TFT Support Worksheets (pdfs)

General Help Documents
  How to Scan a Document
  How to Connect to the Shared Drive
  How to Connect to My Documents (formerly known as the "H" Drive)

How to Add a Network Printer to the Printer List (in Snow Leopard 10.6.8)

How to Compress Video for the Web in iMovie
  How to Compress and Export Video in iMovie 10

How to Compress Video for the Web in Windows Movie Maker

How to Use the Media Manager at UVM (by Center for Teaching and Learning Staff)

How to Password Protect Files on the Web at UVM

How to Create a WebQuest with Sea Monkey
  Using Sound Recorder to Record your Voice for a Multimedia Project
  TaskStream: Things to Understand about Images and Attachments
  Joining multiple PDF files together using Preview (in Leopard 10.5)

  Get information about interactivity software - needed for interactivity with the SmartBoard
  Using the SmartBoard with the Mac Mini or my own computer.

iLife Suite
  Rotating Video in iMovie 09
  Visit for video tutorials

  Exporting Video in iOS iMovie

CDCI Resources
  How To Find Your MAC Address on a Macintosh or Windows Computer.
  Oracle Guide for the ITeam
  Larry Edelman: How To Import from a Sanyo VPC CD20 To Your Computer.
  Larry Edelman: Stock Image Sites.
  Larry Edelman: Free Applications.