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Information for Students Requesting ADHD Medication

Students seeking CWHB services for medication management of ADHD are required to provide documentation of a comprehensive evaluation that supports the diagnosis of ADHD prior to receiving prescriptions for medications. We require this assessment to most appropriately support the student’s health need, and in an effort to lessen the frequency of stimulant medication misuse on college campuses.

What do we require be included in a comprehensive evaluation?

  • Neuro-psychiatric &/or psycho-educational evaluation including the cognitive testing that supports the diagnosis of ADHD (Testing includes measures of ADHD symptoms, intelligence and executive functioning as well as psychiatric co-morbidities.)
  • Inclusion of other information in support of the diagnosis of ADHD such as parental, partner or other family member, school teacher reports.
  • Health care provider history and assessment that meets criteria for an ADHD diagnosis as well as an evaluation of other issues that might account for the symptoms that are being experienced by the student.
  • Students who already are receiving medications as part of their ADHD care but are wishing to transfer that prescription oversight to a CHWB provider must also supply records from their current prescriber with progress notes dating back at least one year of care.

All students seeking support for ADHD management (pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic) are encouraged to contact the ACCESS (Accommodation, Consultation, Counseling & Educational Support Services) Office to see if they qualify for accommodations or special services. Students may have documentation that supports ADA accommodations but does not meet the standard for CHWB to assume treatment.

How do I obtain approval and get an appointment?

  • To obtain approval please download and complete this form: ADHD Request.
  • Submit the completed form and all required documentation to Student Health Services (either by mail, in person, or via fax).
    • Mailing Address: UVM Student Health Services, attn.: ADHD Coordinator, 425 Pearl Street, Burlington, VT 05401.
    • Fax Number: 802-656-8178 attn: ADHD Coordinator.
  • Within two weeks of receiving your documentation meeting ADHD management criteria, the ADHD Coordinator will contact you to schedule your intake appointment.
  • All documentation must be received, reviewed and approved before an initial appointment for a prescription can be made.

Last modified June 11 2015 09:00 AM