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Pre-Application to the UVM Chemistry Graduate Program

Pre-apply to the UVM Chemistry Graduate Program

You may complete and submit this form without cost to pre-apply to the UVM graduate program in Chemistry. After we receive your form, we will reply about whether you should continue and make a formal application or not.

First Name: 

Last Name: 

Date of Birth: 

Address Line 1: 

Address Line 2: 



Zip Code: 


Desired date to start the program: 

Please indicate the semester (fall or spring) and year that you would like to begin in our program.

Undergraduate College or University:

Grade Point Average, Chemistry Courses:

(preferred format: x.x/4.0 or xx/100)

Grade Point Average, All Courses:

(preferred format: x.x/4.0 or xx/100)

If you have completed an M.S. degree, please state the College or University:

M.S. Degree Grade Point Average:

(preferred format: x.x/4.0 or xx/100)

GRE Scores: (if available)


Test of English as a Foreign Language (for foreign students)
TOEFL Total Score: 
TOEFL Speaking Score: 
IELTS Score: 

Brief description of experience in research to date:

Areas of graduate research interest:

Please complete as much of the form as possible.  Test scores may be sent later if they are not yet available.



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