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comparative governance network analysis


Governance Networks

governance networks

Governance Networks in Public Affairs and Public Policy (2010, CRC Press)

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Dynamic Systems and Governance presentation at The Gund Institute at the Unversity of Vermont November 11, 2011

Selected publications:

Koliba, C. 2013.  Book chapter: Governance Network Performance: A Complex Adaptive Systems Approach. In Agranoff, B., Mandell, M., and Keast, R. editors.  Network Theory in the Public Sector: Building New Theoretical Frameworks. New York: Routledge Press. 84-102.

Koliba, C. and Zia, A. 2009.  Dispelling the Myths of Invisible Hands and Invincible Governments: An Argument for Democratically Legitimate Inter-Organizational Governance Networks. Administrative Theory & Praxis. 31(3): 417-423

Koliba, C. and Meek, J. 2009. ‘Mixed-Form’ Governance Structures: An Analytical Turn. Public. Institute of Public Governance and Management. 47(19).

Koliba, C. and Gajda, R. 2009. Communities of Practice as an Empirical Construct: Implications for Theory and Practice.  International Journal of Public Administration. 32. 97-135.

Koliba, C. and Lathrop, J. 2007. Inquiry as Intervention: Employing Action Research to Support an Organization’s Capacity to Learn. Administration & Society. 39(1): 51-76.

Complex Systems

Selected publications:

Zia, A., Kauffman, S., Koliba, C., Beckage, B., Vattay, G., and Bomblies, A. (2013). From the Habit of Control to Institutional Enablement: Re-envisioning Governance of Social Ecological Systems from the Perspective of Complexity SciencesComplexity, Governance and Networks. 1(1).

Beckage, B., Kauffman, S. Zia, A., Koliba, C., Gross, L.J. 2013.  Book chapter: More Complex Complexity: Exploring the Nature of Computational Irreducibility Across Physical, Biological, and Human Social Systems. Zenil, H. editor. Irreducibility and Computational Equivalence.  Berlin: Springer-Verlag. 79-88.

Koliba, C., and Zia, A. 2013. Complex Systems Modeling in Public Administration and Policy Studies: Challenges and Opportunities for a Meta-Theoretical Research Program. In L. Gerrits and P.K. Marks (Eds.), COMPACT I: Public Administration in Complexity. Litchfield Park, AZ: Emergent Publications.

Watershed Governance and Climate Change


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watershed governance modeling

Selected publications:

Koliba, C., Reynolds, A., Zia, A., and Scheinert, S. (accepted for publication). Isomorphic Properties of Network Governance: Comparing Two Watershed Governance Initiatives in the Lake Champlain Basin Using Institutional Network Analysis. Complexity, Governance and Networks. 1(2).

Zia, A. and Koliba, C. 2011. Climate Change Governance and Accountability: Dilemmas of Performance Management in Complex Governance Networks. Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis. 13(5): 479-497.

Health Care Service Delivery

End State Kidney Disease Critical Care Pathway Analysis Using System Dynamics Modeling


Transportation Planning

Selected publications:

Zia, A. and Koliba, C. (2013). The Emergence of Attractors Under Multi-Level Institutional Designs: Agent-based Modeling of Intergovernmental Decision Making for Funding Transportation Projects. Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Society. 12/11/13 online.

Koliba, C., Campbell, E. and Zia, A.  2011. Performance Measurement Considerations in Congestion Management Networks: Evidence from Four Cases. Public Performance Management Review. 34(4): 520-548.

Food Systems

Selected publications:

Schattman, R., Méndez, E., Westjik, K., Caswell, M., Conner, D., Koliba, C., Zia, A., Hurley, S.,  Adair, C., Berlin, L., and   Darby, H. (Forthcoming). Book Chapter: Vermont Agricultural Resilience in a Changing Climate: A Transdisciplinary and Participatory Action Research (PAR) Process. Benkeblia, N. (Ed.) Agroecology, ecosystems and sustainability . Advances in Agroecology Series. CRC Press/Taylor and Francis.

Conner, D., King, B., Koliba, C., Trubek, A. and Kolodinsky, J. 2011. Mapping Farm to School Networks: Implications for Research and Practice. Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition. 6:133-152.

Energy regulation and electricity distribution

Selected publications:

Koliba, C., DeMenno, M., Brune, N. and Zia, A. (2014). The Salience and Complexity of Building, Regulating and Governing the Smart Grid: Lessons from a Statewide Public-Private PartnershipEnergy Policy.

Mills, R. and Koliba, C. (2014). The Challenge of Accountability in Complex Regulatory Networks: The Case of the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spil. Regulation & Governance. doi:10.1111/rego.12062

Emergency management

Koliba, C., Mills, R. and Zia, A. 2011. Accountability in Governance Networks: Implications Drawn from Studies of Response and Recovery Efforts Following Hurricane Katrina. Public Administration Review. 71(2): 210-220. [Winner: 2011 Marshall Dimock Award for Best Lead Article, PAR]

Civic engagement

Selected publications:

Westdijk, K. Koliba, C. and Hamshaw, K.  2010.  Collecting Data to Inform Decision-Making and Action:  Research and Planning for School-Wide Faculty Civic Engagement. Journal of Higher Education Outreach and Engagement. 14(2): 5-33.

Baker, D., Koliba, C., Kolodinsky, J., Liang, K., McMahon, E., Patterson, T. and Wang, Q. 2009. Moving Toward a Transdisciplinary Approach in the Land Grant System. North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA).

Koliba, C. 2004. Is Service-Learning Contributing to the Downsizing of American Democracy? Learning Our Way Out.  The Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning.Spring. 57-68.

Koliba, C. 2003. Generation of Social Capital in Schools: Expanding and Deepening Social Networks Through Service-Learning. Academic Exchange Quarterly. 7(2): 336-345.

Educational policy

Selected publications:

Gajda, R. and Koliba, C. 2007. Evaluating the Imperative of Intra-Organizational Collaboration: A School Improvement Perspective. American Journal of Evaluation. 28(1): 26-44.

Koliba, C., Campbell, E. and Shapiro, C. 2006The Practice of Service-Learning in Local School-Community Contexts. Educational Policy. 20(5): 683-717.

Jennings, N., Swidler, S. and Koliba, C. 2005. Place-Based Education in the Standards-Based Reform Era—Conflict or Complement?  American Journal of Education. 112(1): 44-65.

Social ecological gaming and simulation lab:


Integrated sustainable systems, LLC

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