College of Education and Social Services
Physics Major
(Secondary Education)

The Secondary Education Physics major includes the list of specific Physics requirements and the Supplemental courses that are required for completion of the Physics major leading to a Science endorsement.

Physics Requirements 30 cr. hrs.
Complete the following courses
PHYS 051 Fundamentals of Physics I
PHYS 152 Fundamentals of Physics II
PHYS 128, 130 Waves and Quanta & Intro Lab III
PHYS 201 or 202 Experimental Physics
PHYS 211 Mechanics
PHYS 213 Electricity and Magnetism
PHYS 265 Thermal Physics
PHYS 273 Quantum Mechanics I (MATH 271 is highly recommended)
Select one elective (3 cr. hrs.)

PHYS 214 Electromagnetism (MATH 271 is highly recommended)
PHYS 274 Applications of Quantum Mechanics

Supplemental Science Courses Minimum
12 cr. hrs.
Earth Science
Additional course in Biology, Chemistry or Earth Science if needed to reach total of 12 credits.
Minimum Total 42 cr. hrs.

Mathematics prerequisites are as follows: MATH 021-Calculus I, MATH 022-Calculus II and MATH 121-Calculus III.

Students should check prerequisites for all Physics courses before enrolling. Careful curriculum planning with Professor Junru Wu (656-8357) in the Physics Department is strongly urged.

Recommended Courses
CHEM 031, 032 General Chemistry I and II
EE 100 Electrical Engineering Concepts I
MATH 271 Advanced Engineering Mathematics (Use of spreadsheets, MATLAB or Mathematica is important.)

PRAXIS II Statement
Students completing Secondary Education Science (Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Physics) majors must currently meet the passing scores set for the:

Passing scores in these PRAXIS II exams are required for licensure in VT.

Summer 2010