillennium (Oxford, 2002) in Vergilius 2005.

Textbooks in Progress

Universitas Latina (20 thematic chapters)

Universitas Graeca (20 thematic chapters)

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