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Classics: The Quintessential Liberal Arts Degree

Classics, the study of Greek and Roman civilization in the broadest sense, is the original and quintessential liberal arts degree. The field is inherently multidisciplinary and provides access to a cultural continuum spanning over three millennia up to and including the present day.

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Classics majors at UVM can study Greek and Roman culture in the original languages and/or take an array of English-language courses that cover a wide area: mythology, epic and lyric poetry, drama, satire, art and architecture, historiography, political theory, and philosophy. The special research interests of UVM's Classics faculty also inform the department's curriculum.


UVM Vets Connect To Homer's Ancient Epics

A small group of UVM veterans are reexamining their own personal experiences of military combat through the ancient eyes of Odysseus, the protagonist in Homer’s The Odyssey and The Iliad. “For many in the UVM class, Homer's 2,800-year-old verses seem all too familiar: the siege of Troy, the difficult quest of Odysseus to ...

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Topics here include:

  • oral tradition studies
  • the history of writing, books, and printing
  • ancient farming and technology
  • ancient music
  • ancient Near Eastern history and literature
  • historical linguistics and etymology
  • Greek and Roman philosophy
  • Greek and Roman history, topography, and myth
  • women in antiquity

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