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Students who are currently on a medical withdrawal for physical or mental health reasons, and plan to return to the University now or in the near future will find the following information helpful when transitioning back to campus life.

Students are encouraged to take sufficient time away from the University to stabilize or resolve physical or mental health issues. Oftentimes, this can be anywhere between one full semester to one full academic year. Some helpful questions to consider prior to making the decision to return to UVM are listed below:

  1. What factors have you considered in making the decision to return to UVM?
  2. How do you plan to engage in treatment, if appropriate, when you return to UVM?
  3. What supports or plan for self-care do you have in place for your return?
  4. When you return to UVM, what are some coping strategies you will use if things are not going well?

It is strongly encouraged that students adhere to the following dates when alerting the University of your intention to return:

  • Intention to Return Fall Semester – Notify UVM by July 1
  • Intention to Return Spring Semester – Notify UVM by December 1
  • Intention to Return Summer Semester – Notify UVM by April 1

Students planning to resume their studies at UVM following a medical withdrawal are REQUIRED to complete the following three steps:

  1. Read the information pertaining to re-entry in your academic unit and complete the online Re-entry Application. Upon receipt of your application, you will be contacted via email with information regarding next steps and additional details about the re-entry process.
  2. Address any holds that may have been placed on your account by contacting the appropriate office(s). Offices that may have placed holds are Student Financial Services, Dean of Students Office, and the Center for Student Conduct. *If you medically withdrew prior to May 2015 please contact John Paul Grogan at to indicate your intention to return to the university. You may also reach John Paul by calling Counseling & Psychiatry Services (CAPS) at 802-656-3340.
  3. If you are an on-campus student and wish to request on-campus housing, notify Residential Life of your intent to re-enroll.

Prior to returning to campus students are encouraged to take the following steps:

  1. Set up a supportive plan with your community provider(s) or the University of Vermont’s provider(s) (Counseling & Psychiatry Services or Student Health Services), to identify any supportive resources that may be helpful in your transition back to the University.
  2. Communicate with your school or college’s Student Services Office in order to review academic standing, select appropriate courses, and address any unresolved registration issues.
  3. Contact any offices that may be helpful to your academic success such as the SAS Office and Academic Success Programs. If you are not currently receiving support from either of these offices, please see links below to determine if you may be eligible for services.

Upon return to campus, students are strongly encouraged to:

  1. Schedule an appointment with the Student Services Office of your school or college within the first week of the semester to review course load and any outstanding registration issues.
  2. If you have not already done so, schedule an appointment with an on-campus or community medical or mental health provider.
  3. If you have not already done so, schedule an appointment with SAS, Academic Success Programs, or any other campus resources that may be helpful.

UVM Resources:

Student Services Offices
Office Phone
Agriculture & Life Sciences 802-656-2980
Arts & Sciences 802-656-3344
Business Administration 802-656-4015
Continuing & Distance Education 802-656-2085
Education & Social Services 802-656-3468
Engineering & Mathematical Sciences 802-656-3392
Graduate College 802-656-3160
Nursing & Health Sciences 802-656-3858
Rubenstein School 802-656-3003
Center for Health and Wellbeing
Office Phone
Counseling and Psychiatry Services 802-656-3340
Student Health Services 802-656-3350
Student Affairs Departments
Office Phone Email
Academic Success Programs 802-656-4075
SAS Office 802-656-7753
Center for Student Conduct 802-656-4360
Dean of Students Office 802-656-3380
Office of Student & Community Relations 802-656-9405
Residential Life 802-656-3434
Student Financial Services 802-656-5700

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