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GRAD 90x Registration

Registering for GRAD 90x

Ph.D. students need 75 credits, and M.S. students need 30 credits to graduate. All graduate students need a minimum of 15 graded credits on their transcript. Generally students will have a bit more than 15 graded credits, and the approximate difference in credits to degree (75-15 = 60 for Ph.D. students and 30-15 = 15 for M.S. students) will be completed as research credits (CHEM 491 for Ph.D. students and CHEM 391 for M.S. students).

If a Ph.D. student enrolls in 10-12 credits a semester, the student will reach the required 75 credits sometime in the 3rd year. For an M.S. student enrolling in 10 credits a semester, the limit will occur in the 4th semester.

There is no point in registering for additional CHEM 491 or 391 hours after the 75 or 30 credit requirement has been hit. However, all students must continue to enroll every semester to remain an active student. For that purpose there is GRAD 90x, but the question is: what is x?

How to register for GRAD 90x

  • A full-time graduate student needs to enroll for a minimum of 9 credits per semester.
    • Normally full-time graduate students enroll in GRAD 903 after they have completed 30 or 75 credit hours for 9 credits.
  • A half-time graduate student needs to enroll for 5-8 credits per semester.
  • Half or part-time students should enroll GRAD 901 or 902, as appropriate, after they have completed 30 or 75 credit hours.
  • Any student who will meet their 30 or 75 credit mark during a semester should register for the appropriate GRAD 90x (see below) that gets their total credits up to 9 credits for a full-time student, 5 for a half-time student, or less for a part-time student.
  • The number of credits you need defines which GRAD 90x course you register for:
  • See the table below from the Graduate College. Some students may reduce their GRAD 90x fees by registering for a lower number. Talk with your advisor and our business manager about this possibility.

The good news: currently the Graduate College is paying the GRAD 90x fee for students who are paid as a GTA or GRA (when the RA is from a grant external of UVM funds).

See the Graduate College web site for the more information on the topic of Continuous Registration by GRAD 90x.

The chart describes the characteristics of each level of registration:
Course Credits What Enrollment Provides You Fee
GRAD 901 0.25 - 4 Catcard, library, fitness center, & bus privileges $100
GRAD 9021 5 - 8 901 benefits plus loan deferral, federal financial aid eligibility, eligible for UVM student health insurance, eligible for GTA/GRA funding $200
GRAD 903 9 902 benefits and health insurance is required2 $300
  • 1Students funded as a GTA/GRA must be enrolled at least half time and must register for either GRAD 902 or 903.
  • 2Students enrolled in GRAD 903 must provide proof of health insurance coverage or purchase UVM Student Health Insurance and also pay the UVM Student Health fee.

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