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Matthias Brewer Matthias Brewer
Cook A316 / 802 656-1042
Organic: synthetic methods development, total synthesis of natural products
Joel M. Goldberg Joel M. Goldberg
Associate Professor;
Associate Dean
Deans Office Coll of Arts & Sci, 438 College St. / 802 656-3166
Analytical: atomic spectroscopy, plasmas, elemental analysis
Robert J. Hondal Robert J. Hondal
Associate Professor of Biochemistry & Chemistry
Given Bldg Rm B415 / 802 656-8282
Bioorganic Chemistry:, biochemistry, enzymology, protein function
Christopher C. Landry Christopher C. Landry
Professor; Department Chair
Cook A204 / 802 656-0270
Inorganic/Materials: mesoporous, silicates, organometallics, porosity, chiral chromatography, HPLC
Willem R. Leenstra Willem R. Leenstra
Associate Professor
Cook A119 / 802 656-0273
Physical: molecular spectroscopy, solid state inorganic materials (layered zirconium phosphonates), biophysical systems
Jianing Li Jianing Li
Assistant Professor
Cook A223 / 802 656-0251
Theoretical & Computational Chemistry: multiscale modeling, protein structure & mechanism
Matthew D. Liptak Matthew D. Liptak
Assistant Professor
Cook A116 / 802 656-0161
Inorganic & Physical: bioinorganic
José S. Madalengoitia José S. Madalengoitia
Associate Professor
Cook A232 / 802 656-8247
Organic/Bioorganic: peptide mimetics
Dwight E. Matthews Dwight E. Matthews
Pomeroy Professor of Chemistry & Professor of Medicine
Cook A121 / 802 656-8114
Analytical/Biomedical: mass spectrometry, stable isotope tracers & kinetics, human metabolism
Giuseppe A. Petrucci Giuseppe A. Petrucci
Cook A218 / 802 656-0957
Analytical: spectroscopy, environmental aerosols
Severin T. Schneebeli Severin T. Schneebeli
Assistant Professor
Cook A321 / 802 656-0252
Organic: synthesis, theoretical/computational chemistry, materials chemistry, mesosynthesis
Rory Waterman Rory Waterman
Cook A129 / 802 656-0278
Inorganic: organometallic chemistry
Adam C. Whalley Adam C. Whalley
Assistant Professor
Cook A330 / 802 656-8246
Organic: synthesis, materials chemistry & science

Stevenson Flemer Stevenson Flemer, Jr.
Cook A335 / 802 656-0269
General & organic chemistry
  David Horn
Part-time Lecturer (summer only)
Organic chemistry
David W. Pratt David W. Pratt
Part-time Lecturer
Cook A109 / 802 656-0276
General & physical chemistry
Erik L. Ruggles Erik L. Ruggles
Cook A237 / 802 656-0275
General & organic chemistry
John F. Sharp John F. Sharp
Part-time Lecturer
Cook A234 / 802 656-0283
General chemistry
Sandy Wurthmann Alexander (Sandy) Wurthmann
Senior Lecturer
Cook A223 / 802 656-8999
Organic chemistry

Christopher W. Allen Christopher W. Allen
Emeritus Professor
Cook A131 / 802 656-0193
Inorganic: inorganic rings, phosphazenes, organic-inorganic polymers
Ted B. Flanagan Ted B. Flanagan
Emeritus Professor
Cook A132 / 802 656-0199
Physical: materials, metal-hydrogen systems, gas-solid calorimetry
William E. Geiger William E. Geiger, Jr.
Emeritus Professor
Cook A221 / 802 656-0268
Analytical/Inorganic: electrochemistry
Paul Krapcho A. Paul Krapcho
Emeritus Professor
Cook A333 / 802 656-0271
Organic: organic synthesis, anticancer drugs, regioselective synthesis, antiparasitic agents
Martin E. Kuehne Martin E. Kuehne
Emeritus Professor
Cook A319 / 802 656-0272
Organic: total synthesis of indole/indoline alkaloids, enantioselective reactions, anticancer & anti-addictive agents
Michael J. Strauss Michael J. Strauss
Emeritus Professor
Cook A531 / 802 522-9978
Organic: chemical education, art