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Why UVM Chemistry?

  • Small classes taught by top faculty
  • Opportunity to perform research
  • Promising and challenging career paths
  • Our graduates get good paying jobs

Discover Chemistry

UVM Undergraduate Chemistry:

  1. Small-enrollment courses designed for chemistry and biochemistry majors:
    • Introductory Chemistry - 1st year:
      • CHEM 35 General Chemistry for Majors 1 — maximum enrollment 50
      • CHEM 36 General Chemistry for Majors 2 — maximum enrollment 50
    • Organic Chemistry - 2nd year:
      • CHEM 143 Organic Chemistry for Majors 1 — maximum enrollment 32
      • CHEM 144 Organic Chemistry for Majors 2 — maximum enrollment 24
    • Advanced upper-level laboratory courses for majors that are unique to UVM — maximum enrollment 12:
      • CHEM 146 Advanced Organic Laboratory
      • CHEM 201 Advanced Chemistry Laboratory 1
      • CHEM 202 Advanced Chemistry Laboratory 2
  2. Our chemistry majors' courses are taught by our best and most prestigious faculty
  3. Students have the opportunity to perform research alongside our world-class faculty and our graduate students
  4. Research opportunities exist in the summer for undergraduates finishing their sophomore and junior years
  5. Most of our graduates go on to postgraduate degree programs at universities around the country

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