College of Education and Social Services
Latin Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 30 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
LAT 101, 102 Survey of Latin Literature 6 cr. hrs.
LAT 211, 212 Latin Prose Style 6 cr. hrs.
LAT 203 Republican Prose3 cr. hrs.
Choose an Additional 15 Credit Hours from the Following Courses
15 cr. hrs.
HST 122 History of Rome
LAT 227 Roman Lyric Poets
LAT 251 Roman Letters
LAT 252 Comedy
LAT 253 Roman Oratory
LAT 255 Historians of the Empire
LAT 256 Satire
LAT 271 Silver Latin
GRK 001, 002 Elementary Greek
GRK 051, 052 Intermediate Greek
ARTH 148 Greek Art
ARTH 149 Roman Art
CLAS 042 Mythology
30 cr. hrs.

Valuable supporting courses for the potential Latin teacher include:
CLAS 022 Etymology
CLAS 024 Myths and Legends of the Trojan War
CLAS 035 The End of the Roman Republic
CLAS 037 Early Roman Empire: Literature in Translation
CLAS 155 Ancient Epic
CLAS 156 Satiric Spirit
HST 021 Classical Greek Civilization
HST 022 Classical Roman Civilization
HST 121 History of Greece
HST 149 History of the Ancient Near East
PHIL 010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 101 History of Ancient Philosophy

1. Exceptions can and should be made in the recommended courses in cases where individual experience and preparation in the language indicate the advisability of such changes.
2. College of Education and Social Services students should go to the Classics Department for advising in their choice of coursework so that appropriate modifications in the recommended program may be made.

Revised July 2015