College of Education and Social Services
Communication Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Minimum of 30 credit hours required.

Complete the Following Courses
ANTH 021 Human Cultures 3 cr. hrs.
ANTH 028 D2:Linguistic Anthropology 3 cr. hrs.
CSD 094 Development of Spoken Language 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 001 General Psychology 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 109 Psychology Research Methods I 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 163 Psychology of Mass Communication 3 cr. hrs.
PSYC 266 Communication and Children 3 cr. hrs.
SOC 043 Survey of Mass Communication 3 cr. hrs.
Select Two of the Following Courses
6 cr. hrs.
PSYC 236 Theories of Human Communication
PSYC 237 Cross-Cultural Communication
SOC 150 Popular Culture
SOC 209 Small Groups
SOC 243 Mass Media in Modern Society
SOC 250 Sociology of Culture
30 cr. hrs.

Recommended Elective

ANTH 178 Sociolinguistics


Revised July 13, 2011