College of Education and Social Services
Music Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 36 credit hours required.

An interview with the Music Education Coordinator, Patricia Riley, is required.
Complete the Following Courses
MU 001 Intro to Classical Music 3 cr. hrs.
MU 033 Principle Instrument Applied Lessons 8 cr. hrs.
MU 060 Intro to Music Technology3 cr. hrs.
MU 109/054 Harmony & Form I/Lab I 4 cr. hrs.
MU 110/056 Harmony & Form II/Lab II 4 cr. hrs.
MU Ensembles 5 cr. hrs.
MU 270 General Music Methods3 cr. hrs.
MU 271 General Music Practicum1 cr. hr.
Select One of the Following Courses
3 cr. hrs.
MU 005 Intro to Jazz
MU 007 Intro to World Music Cultures
Complete Two Credit Hours of Piano
2 cr. hrs.
MU 021 Beginning Group Lessons
MU 041 Piano Proficiency Fundamentals
MU 042 Piano Proficiency I
MU 043 Piano Proficiency II
36 cr. hrs.

Revised July 2015