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Urban Forestry Case Studies

One of the objectives of our research is to produce a collection of case studies highlighting opportunities and barriers and potential models of participation in voluntary carbon markets for urban forestry groups. What are the methods that groups have used to incorporate the carbon sequestrtation services of urban trees into their programs? Has the public been receptive to these carbon offset projects? What are the methods of carbon calculation used?  What are the costs and benefits of implementing these initiatives? What lessons can be drawn from their experiences? The answers to these questions and many others will be included in our urban forestry case studies.  

1. Carbon Offsetting Through Urban Tree Planting: The Sacramento Tree Foundation & Harbison-Mahony-Higgins Builders, Inc.

Sacramento Tree Foundation Case Study

2. Carbon Mitigation through Restoration of Urban Forests: Forterra & its Green City Partnerships

Forterra Case Study
*Forterra is formerly the Cascade Land Conservancy; the organization changed its name in late 2011.

3. Local Data to Calculate Local Offsets to Support Local Tree Plantings: The CarbonPlus Calculator

Carbonplus Calculator Case Study

4. Carbon Emissions Offsets from Urban Forests: Michigan State University and the Chicago Climate Exchange

Michigan State University Case Study

5. Austin, Texas: Exploring Urban Forestry & Carbon Offsets

Austin, Texas and TreeFolks Case Study

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