Rachel Schneider - transcript

The professors in the Department of Social Work, I have to say, I have really enjoyed getting to know all of them. There is such a wide variety of professors coming from different fields. Some of them are doing research. I actually think that is one of the strongest parts of the program - that we actually have professors that are doing social work research while teaching at the same time. I found that to be really impressive. I have had some teachers even bring their research into the classroom, and that's been kind of motivating for me in terms of thinking about going on to become a social work professional. And to see that there is opportunity to do research while praciticing in the field. I feel like all of the professors are really accessible. Sometimes I don't even think of them as professors, but more as colleagues. I feel like I have really great, really strong and open relationships with professors. They really really care about the students who are in their program. Whenever I have had a problem, or a concern about an assignment, or something that is going on with me personally, it's very easy to contact a professor and make time to sit down with them. They are really accessible. They really care about the students and what's going on with the students.