College of Education and Social Services
Biological Sciences Major Concentration
(Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary and Physical Education)

Students may not use more than 14 credits at the "less than 100 level" toward the Biology endorsement. Since BIOL 001 and 002 total 8 credits, this means that 6 credits remain.

All students completing the Biological Sciences major concentration must complete one course in the Evolution category.

Biology Requirements

34 cr. hrs.
Complete the following courses
BIOL 001 Principles of Biology I
BIOL 002 Principles of Biology II
Select at least 26 hours from 6 of the following 8 areas
BIOL 209 Field Zoology
BIOL 217 Mammalogy
WFB 131 Field Ornithology
WFB 161 Fisheries Biology and Management
PBIO 108 Morphology and Evolution of Vascular Plants*
PBIO 109 Plant Systematics
PBIO 213 Plant Communities
PBIO 232 Botany Field Trip

BIOL 003 Human Biology
BIOL 004 The Human Body
PBIO 151 Plant Anatomy
PBIO 177 Biology of Fungi
BIOL 225 Physiological Ecology
BIOL 255 Comparative Physiology
PBIO 104 Plant Physiology**

BCOR 102 Ecology and Evolution
BIOL 238 Winter Ecology
BIOL 246 Ecological Parasitology
BIOL 264 Community Ecology
BIOL 266 Neurodevelopment
BIOL 269 Plant Animal Interactions
PBIO 234 Ecology of Freshwater Algae
FOR 120 Forest Ecology
BCOR 101 Genetics
BIOL 204/205 Advanced Genetics Lab
BIOL 254 Population Genetics
BIOL 263 Genetics of Cell Cycle Regulation
BIOL 286 Forensic DNA Analysis
MMG 233 Genetics and Genomics
MMG 065 Microbiology and Pathogenesis
MMG 101 Microbiology and Infectious Disease
MMG 220 Environmental Microbiology
Cell Biology
BCOR 103 Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOL 212 Comparative Histology
BIOL 223 Developmental Biology
BIOL 261 Neurobiology
CHEM 205 Biochemistry
BIOL 006 Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 270 Speciation and Phylogeny
BIOL 271 Evolution
BIOL 277 Sociobiology
BIOL 296 Advanced Special Topics
34 cr. hrs.

* This course can also count in the evolution category.
**This course can also be counted in the botany category.

Mathematics prerequisites are required in addition to the 34 credits indicated above and must include precalculus. This requirement can be fulfilled by taking one of the following courses: MATH 010-Precalculus Mathematics or MATH 019-Fundamentals of Calculus I.

Students should check prerequisites for all courses before enrolling. Careful curriculum planning with Professor Joseph Schall (656-0448) and/or Professor Jim Vigoreaux (656-4627) in the Biology Department is strongly urged.

Students in Early Childhood, Early Childhood Special Education, Elementary Education and Physical Education who are completing this major may eventually be interested in applying to teach this content at the Secondary Education level. This would require completing the Supplemental coursework as listed on the Secondary Education Biological Sciences major.

Revised July 2015