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Woody Biomass Energy Research Symposium for the Northern Forest


Project Goals

As interest in woody biomass energy increases in the Northern Forest, so too do concerns about its environmental, economic and social sustainability.  A number of research efforts are occurring throughout the region that address environmental, economic and social questions regarding woody biomass energy, however they are not in close communication with each other.  

The usefulness of emerging research could be enhanced with good communication among researchers as well as between researchers and the communities, policy-makers, agencies and funders that are interested in their findings.  The Woody Biomass Energy Research Symposium for the Northern Forest will provide an opportunity to present regional research efforts – recent findings as well as projects underway – among the region’s researchers and a selected group of community and agency partners.  

The primary focus will be to share emerging research that is supported by data and rigorous scientific methodology.  All disciplines are invited to participate.  Special sessions will provide a venue to clarify and document stakeholder information needs and to facilitate a dialogue among researchers and others interested in woody biomass. Symposium proceedings will be summarized and disseminated in ways that reach both researchers and the public. 

The enhanced understandings and relationships developed through this symposium will help future research efforts to fill gaps in knowledge that are important to scientists and stakeholders alike.  In addition, greater access to emerging science should enable community, business and government activities in this field to better address the social, economic and environmental sustainability of woody energy projects and policies.  

The overall project goals are:

  1. To identify the principal research questions being asked by university, non-profit and agency researchers regarding wood biomass energy production, demand and sustainability in the Northern Forest,

  2. To summarize and disseminate the findings emerging from their research in ways that reach both researchers and the public,

  3. To clarify and document issues of public concern regarding the wood biomass energy in the Northern Forest states,

  4. To identify gaps between topics that researchers are pursuing and those prioritized by community groups, policy-makers and local  entrepreneurs, and

  5. To initiate a dialogue or connections that will promote high quality research on wood biomass energy that is relevant to communities, policy-makers and local businesses in the Northern Forest region.

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