University of Vermont


Nutrition Services

Nutrition Services are provided by a Registered Dietitian (RD) who will work with you to help you achieve your nutrition goals. Common topics include:

  • Sorting through conflicting nutrition advice
  • Learning to eat for health and well-being
  • Selecting food on campus
  • Adapting a vegetarian diet
  • Eating for athletic performance
  • Modifying your diet for disease prevention

Students can self-refer by calling 656-FOOD to schedule an appointment. Sometimes, health care providers at CHWB (medical, counseling, or athletic trainers) might also identify benefit of you consulting with our dietitian for specific health-related nutritional advice. They may ask you to set up an appointment or coordinate an internal referral. Some examples include:

  • Managing disordered eating and eating disorders
  • Eating on campus with diabetes, lactose intolerance or gluten sensitivity
  • Addressing high cholesterol, or high blood pressure through dietary changes

Where do nutrition consultations take place?

The RD has clinical appointments with students at Student Health Services, 425 Pearl Street, on the ground floor of the University Health Center building.

Is there a cost associated with this service?

No. Dietary consultations and nutrition outreach programming are covered by the comprehensive fee eligible students pay.

Last modified September 02 2014 08:18 AM