College of Education and Social Services
Human Development and Family Studies Minor

Minimum of 18 credit hours required. At least nine hours must be at the 100-level or above.

A. Complete the following introductory level courses
HDFS 005 Human Development (Fall only) 3 cr. hrs.
HDFS 060 Family Context of Development (Spring only) 3 cr. hrs.
HDFS 065 Human Relationships and Sexuality 3 cr. hrs.
B. Select ANY TWO of the following intermediate level courses 1
6 cr. hrs.
HDFS 101 The Helping Relationship (Spring only)
HDFS 141 D1-Interrogating White Identity (Fall only)
HDFS 161 Social Context of Human Development (Fall only)
HDFS 167 D2-Introduction to Sexual and Gender Identities 2 (Spring only)
HDFS 189 Theories of Human Development (Spring only)
C. Select ONE Additional HDFS course at the 100 or 200 level
3 cr. hrs.
HDFS 100-Level Course (from Section B.)  
HDFS 200-Level Course/Seminar (Select from the approved list of 200-level courses as identified by the HDFS program coordinator.
Note: HDFS 200, 265, 291, 296 and select 295 course offerings are NOT approved to meet this requirement.)
18 cr. hrs.

1If you intend to take a 200-level HDFS advanced seminar/course for your Additional Course, you must choose HDFS 161 and 189 as your two intermediate level courses as BOTH of these are pre-requisites for ALL 200-level courses.

2HDFS 161 is a prerequisite for this course, and HDFS 189 is a co-requisite; exceptions may be made for minors with instructor permission.

For more specific guidance, please contact the HDFS Program Coordinator, Professor Jackie Weinstock, at (e-mail is best) or (802-656-2058).

Revised June 1, 2013