Department of Chemistry Undergraduate Awards

Fourth Year Awards:

Given for outstanding performance to seniors in chemistry.

The Charles E. Braun Award

The Braun Award is given to an outstanding senior chemistry major for performance of research in chemistry in memory of Charles Braun, former Department Chair and the first Dean of the Graduate College.
2015Shawn B. Egri
2014Rebecca B. Watson
2013Erik H. Horak
2012Benjamin A. Vaughan & Meredith J. Zeller
2011Spencer O. Scholz
2010Jonathan J. Hulce & L. Taylor Elrod
2009Andrew S. Crampton Jr.
2008Kevin Whitcomb
2007Amber D. Leenstra
2006Riley T. Murphy
2005Thomas E. Matthews
2004Anna G. Gushchin
2003David E. Fishbaugher
2001David Maloney
2000Katherine Godin

The American Chemical Society Green Mountain Section Award

formerly The American Institute of Chemistry Award until 2010
This award is given to an outstanding senior chemistry major for academic performance in chemistry.
2015Christopher M. Kenseth
2014Aliya S. Lapp & Eva A. Rouanet
2013Evan M. Sherbrook
2012Douglas J. Chieffe
2011Eliza M. Arsenault
2010Jonathan J. Hulce
2009Joseph C. Wright
2008John D. Stempien
2007Paul J. Vallett
2006Michael J. Gillen
2005Kelly Ann Perry
2004Dena Marrinucci
2003Rachel L. Burdge
2002James Manning
2001Margaret Trombley
2000Paul Byrne

Third Year Awards:

Given for outstanding performance to juniors in chemistry.

The Merck Index Award

The recipient receives a copy of the Merck Index.
2015Jackson M. Whiteker
2013Eva A. Rouanet
2012Evan M. Sherbrook
2011Meredith J. Zeller
2010Nicholas D. Staudaher
2009Jonathan J. Hulce
2008Joseph C. Wright
2007John D. Stempien
2006Paul J. Vallett
2005Michael J. Gillen
2004Kelly Ann Perry & Thomas E. Matthews
2003Dena Marrinucci
2002Rachel L. Burdge
2001Matthew O'Connor
2000Margaret Trombley

The Clinton D. Cook Award

The Clinton D. Cook award is given in memory to Clinton Cook, a Vermont native who returned to become a professor at UVM. Prof. Cook originated the Ph.D. program in Chemistry at UVM as Chair of the Department. He later became Dean of the Graduate College and then Provost.
2015Anna M. Schmoker
2014Christopher M. Kenseth
2013Karen A. Brack & Rebecca B. Watson
2012Erik H. Horak
2011Douglas J. Chieffe
2010Spencer O. Scholz
2009L. Taylor Elrod
2008Andrew Crampton & Jonathan Tinkham
2007Kevin Whitcomb
2006Amber D. Leenstra & James P. Stevens
2005Riley T. Murphy
2004Anna K. Boardman & John H. Pigott
2003Anna G. Gushchin
2002Nicholas Roy
2001Betsy White
2000David Maloney

Second Year Award: The Donald C. Gregg Award

The Donald C. Gregg Award is given to an undergraduate student for excellence in the study of organic chemistry.

Because students take organic chemistry in their sophomore year of college, the award is generally given to an outstanding sophomore. More weight is given for performance in CHEM 143/144 versus 141/142.

Donald Gregg received his undergraduate degree from UVM and returned as a professor after receiving his Ph.D. He was active in undergraduate education and developed "chemistry shows" as well as wrote an undergraduate text in chemistry that was used nationwide.

2015Kevin J. Nikolaides
2014Anna M. Schmoker
2013Christopher M. Kenseth & Benjamin A. Teasdale
2012Eva A. Rouanet
2011Evan M. Sherbrook
2010Jake P. Brutman & Douglas J. Chieffe
2009Douglas B. Fox
2008Jonathan J. Hulce & Jessica Masiero
2007Joseph C. Wright
2006John D. Stempien
2005Paul J. Vallett
2004Michael J. Gillen & Elise M. Piscitelli
2003Thomas E. Matthews & John H. Pigott
2002Anna G. Gushchin
2001James Manning
2000Peter Fitzgerald

First Year Award: The Chemical Rubber Company (CRC) Award

The CRC award is given for outstanding performance in freshman chemistry.

More weight is given for performance in CHEM 35/36 versus 31/32.

The recipient receives a copy of the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics.

2015Benjamin D. Kagan
2014Hillary E. Danis
2013Cyril Lukianov
2012Christopher M. Kenseth
2011Rebecca B. Watson
2010Susan E. Leggett
2009Samantha M. Ogilvie
2008Douglas Fox
2007Elizabeth Schindler
2006Laura B. Balzer & Joseph C. Wright
2005Heather McLaughlin & John D. Stempien
2004Paul J. Vallett
2003Amy L. Cochran & Michael J. Gillen
2002Kathlyn Coughlan
2001Jennifer Desrochers & Christopher Ringenbach
2000Rachel L. Burdge