College of Education and Social Services
Mathematics Minor*
(Secondary Education)

Minimum of 20 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
CS 021 Computer Programming I 3 cr. hrs.
MATH 021 Calculus I4 cr. hrs.
MATH 022 Calculus II 4 cr. hrs.
MATH 052 Fundamentals of Mathematics 3 cr. hrs.
Select Two Courses (only one Statistics course will apply)
6 cr. hrs.
MATH 124 Linear Algebra
MATH 260 Foundations of Geometry
STAT 141 Basic Statistical Methods
STAT 151 Applied Probability
STAT 211 Statistical Methods I
20 cr. hrs.

Recommended Electives
MATH 121 Calculus III
MATH 161 The Development of Mathematics
MATH 173 Basic Combinatorial Theory
MATH 255 Elementary Number Theory

*Credit for MATH 001, 002, 009 and 010 will not count towards the 30 hour requirement for majors or the 18 hour requirement for minors. MATH 019 and 020 may be used as a substitute for MATH 021 by those students who took MATH 019 before entering the program.

Revised June 14, 2011