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UVM Undergraduate Research Publications

Refereed Publications Appearing in the Scientific Literature With Undergraduates Since 2010

Names of undergraduates are in bold

  • AF Maddox, JJ Davidson, T Shalumova, JM Tanski & R Waterman: Zirconium-mediated synthesis of arsaalkene compounds from arsines and isocyanides. Inorg. Chem. 52: 7811-7816, 2013.
  • AJ Roering, LT Elrod, JK Pagano, SL Guillot, SM Chan, JM Tanski & R Waterman: A general synthesis of phosphaalkenes at zirconium with liberation of phosphaformamides. Dalton Trans. 42: 1159-1167, 2013.
  • LT Elrod, H Boxwala, H Haq, AW Zhao & R Waterman: As-As bond formation via reductive elimination from a zirconocene bis(dimesitylarsenide) compound. Organometallics 31: 5204-5207, 2012.
  • BA Vaughan, EM Arsenault, SM Chan & R Waterman: Synthesis and characterization of zinc complexes and reactivity with primary phosphines. J. Organomet. Chem. 696: 4327-4331, 2012.
  • S Bianco, C Musetti, A Waldeck, S Sparapani, JD Seitz, AP Krapcho, M Palumbo & C Sissi: Bis-phenanthroline derivatives as suitable scaffolds for effective G-quadruplex recognition. Dalton Trans. 39: 5833-5841, 2010.
  • X Cheng, CM Duhaime & SP Waters: Total synthesis of the Aspidosperma alkaloid (±)-subincanadine F via a titanium-mediated intramolecular nucleophilic acyl substitution strategy. J Org. Chem. 75: 7026-7028, 2010.
  • G Snider, L Grout, EL Ruggles & RJ Hondal: Methaneseleninic acid is a substrate for truncated mammalian thioredoxin reductase: implications for the catalytic mechanism and redox signaling. Biochemistry 49: 10329-10338, 2010.

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