University of Vermont


Primary Care

We believe continuity with a medical clinician helps to provide the best possible health care. Since the fall of 2013, all new students are assigned a PCP (Primary Campus Provider) so that each student is connected with a medical provider who becomes familiar with an individual student and that’s student’s health. Students who have not been designated a PCP or wish to switch to a different provider at student health may request that by speaking either to our front desk staff, or inquiring during an appointment for care.

Your UVM PCP can address both pre-existing and ongoing health needs, as well as evaluate and treat new onset of symptoms. SHS offer a full spectrum of primary care health services:

  • Screening and prevention (ie physical exams, health risk assessments, vaccinations)
  • Acute care conditions:
    • Infections (ie sore throat, cold & flu, urinary tract infections)
    • Injuries (ie sprains, wounds, concussions)
    • Illnesses & symptoms (ie abdominal pain, fatigue, rashes)
  • Chronic or recurrent health issues (ie asthma, migraines, diabetes, acne, or celiac)
  • Sexual health care (ie STI tests, pap smears, contraception)
  • Gender specific health care:
  • Medical Management of mental health conditions:
    • Depression, anxiety (often coordinated with our CAPS colleagues for interdisciplinary care)
    • Eating disorders
    • ADHD, for those meeting CHWB criteria

Whenever possible, we coordinate a student’s appointment for the more sudden health issues with their UVM PCP. But our first priority is the urgency and severity of a student’s medical issue, so students may triaged by our licensed nursing staff to determine the medical needs &/or asked to see a different provider.

Appointments for prevention or ongoing health issues will preferentially be scheduled with the student’s UVM PCP. If a student needs care outside our scope of practice, we will consult with and refer to specialists at CHWB and in the community. We also coordinate care with your medical team back home to facilitate health during transition times and university breaks. Your UVM PCP can also communicate with you via our secure messaging system to share test results or answer non-urgent questions.

Last modified July 29 2014 08:45 AM