College of Education and Social Services
Studies in Cultural Diversity - East Asia Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Elementary, Family and Consumer Sciences and Physical Education)

Minimum of 33 credit hours required.
Complete the Following Courses
ANTH 021 Human Cultures 3 cr. hrs.
ART 185 Japanese Art3 cr. hrs.
HST 050 China and Japan to 1800 3 cr. hrs.
HST 051 China and Japan Since 1800 3 cr. hrs.
PHIL 121 Chinese Philosophy I* 3 cr. hrs.
REL 021 Introduction to the Study of Religion: Asian Traditions 3 cr. hrs.
REL 141 Religion in Japan3 cr. hrs.
REL 145 Religion in China3 cr. hrs.
Select One of the Following 3 cr. hrs.
HST 009 Global History to 1500
HST 010 Global History Since 1500
Select One of the Following 3 cr. hrs.
Senior Year Research and Writing Project on a Particular Culture/Area
200 Level Elective on a Culture/Area
Complete One 200 Level Elective 3 cr. hrs.
200 Level Elective
33 cr. hrs.

*Offered two out of every three semesters.

Summer 2002