College of Education and Social Services
Earth Science Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Earth Science Requirements 32 cr. hrs.
Complete the following courses
GEOL 001 Earth System Science
GEOL 062 Earth Environments and Life through Time (historical, paleontology)
GEOL 101 Field Geology
GEOL 110 Earth Materials
GEOL 151/GEOG 144 Geomorphology (with research methods)
Select one course from each of the following categories
ASTR 005 Exploring the Cosmos (planets, stars, galaxies, cosmology)
ASTR 257 Modern Astrophysics
GEOG 040 Weather, Climate and Landscape
GEOG 143 Climatology
Earth Science Techniques

CE 010 Geomatics
GEOG 081* Geotechniques (cartography, geographic info systems, remote sensing)
NR 143 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
GEOG 184 Geographic Information: Concepts & Applications
FOR 146/NR 146 Remote Sensing of Natural Resources
GEOG 185 Remote Sensing
GEOG 281 Adv Topics: GIS and Remote Sensing

Choose one elective from additional astronomy, meteorology/climatology or techniques courses above or from content areas below:
PSS 161 Fundamentals of Soil Science
NR 073 Understanding Water Quality
NR 102 Water as a Natural Resource
GEOG 145 Geography of Water
NR 176 Water Quality Analysis
WFB 279 Marine Ecology
Environmental Engineering
CE 150 Environmental Engineering
CE 253 Air Pollution
CE 254 Environmental Quantitative Analysis
GEOL 055 Environmental Geology
GEOL 131 Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary Petrology
GEOL 153 Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Petrology
GEOL 172 Regional Geology
GEOL 234 Global Biogeochemical Cycles
GEOL 255 Geohydrology
GEOL 273 Geology of the Appalachians
32 cr. hrs.


Mathematics prerequisites are in addition to the 32 credits identified above and must include precalculus. It can be fulfilled by taking one of the following courses: MATH 010-Precalculus Mathematics or MATH 019-Fundamentals of Calculus I.

Students should check prerequisites for all courses before enrolling. Careful curriculum planning with Professor Charlotte Mehrtens (656-0243) in the Geology Department is strongly urged.

Students in Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education and Physical Education who are completing this major may eventually be interested in applying to teach this content at the Secondary Education level. This would require completing the Supplemental coursework as listed on the Secondary Education Earth Science major.

Summer 2010