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Eligibility, Cost, and Benefits

To purchase the UVM Student Health Insurance Plan (UVM SHIP), students must pay the UVM Health Fee and meet other eligibility criteria.

Eligible students include:
  • Any undergraduate, continuing education or medical student taking 6 or more credits.
  • Any graduate student enrolled in 5 or more credits.
  • International students holding F-1 or J-1 visas.
  • Students who have enrolled for Continuous Registration (Grad 902 or Grad 903).
Student Health Insurance Rates:

UVM SHIP is billed to your UVM Student Account at the same time as your tuition. Full-year insurance is billed in two installments.

Semester Coverage Dates 2016-17 Cost 2017-18 Cost
Full Year August 1—July 31 $3,230 $3,116
Fall Only* August 1—December 31 $1,346 $1,298
Spring/Summer Only** January 1—July 31 $1,884 $1,818

* Fall-only coverage is available ONLY to students graduating in December.

** Spring/Summer-only coverage is available ONLY to students who were not eligible for UVM SHIP coverage in the Fall (for example, because they did not take enough credits).

Again, students must also pay the UVM Health Fee to be eligible for UVM SHIP. The Health Fee covers routine/preventative CHWB health care and counseling services.

Important Note: Students who have purchased the UVM SHIP who later withdraw from school or fall below 6 credits (5 credits for graduate students) may keep the insurance policy for the remainder of that semester, but they become ineligible for CHWB services (even though they have also paid the Health Fee). These students will have to seek care elsewhere.

UVM SHIP Benefits:

For more information about the UVM SHIP plan, including detailed benefit information, visit

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