University of Vermont

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Chem Dept Audit Guide

Simple Steps to Avoid a Bad Lab Audit

Prepared by Travis Verret & Vikki Carhart Feb-2014

  • Check that your Self-Inspection forms are completed
    • Make sure that the Lab Safety Officer section in the front is current
  • Check that your eyewash and safety shower flush logs are completed and current
  • Make sure that your online Hazardous Chemicals of Concerns (HCOC) inventory has been updated in the last 6 months for each lab room (see registering your lab)
  • Tag and get rid of any old or questionable waste
    • Make sure ALL waste bottles have dates and full chemical names on them
    • There should be NO waste older than 6 months. Waste bottles getting close to 6 months should be tagged for removal.
  • Make that your Chemical Spill kit is full
  • Print out new training records for everyone. Because there is constant training, it is a good idea to periodically reprint the training records.
  • Make sure that all liquids have secondary containment and that the secondary containment is properly labeled
  • Make sure that the lab is clean and not "cluttered" — VERY IMPORTANT. Auditors seem to go into "full inspection mode" when they enter a messy lab.
  • Make sure that ALL containers are labeled with full chemical names — not abbreviations, such as "EtOH" for ethanol

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